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Faisal Abidi

Faisal Abidi

RnF Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Short Description

I am a Co-Founder of RnF Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile

RNF Technologies was started by Faisal Abidi and Raghib Khan, friends for over 10 years and classmates in engineering. Their common passion for technology and entrepreneurship brought them together again in 2009 when they decided to open up an IT company and address the needs of the small and medium sized companies across the globe along with developing their own products for the web and mobile space.Founded by young engineers, RNF promotes an open, diverse culture internally promoting young talent and creating a free spirited work environment challenging the dull monotonous work environment of big corporates. The approach has paid off as engineers love to work in a constraint free environment resulting in an efficient delivery cycle.In less than 3 years the company has grown from 2 people to 70+ plus employees with headquarters in Bangalore and satellite office in California. The company has plans of opening a Delhi office in the next couple of months followed by a full fledged office in the US. With over 100 clients under the services arm and 400k plus app download for iPhone / iPad, RNF Technologies is well placed to take a leap towards the next level and grow the company to new heights.

Achieving Break Even

We started out with an e-commerce product for the Indian market and were generating revenues and making profits from day one. The company was registered in Nov 2009, but we started operations in about 3 months from then. This was a period when we were working on developing the platform and building the necessary infrastructure. We broke even within the first month of operations and have seen consistent growth since then. We started out with a 10 people office and 4 employees. Today RNF Technologies is staffed by 70 odd employees comprising of software engineers, graphic designers, quality testers, business analysts etc. We are headquartered in Bangalore and will soon be opening an office in Delhi followed by one in the US.

My Role
I head the services division and work with clients across the globe on technology and online marketing related projects. I overlook business development activities and execution of acquired projects.
Company in 10 years
Every company has its own vision and its own growth pattern. Cognizant or other IT firms in India primarily focus on servicing clients, we on the other hand have strong belief in products along with services. Services industry can offer steady revenue but products provide you unmatched breakthrough and an opportunity to define rules rather than to follow them. We strive hard to be a hybrid model of product and services and be great at both. Ten years from now we see ourselves building innovative products on the web and mobile platform, providing excellent customer satisfaction and value to our client base and working towards expanding our reach to all parts of the world. We have a lot of plans to see through and are striving hard to grow aggressively without compromising on quality in any way.
Choosing Startup companies
This is a very good question and the answer to which is the reason why we started RNF Technologies in the first place. We strongly believe that India produces world class professionals but unfortunately the herd mentality nurtured in us after struggling to clear entrance exams forces us to be less adventurous and settle for the so called "safe" options.Established MNCs offer a regulated and controlled environment which is good to begin with but gets monotonous  with time. Creative and smart people need space and new challenges to drive themselves. We at RNF promote a culture of open door policy, creative freedom and an innovation friendly environment. At RNF, there are no fixed work hours, no defined dress code or strict rules curbing the free spirit of doing something great. These are the things we wanted when we started working so we made sure we offer a career and not a job to our employees. For those who are looking to work in an exciting, high growth, high octane job with the ability and will to bend the rules, look no further, we are always hiring!
Advice to young entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs are the key to generating more jobs across the country, driving more foreign revenue and contributing to the GDP of the nation. Above all it drives free thinking and flow of creative ideas. The only challenge is to make sure that the creative will is not overpowered by the financial aspects necessary to keep in mind when you run your own show.Some of the mantras for a successful entrepreneur are: plan well, think about every small aspect of what you are about to do, have the courage to stand against the conventional wisdom and work with like minded and talented people.Our advice to all budding entrepreneurs is to dream big and see their dream come true by hard work and persistence. There is no better thing than taking control of your destiny and doing what you believe in. Trust yourself and enjoy what you do, there is always a new Facebook/Apple/Google being built in garages around the world, there is no reason why it can't be your garage!