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Jatin Kikani

Jatin Kikani

Plutus Retail Pvt Ltd

Short Description

Jatin is a co-Founder member at Plutus Retail Private Limited. He is responsible for Operations, Developing technology solutions and provide required sales and marketing support

Lesson learned

eCommerce is linked very close to Technology, selecting the right framework for our portal was key. We had to scrap our first 2 models because they were not scalable. The key to success was patience and a lot of working hours!


The need to know everything - that might sound like we had to master all, but as entrepreneurs starting to build our foundation we had to have the knowhow of company formation regulations, finances, budgeting, banking, Foreign Direct Investments, etc. In the current booming entrepreneurial market, it can be challenging to find the right source to garner and extrapolate this information and knowledge.


As fast as the ecommerce industry is growing, the banking regulations/ Infrastructure in India to do not support a quick and easy turnaround. And you cannot start your business without having a way for the customers to pay for the products or services you are providing. We learnt this the hard way.

Your role in your company
Being an IT professional, making decisions about technical features is extremely important. Equally important is setting up a corporation, meeting with the auditors, bankers, vendors, marketing professionals and a host of other stakeholders - we had to learn to put on many hats

Start early - you have an idea - give it a serious thought, plan it thoroughly and go for it! The time is ALWAYS right – there will always be other things in your life, you will have to learn to prioritize , strive and be successful. Involve a right set of professionals who share the similar vigour as yours. And most importantly have an right team together!