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B Mohan Kumar

B Mohan Kumar

Serial Entrepreneur
Trusted Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

My job profile

As the founder of Trusted Technology Solutions, I am responsible for evangelizing product development.  I drive innovation in the Organization. Trusted Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, INDIA

HR Strategy

As long as an individual has basic qualifications, we hire only for Attitude and Flexibility (curiosity to learn new things) and good human values. These attributes enable us judge the priorities of individuals.

Pain points

Recruitment - eroded value systems of candidates, whom you come across at the middle and junior levels. Employees have a tendency to compare continuously with peers on compensation and are never be satisfied. Unfortunately many have created their own spheres of discontent. The short term outlook of most junior and middle level employees is the most worrying part.

Handling grievances

First and foremost, one has to listen to employees. Resist the temptation to pick news from grapevine. This encourages politics within the organization.  Tackle issues head on, but diplomatically, such that people know that they will be treated fairly. Go by facts and try to solve these issues through a face to face meetings with all parties rather than emails !  As far as possible, give a clear decision and do not be vague.

Identifying new leader

We look at people who show initiatives, not only in the job context, but also outside. We look at their people skills and temperament, while considering their next move.

Good leadership skills

A successful leader should be a good listener and must have very strong values. These ingrained values reflect on the decisions that one makes and that is what the team observes. They follow a leader whom they see as fair and can trust. Leadership must be “PULL” rather than “Push” (derived by the position)

Ensuring success

Sharing my experiences at various forums and mentoring various start-ups.

Advice to upcoming professionals
a)    Resist the temptation to focus on short term results.
b)    Never compromise on process or values for end results.

Connecting right dots by avoiding mistakes
Keep in touch with the market as well as employees. While doing this, you have your ear to the ground and therefore you know the realities and the trends. One has to meet peers on a regular basis and be willing to learn always. One must have the guts to keep changing and evolving, even on a personal level. Desist from forming rigid and strong opinions about people.
My view on India technical development
It is a misnomer to say that we have too much technical talent in the country. Knowing how to drive does not produce good drivers. In India, driving license is actually a license to operate the vehicle rather than drive. Similarly technical competence is not just coding. Our people know mostly the “How” to fix a problem. They seldom question or go into the basic “Why”. The scenario is slowly changing. The fundamental flaw is in our education and assessment system. Once we recognize that examination and marks are not the only thing and are willing to bet long term, we will be able to produce world class products. Take the PSUs & some of our R&D labs. They had emphasized on fundamentals at the time of hiring and never encouraged short term goals, over long term goals and that strategy has produced some brilliant technologies in our defense R&D labs.
Innitiative taken by professionals to develop country
One of them could be help in developing world class products for International markets. Some of these should also be made available on public domain to help the common man in their day to day lives. These could be by bringing together people who are willing to contribute time and expertise to solve common problems.
My view on our Education system
The focus of the current education system is examination oriented. The emphasis has not been on imparting knowledge. The fundamental flaw is that this sector mostly attracts the least passionate people. Many of the educators have no exposure to the requirement of the industry and hence are not able to motivate the students. Seldom are they able to give examples, relating theory to practice. The focus is on “How" to solve a problem, rather than "Why". The system must create avenues for people who have industry experience to move into teaching. The Academia has creates entry barriers, by stipulating that the incumbents must be Doctorates to enter higher institutes of learning. A Phd is not a passport or certificate guaranteeing that the teacher will be good.
Important career decision
Starting out on your own and quickly decide when to stop throwing good money after bad money. Sometimes decisions will be wrong, and be prepared to bear the losses, rather than drag on and make life painful for all. Make peace with the past.

Influenced by
Krishna (His teachings through Bhagwad Gita), philosophers like Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and current thinkers like Dan Ariely, Richard Wiseman, Martin Nowak etc. These people have shown, how adhering to core values have always been helpful. “You never lose by being too generous”- Bob May
My family background
I am a first generation entrepreneur. A small family now settled in Bangalore for the past 12 years. Only son, studying in class 12th, is a computer geek. He builds Apps for the Android market and these are available on his site www.rohitmohan.pro for free download.