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Eldhose Matthew

Eldhose Matthew


Short Description

He is a Founder of Csharks.

Company Profile

Csharks is a company working exclusively on game development and related services. We are developing games for web and mobile devices. For web we developing online casual games in flash and html5, multiplayer games, facebook social games, advergames, e-learning games etc. The mobile platorms we are working with includes iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. We are managing clients from around the world in all these platforms, by designing and developing games for them.Csharks published more than 100 flash games partnering with OnlineIndianGames.com. Also we have published iOS games in App Store and android games in Google Play and many other portals.We have started with developing windows and java games for some clients in 2004. Csharks incorporated as a company in 2008 and we have switched our platform to online games. By 2010-11 we have started Android-iPhone-Facebook game development.

Making Critical Decision
The most critical decision I personally took was to quit the job when I was working as lecturer in an engineering college. The only reason behind that decision is the passion to game development. Initially I never think about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship but I dreamt only about becoming a game developer. At that time no known people around me was selecting game development as a carrier and there was no such companies with access to join as game developer. So decided to go ahead our own by building a team.
Doing things differently
That is a good question. The way I may be executing a new establishiment will be entirely different. For a new establishment I will be more concerned about the practical issues I may face as an entrepreneur. The main thing I will do is  outsource whatever duties which we are not expected to do as a game developer or  appoint a dedicated person to attend the same. Also I will be having equal or more focus in building a marketing strategy as building a production team.
Motivating Employees
Since we are into game development, our production team is comprises of creative people. Creative people always requires freedom to prove their creativity. I am giving freedom to our team to produce best from their creativity and thus we produces best games. So the way we are dealing a creative team should be by admitting their talent. The indulgence in communication is another motivating way I do with my team.
Making Right Decisions
The way we do brainstorming is helping me out lot on decision making. Even though we work in a creative field, technology plays its own role in controlling the policy decisions about our products and services. The changes in technologies may contradicts the moves we making, but making rights decisions at right time is what matters.