Saankhya Labs is a fabless semiconductor startup based out of Bangalore. Saankhya has developed world's first Multi-standard TV demodulation technology targeted for Digital TV and PC TV Tuner applications. Saankhya’s unique solution enables for the first time a truly universal TV demodulator, capable of demodulating all digital and analog TV signals on a single chip. The Company's core technology is based on a set of proprietary Digital Signal Processors and associated software that allows the implementation of the universal TV demodulator on a standard CMOS integrated circuit (IC). This breakthrough technology enables Saankhya to capitalize on the rapid worldwide growth of the high volume DTV and PC TV markets, with an opportunity to capture significant market share.

Saankhya has demonstrated its fundamental technology with an FPGA prototype to several TV and PC-TV manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan and the US and the customers have shown a keen interest in the upcoming product.

Saankhya is one of the first chip companies in India. The business idea is based on deep insight of the management team into the TV market needs. The Management team has a track record of building successful technology startups. The company has an excellent team of seasoned professionals from Semiconductor and Consumer Electronics industries.

Vishwakumara Kayargadde

Vishwa is an active technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of industry and research experience. He is one of the co-founders of Saankhya Labs and as CEO he drives the overall company strategy on products, financing, marketing and execution. Vishwa was awarded Ph. D. from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, for his contribution on computational models for image quality...

Management Team

Parag Naik
CTO and VP Marketing
Hemant Mallapur
VP Engineering