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Amit Bansal

Amit Bansal

Founder and CEO

Short Description

Amit Bansal, MBA (XLRI, Jamshedpur), is the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap. After completing his Electronics Engineering from PEC, Chandigarh in 1995 he immediately joined XLRI for his MBA in marketing. For a marketing expert, Asian Paints was one of the best places to soak in on-ground realities of running a business. Stepping into the IT industry with Riverrun, an early stage startup, he focused at delivering customer solutions on cutting edge technologies. Thereon, Amit moved to one of the biggest Indian global players in the CRM space - Talisma. In the 5 years spent in developing and marketing technology products across India, US and Canada, Amit went on to lead the Global Product Management at Talisma.

Mission For The Next Quarter

Role and profile mentioned in the previous answer.
We are targeting to add 25,000 students across different programs in the next quarter. We are also looking at launching a specialized program on fundamentals for Civil engineering students as well in the coming quarter.

Challenges Faced

Challenges are essentially an opportunity to improve the system. When something is not falling in place as expected, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. The improvement can be in the area of product or offering, people or related to process.
Addressing risk- I assume that you are referring to risk related to a new initiative. One needs to make all possible measures to ensure that the initiative gets customer acceptance. However, one needs to be tolerant to a certain percentage of failure when trying out new initiatives

Companies That I Admire Globally
Apple for sheer innovation
GE for their process orientation
Google for providing the best work environment

Most Critical Decision
The first step is taking the plunge and thereafter it’s a series of important decisions. However, if one has to single out one of them, it would be to give up the controlling stake in the company.
The Current Entrepreneurship Eco System
It is still quite nascent but evolving quickly. Ten years ago, it was difficult to even connect to funds who would be willing to fund early stage ventures. Now, the information and access is much better. However, the number of new ventures is still a small percentage. A lot also has to do with the fact that there are limited exit options in India as the acquisition of small companies in India is still at early stages.
My Role Model
I don’t have a single person who I lean to for direction but a set of people whom I consult when I need inputs. Again, there is no single role model and I admire different people for different qualities.
Leadership Qualities
Ability to involve employees in the vision of the company.
Advice for Fellow Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship is a more difficult option when compared to a job. However, it is a very rewarding experience. India is going to a fast growing significant economy and will offer lot of opportunities for new ventures.  As long as your venture is solving a problem and adding value, you will succeed!