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Arijit Bhattacharyya

Arijit Bhattacharyya

Founder and CEO

Short Description

He is a Founder of Virtualinfocom .

Company Profile

Our company comes as a breath of fresh air to our customers as being an entity that provides a host of different services such as Game Development, Animation, Simulation, Windows Phone Application, Mobile Applications , iphone applications , Android games, mobile gaming,Ad-commercials and Short films, Corporate Films, Visual/Special Effects under one roof. We at Virtualinfocom have dedicated our professional lives to providing solution to all our customers’ needs, wants and desires. By making sure that we are always at the cutting edge of technology coupled with the perfect mix of imaginative and innovative efficiency, we create ground breaking solution so that we can provide our customers with the products and services of tomorrow.

Leadership Qualities

· Go with the passion· I always follow my own instincts · Learn to share

Company work culture

We work like a family, when you don’t feel to work; you can go and take a nap or go for a day vacation. But you need to complete your job within the deadline. We do take lunch together in one room and share our food.We plan for long term goals and share our vision with the team.

Addressing bussiness risks
Well we do have the following problems:
1.Lack of funds (In time we managed to earn it )
2.Lack of good human resource (We take people from our own training Institute as well as place them in different organizations )
3.Lack of Educated Client’s in India regarding game and Animation (Well India is still in a stage where people need to learn the real fact of animation the number of people req , time length, cost etc )
Critical decision
Well there is a time when we had to sell one of our product in games, and the publisher don’t wanted to give the name of ours as a developer, rather they wanted to buy it and put their name . So we wouldn’t be able to get the credits out of it. As we had financial crunch, we had to sell that whose credits goes to the publisher not to us.. but it’s OK , as to run a firm we need money as to live we need flow of blood.Now we do lot of outsource job wherein we do sign contract like this.
Doing things differently
Not sure how the situation would’ve been if I start from the scratch, as I started early while I was in School and without fund (Only Rs 50 in my pocket). Probably I wouldn’t go to waste my time to the people who manipulated me when I was a startup and took benefit out of me for free.
Motivating employees
I treat them as my own family, we take food together, go for hiking together, go for trip together, share our thoughts once in a week.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
Let’s create a healthy circle wherein we can have fun, share our thoughts, review our own errors and enlighten ourselves.