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Integrated Personnel Services Pvt. Ltd

Integrated Personnel Services Pvt. Ltd

About the Company

IPS Group’s customer centric orientation in providing complete HR Solution fuels its growth and success. Their vision is centered on their Profit centers which operate independently while supporting other Profit centers requirements; thus leveraging overall efficiency of IPS Group. In a very short time span they have earned a name for themselves by expertly managing mass recruitments for various Companies.

Current Market Landscape

Fragmented Market Space:

The global staffing market is very fragmented, but the competitive landscape varies considerably from one country to another, this provides opportunity to the staffing companies to grow by strategic acquisition, The consolidation process accelerates the staffing companies to seek a hold in professional staffing markets in order to achieve the more diversified range of services and more profits

Economic Environment:

Economic variations does makes effects on Staffing companies. When GDP rises there is a demand of contract staffing in the market over permanent staffing and when GDP is low there is a hit of jobs on contractors before the permanent employees

Client Attraction and Retention:

The long term profitability depends upon the attracting and retaining clients. Clients satisfaction breeds loyalty to consecutive assignments and failure to this is a risk to the business   

Addressing the Challenges

  • Different statutory laws for different states,
  • IPS is capable of complying statutory requirements on Pan India level.
  • Recruitment in various geographies especially in remote areas is a challenge which IPS has overcome with its robust hiring network.


  • Recruitment & Process outsourcing (Domestic & International)
  • Payroll processing & Legal compliance
  • HR Outsourcing/Flexi staffing
  • Management, Training & Development.

Differentiating Factors

  • Since a decade they have managed to create their own candidates database, Which helps them in closing he position very effectively
  • They cater each client of their very delicately and provide them the services like RPO through which they get an exclusivity on the client’s site and moreover strengthens the relationship at the core
  • Their Long term relationship with each client cuts of the competition automatically and keeps them motivated to give the client the world’s best service


Mast Global,Wadhwa Developers,TCS,Nomura Financial Services , Swiss re Insurance to name a few

Organizational Culture

IPS is one of the India’s fastest growing companies in the space of Staffing Solutions. They have their presence all across India and their staff comprises of individuals from different religion, caste and cultural background.

They are a growing organization providing a learning platform and exciting learning opportunities to young and enterprising individuals. They believe in having work-life balance and thus promote efficient working during the office hours itself and discourage habitual late sitting. They do provide work-from-home working opportunities to Females who are willing to re-start their career after a gap and due to certain limitations are not able to work from office.

Apart from this they strive to create a lively environment at work by having frequent employee engagement program and activities and formulate employee friendly policies.

Also, transparency is the distinguishing key characteristic of their work culture which they ensure by using software which provides visibility to not only the employee’s outputs but efforts as well.

  1. How does your company harbor innovation among the employees?

Reward Innovation

  • Allow Project Innovation
  • Promote Ownership
  • Encourage Risk Taking
  • Embrace Failure

2.What are your go-to-market plans/ global strategy?



 Market Situations – Practical data collection and pre-structuring of markets

       Market Workshops – Full-day workshops at selected markets

       Results Consolidation – Developing a plan of action

       Blueprint- Driven implementation

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 2004

 2) Funding information: Self funded

3)  Founding members: Tarang Goyal,Sandeep Kaur Goyal and R.P.Goyal

4)  Office locations:Pune,Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai,Banaglore,Jaipur,Kolkata

5)  Company strength: 117