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Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja


Short Description

He is the founder of fabulloso!

Company Profile

fabulloso! was launched in January 2012 and its founders are Gaurav and Anupma Taneja. Gaurav had spent 23 years in Consulting firms, Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young and Spirits major Bacardi Martini. Anupma has a background in design and ran Kaagaz Exports, a small business which specializes in hand made paper products like cards, gift envelopes, bags etc.
fabulloso! is an online store that sells a curated selection of apparel and lifestyle products.fabulloso! retails a selection of designer creations – both by established and emerging designers, wardrobe classics, shoes & accessories, personal care products, and home décor and furnishings. It bring a mix of brand names that are instantly recognisable, brands that are known to a smaller audience and products that are independently designed. It aims to provide a fabulous shopping experience to its customers, be it products, pricing, packaging or delivery.

Addressing Risks

Continuous commditization of products and therefore its pricing is a big challenge. We need to continuously add Merchant partners that are creating unique and singular products and therefore we do not have to fight a price war. Another risk to get lost in the clutter of ecommerce stores; distinction need to be made in all aspects of the business, technology, design, products, service, packaging, to stand out.

Lesson learned
We spent money on digital marketing, without fully understanding its potential, a lot was wasted.We hired more people than we needed, obviously added to cost, but was painful also in letting them go.
To truly build a world class curated online store, where shopping is a fabulous experience and not antiseptics as is in many ecommerce stores. To showcase outstanding design talent in India. Finally, to make a difference in the Life's of consumers by bringing to them singular products.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
Stay committed to your objectives, yet be flexible tactically, if something is not working. Be hands on, no task is too small. be passionate about your project. Finally, be patient, great business are built brick by brick on a solid foundation.