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PROFILEBAKER: Our main focus is on our product Profilebaker for now.A Holistic Approach to Brand Recognition & Brand Recall: Profilebaker would integrate all your social media interactions i.e. let it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Picasa, Youtube, Google Plus, Tumblr, Blogs, Instagram, Flikr, Sound Cloud and the likes into one mobile app. Ones follower base would increase, the engagement on all their social media accounts would be enhanced. Such is the power of Profilebaker. It presently covers all the social media platforms live on earth. Profilebaker has been built in such a way that even if a new social media platform creeps up, it can accommodate it. As of now, it is up to the brand to decide which platforms they want to showcase. To mention few of them: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Picasa, Pinterest, Sound Cloud, Flikr, Tumblr, Blogs, Instagram.

Management Team

Angad Arora
Co-Founder & MD
Techila Solutions
Chitiz Agarwal
Co-Founder & MD