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Bhaskar Anand

Bhaskar Anand

MavenClickZ Media Pvt Ltd.

Short Description

Bhaskar Anand is a CEO & MD of MavenClickZ Media Pvt Ltd.

Company Profile

MavenClickZ is an idea ,technology and content creation company of different breed. We provide online advertising services which include Search engine optimization, search engine marketing,media buying, social media optimization, electronic press release QR Code generation.We are a little baby who just started to crawl and implement new ideas and ready to take risk to achieve results for our clients. We are honored to create more than 200 Facebook profiles, more than 100 YouTube channels, 150 LinkedIn Profiles, 20 Pinterest Boards, 250 Twitter Accounts. We manage reputation of brands on social media. We dilute negative reviews.We manage social media content for more than 24 brands on daily basis. We post 300+ post's on Facebook daily and keep the fans engaged. We post 170+ tweets on twitter daily and increase the number of followers. We upload minimum 10 video's daily on YouTube and promote it. We write and publish at least 3 Blog Post on behalf of our client. We have created 9 Facebook apps for contests. We manage more than 11,00,000 fans on Facebook and manage more than 84,000 followers on twitter. We manage around 4,000+ Banner on a daily basis on online media worldwide and make sure that they produce result for our client. We bid for more than 3,00,000 Keywords on Google, Yahoo, MSN every day and track the click and conversion. We manage more than 500 Cost Per Click ads on Facebook and create brand value on social media.We make sure that our client's URL should come up in natural or organic listing while people search for more than 11,000 keywords it means we simply connect intent with the URL and generate sales :) We release more than 50 electronic press release every month on behalf of our clients.We promote English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada movies online and create a buzz for the release date and outcome is houseful. We provide online anti piracy solutions so that we can reduce the piracy online and ultimately increase the box office earnings for movie producers worldwide.We create mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Symbian platform and so far we have successfully submitted 28 app in iTunes for our clients. We generate QR ( Quick Response code to promote the apps we have submitted into iTunes. Also we provide QR code's for print ads. We are a gang of smart, fun loving, filled with idea and hard working people "Different Breed" who loves digital media.

Most Critical Decision
Well the most critical decision was just before starting this company as i was about to quit my job to start MavenClickZ, at that time most of the people were thinking that it is not a wise idea when you have a lucrative job and you are doing good.It was my dad who asked me what you would love to do? And yes i did what i wanted to do :) And then only the MavenClickZ Media Pvt Ltd came in existence. And after that everything is as usual challenging and exciting.When i was working for another company then you are not the guy who is taking risk but when you have your own company then it's you who take risk's and hard decisions.So i believe every decision is a critical decision for startups, whether you choose a new accountant or project manager or client servicing executive even a single single can causer a big loss for your company and not to mention your competitors are looking for a chance.
Doing things differently
Well if i have to rebuild a company then i will hire best talent in this industry and invest in their training, what i realize is whatever you invest in your employee you get your revenue accordingly. Knowledge is what drives you in business and it's your USP ( particularly in the case of MavenClickZ)
Motivating Employees
Well i always lead by example and thats why i keep my clients happy and deliver the results.As a mentor you need to know the nitty-gritty of day to day activity and should know that how it can be achieved. Also at the same time you need to be cool and calm so that your team members follow you.And the mantra is “your team is your biggest asset “ and ladder to success and keep experimenting.
Making right decisions
I always work for process it's the process which gives you required result's and avoid mistakes. And it keeps all the team member on same page and improves the communication between team members and client.Process enables automation and avoids errors in data mining and forecasting. It saves time and gives you option to tackle vast amount of work within limited resource and deliver on time. An in case of new media as we guys are working data is very important and gives us better insight to avoid mistakes. Technology is enabler for any organization to optimize the process and avoid mistakes and as Masters in Computer Application and leader i exploit technology in favor of my team and client.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
Personally i feel that hard works makes you successful. You just need to have an idea and courage to implement it and willing to work hard to take it to the top."Don't worry about what people say about you" at least try one what you believe, so that in future you shouldn't think i would have done it and regret.

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