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It starts with Sanjay Sathe looking for a new job and getting frustrated – really frustrated – with the available job sources and career tools. There had to be an easier way, he thought, to sift through all the jobs listed online and find the ones that fit his skills and experience.
From that frustration came inspiration. Whereas traditional outplacement offerings tend to focus more on helping laid-off employees cope with being jobless, RiseSmart helps those employees turn a setback into an opportunity by giving them relevant job leads and expediting the job search process to move their careers forward. And guess what? Traditional outplacement companies are still living in the past.
Taking Care of Business
Sanjay and company co-founder Dan Davenport started out working in coffee shops and even moved into a modest first office inside a warehouse to get the company going in 2007. A year later they were in Silicon Valley, and along came investors who believed in their idea: a mix of individualized, personal service backed by the latest technology could help people find new work much faster and at a lower cost to their former employers than more traditional approaches.
RiseSmart Transition has helped us achieve impressive growth. We’ve grown our revenues and our team while adding an impressive roster of new companies to our list of customers. We are proud to call our customers a great mix of small and medium enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. Every one of the companies that has become a RiseSmart customer is still a RiseSmart customer. We have also earned a 9+ out of 10 customer satisfaction score across thousands of RiseSmart partcipants.
We Are Family
Amid this growth, RiseSmart hasn’t forgotten how important it is to be a great place to work. Sanjay and the management team continue to commit themselves with passion and determination to RiseSmart and its employees. Not only do we win awards for innovation, but we are also frequently recognized as employer of choice. In fact, RiseSmart has been named one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal and San Francisco Business Times three years in a row.
Welcome to the Revolution
RiseSmart has had an amazing beginning, but our story is far from over. Now we're innovating again on an employee-focused approach to career management. We want to be the undisputed leader in career empowerment, and we’re making it happen.
At RiseSmart, our mission and vision aren't merely words on a page. These are our guiding principles, and they manifest themselves in every customer relationship and every line of code.
Our Mission
We empower our customers to engage their employees, strengthen their brands and become employers of choice by providing personalized expert career advice and revolutionary human-powered career technology.
We do this with passion, a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of results.
Our Vision
We strive to be the world's undisputed leader in career empowerment.
Our Approach to Career Empowerment
We believe there is no greater honor – or obligation – than to give employees the opportunity to realize their career aspirations. We call this career empowerment.
Our approach to career empowerment entails enabling employees to explore potential career paths within the organization, access career coaching and other career development resources, and work with colleagues willing to mentor them. We're committed to this philosophy of career empowerment within our own organization, and we also practice it on behalf of our customers.
What's more, we believe that a commitment to career empowerment doesn't end when employees leave the organization. Rather, outgoing employees become alumni of their former organizations, and this connection is not easily severed, for better or worse.
Indeed, when organizations fulfill their employees' career development needs throughout the employee lifecycle, they become high-performing organizations. When transitioning employees receive outplacement that gets the job done, they can move on more quickly to their next role. By cultivating engaged employees and loyal alumni ambassadors, every goal is achieved, and brands stay strong. This is the world we live in.

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