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Pawan Bangar

Pawan Bangar

Founder & CEO

Short Description

I am the Founder & CEO of Birbals Inc.

Company Profile

Birbals Inc. is a e-solutions company and provides Web Development, Application Development, Internet Marketing, Corporate Branding, web site traffic growth, Online Information Management Systems to individuals and businesses.Birbals helps organizations and professionals use Internet technology to establish their online presence and showcase their products and services globally. Our endeavor is to help our clients leverage digital technology to make their business work for them.Birbals started in 2003 in India and was launched in California, US in July 2011.

Addressing the Risks
Every business has many risks involved but major risks involved in our business are:1. People: Finding right people and at right time. Sometimes you get a project which requires people of exceptional skill set. For that We are always ready with a database of shortlisted cv's so that you don't spend crucial early stage time in finding them.2. Technology: Technology is another important risks involved. You have to keep yourself and the team updated with the latest technologies and innovations. For this we have regular training sessions and keep enhancing our skills with upcoming technologies.
Lesson learned
Building  your first company is like helping your first baby grow. There are so many things you learn and you try. Some things work, some don't. Have Courage to make mistakes but learn from them. Don't carry them in your future. Have Dedication and Compassion and you'll land at the right spot.
The biggest motivation for me is challenge. If  I get a challenge to create something unique, I'll try to make it a masterpiece.
My role
It was an exciting journey. It was a one man army at the beginning whether it was designing, development or internet marketing. But I enhanced every skill of mine to the highest satisfaction to provide quality solutions.As the revenue increased I was able to include couple of friends in the team and took the Team Lead responsibility and then to Project Manager and so on. I took one step at a time. I was always determined to win the race but slowly and steadily.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
My advice for fellow entrepreneurs is : set inspiring goals for yourself, remove fear of failure from your mind and have a positive attitude. If you have an idea or believe in something, GO FOR IT.
Company I admire globally
Google for the brand and the revolution they created in the online world. Their technology and innovations. Google has really helped small businesses like Birbals to grow.

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