Gift365.in was established in the year 2006 by a young visionary  entrepreneur Mr. Vijay Amin who dared to dream  to be a successful  entreprenure. Mr. Amin  after leaving his cushy bank job started a service oriented profession dealing in  Corporate Gifts which has a complex nature as  this does not involve  manufacturing but sourcing quality manufacturers  of gift items at  fairly reasonable price and then offer the said items to  corporate world who are always in need of good quality of gift items to boost up their sales. After sheer dint of hard work, determination and singleness of purpose,  single handedly Mr.Amin achieved both his short term objectives viz  professional manufacturers and corporate buyers and thus gift365.in  became a Corporate gifting solutions Architect and became a platoon from one man army.

Market Landscape
Right now we cater to only Mumbai Market, mainly  Corporate Houses.

Offerings & Value Proposition

Innovative products that offer value addition to the customers’ brand, products shaped like actual products, developing new product ideas after having brain-storming sessions with customer’s team. Building up customer’s brand in order to sustain it, offer them solutions with alternatives. Beside that we have an excellent after sales services module in the form of an innovative Software which has immensely impressed our valued customers.

How are We Different from Competition
Right product  for right occasion/appropriate indication
Effective customization.
Timely delivery schedules
Impeccable after sales services

Clients                                                                                                                                                                         Continuous repeat orders for the same items or new items, which reflects in our turnover.

Trends in the Addressed Market Landscape
If one has to stay in the market one has to innovate, creative, cost conscious and offer the products as    per the changed environments.

Intensity of Competition
Competition is fierce in our line of the business, that brings out the best from our team. We are at war in the market arena, with continuous drill, training and motivation our troops have been fighting each war to win.

Organizational Culture
We are professionally managed organization. We have continuous. Training and development    programmes for both our staff members and Management personnel.

Current Market Size
Present market size of gifting industry is around US $ 30 billion/annum.  In the next financial year we plan to enter other major metro cities in India. We regularly add more products/suppliers so that we can give better service to our clients. We are also concentrating on building effective back end team by using technology.

Global Strategy
Our present activity is restricted to only Mumbai City, we have planned to penetrate in to all India market in the next financial year.

Current Status of Company
No.of Employees: 25
Revenue: 4 Crores/annum
Investors: Self financing
Investment opportunity: Investors are welcome

Road Ahead / Challenges
Fierce  competition, reduction in margins by competitors, Innovative Products etc.
Recruitment  of additional field-staff, sourcing of new suppliers, bulk buying to get price advantage, continuous  training & Development of the staff etc.


Vijay Amin who dared to dream to be a successful entreprenure. Mr. Amin after leaving his cushy bank job started a service oriented profession dealing in Corporate Gifts which has a complex nature as this does not involve manufacturing but sourcing quality manufacturers of gift items at fairly reasonable price and then offer the said items to corporate world who are always in need of...

Management Team