GSec1 Information Systems

GSec1 Information Systems

There is a lot of money being spent in the entertainment industry, especially in the music and movie industry. The Indian music industry currently is estimated at 777 crores. Out of which the music CD market is approximately 367 crores. However the demand and supply in the entertainment industry is always unpredictable. Whether it is being over estimated or underestimated, both have always resulted in enormous revenue loss for the industry. Realizing a new business opportunity in entertainment sector, the Bangalore-based GSec1 Information Systems, lead by a team of five IT professionals, have devised a solution - GreenCD - that help companies offer real-time inventory for their entertainment products and also arrest piracy. The product will automate the whole of the supply chain management of the music industry from production to the sale at retailer outlet. The solution will be run over an ordinary internet line, the production company will be able to do a product run from as few or as many as the market demands at any particular time, instead of using pre-burnt pieces. They would be able to reproduce a perfect copy at any time irrespective of title age, as our solution will eliminate the out-of-date syndrome. It would regulate and control the production management of releases, reduce costs in reproduction, transportation, packaging and wastage as the solution would come complete with a vending device that will produce a CD/DVD including cover and skin. “Significant savings to the tune of 35-40 percent can be achieved by optimizing the production and distribution cost. We have also combined an anti-piracy feature that comes embedded with our solution thus adding to realization,” said Ritesh. GSEC1 will host the content - whether soundtracks or movies - sourced from partners onto their servers and the vending machines with retailers will dole out the music CDs or video CDs/DVDs to the customers. The vending device, which will have the capacity to produce from 1-1,000 CDs in the initial phase, will be able to produce a finished product in approximately 44 seconds. The company is also likely to embed anti-piracy software on its CDs/DVDs and also into digital format of music / movie / phone tunes. The software will register the devices it is played on, and after a certain time, will restrict playback on all devices that are ‘unregistered’. One of the prominent problem that this solution is going to address specially from mundane day to day inventory job is to give production companies a real time sales tracking systems by which daily sales of particular title / album can be monitored with any granularity. The founders envisage an investment of close to Rs 3 crore for setting up the necessary infrastructure for the GreenCD managed service solution. Apart from being a managed service solution the company is also thinking of building a Saas version of this solution with vending device that will be placed in public place like airport, railway station, shopping mails which will facilitate people to print photos / documents, send & receive fax, burn CDs / DVDs of their choice, download songs / tunes directly on their iPod / mobiles phones, with direct to consumer advertisement using vending device. In future, the solution will not only remain for the entertainment world. Ritesh and his team also have plans to reach out to the world of publication world and make it a multimode distribution channel instead of a single distribution channel. The solution has a lot of potential in the recession hit market. GSEC1 is in talks with major music houses that have shown great interest in their product. As a company which keep abreast of new technology and is innovative in its vision and approach, GSEC1 is all set to achieve its vision to reach the un-reached areas of various businesses with user friendly and cost effective innovative IT solutions. Global Synergy Evolutionary Computation - One Network for Everyone (GSEC1) was formed in June 2008 by a group of IT professionals with over 9 years, having a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise in various domains and verticals. The company also specializes in application development & consultancy, embedded software solution, product engineering, easy to use network solutions. In just a short span the company has developed, produced and supplied a network appliance and network management software for the UK and European markets.

Ritesh Kumar

Ritesh has a 10 plus years of experience in embedded systems, networking, security, load balancing, application development, storage and business solution development. He has worked with MNC like Piolink and Mitsubishi in UK, Korea, Japan for 4 plus years.

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