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Harsad Daswani

Harsad Daswani

The Beach Company

Short Description

He is the founder of The Beach Company.

Company Profile

The beach company is india's largest retailer of swim & beach
Apparel, accessories, and swim confidence products.  Fashion being among India's largest retail segments, we realised there was a large gap in the offerings in this space. We started the beach company online(www.thebeachcompany.in) in may 2012 and currently sell in 40 cities across India.

Reaching out Investors

In any start-up or expansion stage business, people need to trust
In your vision and understand what you are trying to achieve. To build this Trust it is very important that you approach your team, investors and Colleagues, with absolute transparency and clarity. I have learnt if you say What you mean, and do what you say, you will be bale to build stronger teams And manage your business better.

Work Culture
Our culture is simple. Everyone works closely in a friendly,
Fast-paced, and dynamic environment. At the beach company we believe that Life is a weekend and that time spent with family and friends is time well Spent. The colour of our office, the music we play, the images we share, They all lead to putting you in a weekend state of mind.
Company I Admire
Although their stock price isn't doing so well now, i would say
Facebook. Their reach based on a platform that has spread across cultures, Countries, and belief structures is an incredible feat. A simple platform, That for free on most counts, has helped countless business and social Organisations grow organically is commendable.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
keep it simple. Focus on your internal processes, set parameters
To judge your own performance (individual and corporate), and ensure your Customer is always kept updated on whats new in your company. If you stay on Top of your job, you will find clients, funding, and growth would follow With ease.
Reaching Potential Investors
We are now looking at a round of funding. Being a niche space we
Are looking for investors who can provide strategic inputs, besides sales Development and money. We have shortlisted a few investors and are currently Working on term sheets.