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Anup Tapadia

Anup Tapadia


Short Description

TouchMagix, through their interactive displays that use motion, gesture and multi-touch revolutionized interactivity and engagement globally. TouchMagix has created unforgettable interactive experiences for millions of users spread across 40 countries in a span of few years of establishment. TouchMagix™ offers and manufactures both technology and equipment that have been creating global standards for giving its audience a lasting impact and brand impressions. TouchMagix has a variety of interactive display products like Interactive Floor, Interactive Wall, Multi-Touch MagixKiosk & Table, MagixFone and capabilities of customized solutions and content. Innovation forms the core of this organization and the usability of this technology has been creating a rave for various sectors and brands such as the Real Estate, BFSI, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Entertainment & Hospitality segment apart from niche usage by various corporate, museums and individuals. TouchMagix™ has experienced and dedicated teams working on research, content & application design, production and sales. TouchMagix products weather it is Multi touch table, interactive walls and floors or the MagixFone attract consumers by opening a world that they themselves can explore with the next generation technology and futuristic engagement for a lasting impact for years to come.

My Role

As a founder, I aim to take our technology to the next level by creating unique content and utilities for  variety of sectors. My role primarily entails to provide my technological expertise and experience to the R&D and marketing team so that they can innovate customized content.   For the next quarter we are likely to launch new product for the hospitality sector

Dealing with Challenges and Risks

We love to take challenges head-on and there is a risk in every business. One of the initial challenges we had to face was of educating people on the use of this technology. We defined a go-to market strategy that helped us quickly setup demo rooms across 40 countries through partners.

Three Favorites


How I Lead
Being a young company it is integral that the atmosphere in the organization is upbeat, which enables the employees to thrive and think innovatively. To do so, I ensure that I communicate effectively with the employees to understand the challenges that they are facing at work and ensure that we can resolve those. As an individual I believe that perseverance is the key to an organizations success, and this is the attitude that as a leader I try to drive within the organization.
Important career decision
We had scalability in mind since the day we started, so all decisions made in terms of systems and processes were with growth in sight. Enforcing information systems like CRM and ERP as part of business from the beginning was one of the most important decisions we made.
My Family
I come from a joint business family which has taught me strong values of business since my childhood. Unlike others of my age, I was neither planning to settle down for joining traditional family managed business nor I wanted to work for some IT company abroad. With the guidance and inspiration from my father and grandfather, I started my first company TechnoKarma at the age of 16 with a vision to build great IT products for the globe from Indian soil. As part of family values I learnt, I had to earn my own capital to run my business, so it wasn’t easy. I was studying, working on a job and running a company at the same time.
My View on Indian Startup Ecosystem
The current scenario is extremely exciting; the entrepreneurial ecosystem is peaking at the right time. With the current crop of entrepreneurs coming up with innovative business plans keeping in mind the increasing consumer expectations. There need of the hour is for the government to create processes or incubation centers for entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in their initiatives. Early stage high-risk investors should grow and look at such opportunities to cash on.
My Role Model
Steve Jobs has being a constant source of inspiration in my life. I admire his thought process and innovation on the lines of art, technology and humanities.
To Entrepreneurs and Innovators
Before taking the plunge, I feel it’s essential for one to work at one large corporation and one small start-up in order to understand the functioning of both. I did that and it helped me understand different dimensions in business and the mistakes to avoid. I feel India is a land of great opportunities and there is never a better time than now to kick-start new business in a growing economy.