Company founded In;  June 2012

Head office:  Gurgaon

CEO:  Rachit Mathur

No. of Employee:  15

Product and Services:  Beauty Care, Personal Care, Sexual Intimacy

Self Funded or Invested: Self Funded

Awards & recognitions:

1. Can you briefly describe about your company & the offerings? When did you find the company?

Masticart.com went live on 1st June 2012.  We launched with Electronics category and had over 10,000 products at launch. Soon we started adding other categories on our website. After about 10 months of operation we decided to move away from the electronics category and focus on the category which was a good seller on our website-Beauty, Personal care. Now we are also in the process of launching a full category on Sexual Intimacy which will have a wide range of products Branded and our private label brand as well.

2. What are some entrepreneurial/leadership insights you’ve learned from mentors over the years?

 The biggest lessons I have learnt from successful entrepreneurs around me is their never say die attitude. As an entrepreneur your are responsible for all the decisions you make for the company. More often those decisions are wrong so as a leader you must accept the wrong and correct them to bring the company back on track. Always think of ways to grow ! Never let your mind rest in content-as content is the death of growth.

Rachit Mathur
Rachit Mathur

3. What motivates you or what drives you?


My biggest motivating factor is when I get a thank you email or a call from the customer who just received their package from us. It can be for the product or the service. Whenever I get these messages or calls I get a different high which pushes me to do things better and better.

4. Can you summarize, how your role has taken different dimensions as the company evolved?

When we started the company I was involved in everything. I wanted things to be prefect and as it was a learning experience for my entire team we did everything together. For a good 3-4 months I did everything from Order Sheet downloading, Procurements, Packing, Dispatching, Customer care etc etc. I was very much involved operationally as it was the time to set standards for the team and motivate them to do multitasking and things in a better way. As we grew we hired more team players and work got divided and more organized. Now I mainly focus on Strategic part of the business although I keep a close eye on day to day operations as well.

5.What is your advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

There is no better time to start then NOW ! If you have a dream a vision gives it a shot. Trying is the first step to success.  Success is not an overnight thing…it will be a long road but I can assure the the journey will be fun.