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Akshay Hunka

Akshay Hunka

Founder & CEO
Hunka Technologies

Short Description

At the end business is all about the “Art of balancing the income and expenses

Brief about company, offerings and foundation of the company

Hunka Technologies focuses on Mobile App development for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Our clients range from mid to high corporate companies. We also have a dedicated team for Product Development. Our first product “AppFoster” is currently available in Private Beta.Hunka Technologies primarily focuses on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile applications and games. In last two years the company has developed more than 200 apps and games. During our initial period we developed various small utility apps but now have shifted our focus on corporate apps and high end games. Many of the apps developed by Hunka, have been well appreciated by worldwide users and have reached in top 5 apps on app store. We are working on our first product “AppFoster” and it will be launched in Q3-2012. We started in Aug 2007 with a small team of 3 members.

My thoughts related to entrepreneurship/ leadership and management

Most critical decision

During the recession, organization ramp-down and reducing infrastructure was the most critical decision that we had to take. To recover from recession, we identified redundant roles, reduced infra cost, established partnership models and encouraged people to perform stretched roles. These steps helped us a lot in sustaining the business during that time.

Some of the difficulties faced while building product/ solution

Primarily we faced 3 difficulties :(1)VC participation.(2)Establishing Middle Management.(3)Creating Dedicated marketing team

Three big lessons/ mistakes encountered while building company

(1) Processes: It is a myth that startups are not required to follow processes. In-fact as a startup it is more important to follow the standard processes and introduce the culture from day 1. It is challenging to change a culture once established over years. (2) Selective Work: Jack of all and mater of none do not work. As a beginner we used to take work in all technologies and all complexity levels, but with the time and maturity we are more focused. (3) Quality Vs Quantity: It is better to work with “few good clients” on big projects then working for many clients and on small projects. Each client requires attention and it is important to ensure each customer is happy.

Different actions if I rebuild my company from scratch all over again

I will build Top Layer first and then expand the team. I would go with Top Down for talent acquisition instead of Bottom Up. Also, I will ensure that specific people are assigned for specific roles instead of one person performing multiple roles.

Motivation and Drives factor
We have created Hunka with a vision to create synergy using cost advantage of tier-2 city and hone the talent available using our extensive experience in industry.. Apart from our vision following are key motivation factors:Making Hunka “Best place to work with” in Central India.Opportunity of Innovation and Creativity.Helping Society by Generating Jobs.
Unique about my way of motivating troops
Motivating people is one of the most challenging job. We follow basic but effective ways to motivate them such as providing employees growth opportunities at par with companies in Tier 1 cities. We also groom them by providing various trainings organized regularly at each level. Team Building exercises are part of our yearly calendar.
Way of choosing my people
We have few set methods for spotting talent. We hire fresher through campuses and hire experienced candidates through our recruitment partners across India. Fresher go through Intensive Fresher training program to enable them with right skillset quickly. We also provide regular trainings to experienced employees as well, which helps them to move to the next level.
The challenges and lessons learnt to get first customer
We got first customer from a freelancing website. Biggest challenges with such works are (a) Small size projects having relatively big management effort (b) Casual clients with negligible return business. We have now created our own network. Participating in trade shows, exhibitions and events are helping us in getting into desired business lines.
Experience of reaching out to potential investors
Currently, Hunka is a self-funded company. We will be reaching to investors in Q3-2012 to raise level 1 funding for our Product division.
My role at different dimensions as the company evolved
Journey from an Employee to Entrepreneur was never easy. My role has changed continuously as the company evolved. At the beginning, I was focusing on all possible braches including Technology, Delivery, HR, Finance and Admin etc. With time, we have now placed dedicated and qualified people to head various departments. I am focusing more on Sales and Portfolio Management.
As a leader how I make sure that I am connecting the right dots
We follow a 5-step model: Create Plans Review them on monthly basis Prepare lesson learnt Use these lessons to improve process Amend plans This cyclic process ensures that we are maturing as a unit.
Risks involved in business and way of addressing
Being part of Tier-2 cities has its own advantages but it also brings some challenges. In the current scenarios following challenges has been identified: (1)Talent Acquisition: It is not easy to get talents middle management in tier-2 cities. To find good talent, (a) We have hired various people from Tier-1 city to work as consultant/PM on Per Project basis. (b) We have collaborated with recruitment partner, who helps us finding quality candidates (b) We have an internal training division, who groom fresh engineering graduates once they join Hunka. (2) Expending Market Reach: Previously due to non-availability of various resources, we were depending on online work websites and SEO techniques to generate leads. We have expended our reach now by attending various trade shows, exhibitions, events. Being in business from 5 years now, we have a good customer networking and recommendation available, which helps us generating quality business. We do risk analysis and risk management on quarterly and annual basis and prepare the mitigation plans.
Best company I admire globally
Novartis. They not only focus on creativity but also trust their associates.
Advice for fellow entrepreneurs
Focus on following: Brand Building Talent Acquisition and Retention Continuously expand the market At the end business is all about the “Art of balancing the income and expenses”.