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Persistent Systems

Persistent SystemsPersistent Systems, a global software and technology services company was providing the social media analytics and Big Data analysis – on all the content pouring in from all corners of the world. In record time, they analyzed over 14 million responses and 1.1 billion impressions during the first season of the show which helped the producers tailor show content, increase viewership and ultimately effect social change.

Business Intelligence/Data Analytics is just one part of this company’s large repertoire of offerings. Persistent Systems has today emerged as a heavyweight in the software development and technology services business focused on cloud computing, analytics, collaboration and mobility attracting prestigious clients from across the globe for its solutions, knowledge IP, and its key differentiator – Innovation. A global company with its US headquarters based in Santa Clara, CA, Persistent Systems prides itself on listening to its customers, investing in developing its own IP, training its employees in the most advanced technologies and delivering innovative service excellence.

A Changing Landscape

Hari Haran
Hari Haran

The role of software in business has undergone a sea of change. From being just another component of business, software has now taken the front seat and is driving the success of companies around the world. New versions of software products along with many disruptive technologies are redefining the market. With technologies such as cloud computing, collaboration, analytics and mobility -- there is an overwhelming need to work in tandem with a trusted partner to help effectively deploy these solutions and achieve business goals. Hari Haran, President, Persistent Systems is responsible for leading the company’s global sales effort, driving the growth and momentum in the US, and in helping his customers solve their business challenges.

“We want to be the preferred vehicle for bringing advanced software solutions to companies -- designing, creating, coding, developing, testing - doing the entire life cycle around software,” says Hari Haran.  “There is a fundamental redefinition happening in the marketplace where software is becoming a key ingredient of the enterprise business and Persistent Systems aims to be at the front and center of this trend.”

“Persistent Systems is not a general purpose IT services company. We are focused on bringing software to life – ensuring they deliver concrete business value – not just technology for technology’s sake.  Our orientation is more on innovation and in working closely, really listening to our customers business needs and delivering measurable results,” says Hari Haran.

More than a services company


Rather than being all things to all people and going into various types of services, Persistent Systems differentiates itself based on the needs of its customers.   In terms of specialized product development the company provides a unique proposition when it comes to processes, methodologies and efficiencies.

Persistent has a deeply engrained relationship with innovation. The company not only works with large organizations but also with startups and several upcoming data companies. “We have an innovation ‘angel’ because we work with many startups, venture funded companies as well as established companies that are bringing new technology to life,” adds Hari Haran.
Persistent Systems also serves independent software vendors that make and sell software solutions and enterprises that are redefining their business to make software the core of their business.

Strategizing to be the winner

Being a 23 year old company, Persistent knows the tricks of trade that are essential to be the market leader, strategy being one of them. This global company has devised an intricate 4*4*4 model to aid in its functioning and success. The first set of 4 is the areas where the company wholeheartedly invests in building up methodologies, IP and frameworks to constantly be a step ahead of their customers’ needs, namely; cloud computing, collaboration/social, mobility and big data analytics. The four verticals form the next part of their master plan, namely; Independent Software Vendors, Telecom, Life Sciences, and Banking & Financial Services. The last piece of the puzzle is the various business models that the company has adopted to deliver to its customers; product development services, IP led services, strategic alliances and partnerships, and high end technology consulting.

IP: Core of growth

Unlike other services companies, Persistent Systems has developed several unique business models, their IP business being one. IP has grown four times in the past one and a half years, led by four acquisitions—Openwave Systems Inc.’s location business, cloud platform business rCloud of Doyenz Inc., network performance product from a large ISV and most recently, NovaQuest’s PLM and search-based technologies. The company is well equipped to serve its customers, not just through acquired IP but also through their services wrapped around IP, giving the company a more aggressive growth curve and enabling it to develop revolutionary solutions for its customers.
A testament of their expertise in this area is when Persistent Systems partnered with a major medical device company to develop an application and related interfaces on a mobile device to communicate with another device that is implanted inside the human body. Because the company invested in developing the framework in the mobile device as an IP, it has proven the company can rapidly develop applications for other implant devices for additional companies and applications.
Hari Haran has outlined the company’s roadmap for the year ahead and cloud computing and big data analytics feature as their current priorities.  In the area of mobility, the company wants to be ahead of the market in these three key verticals by putting the spotlight on building frameworks and IPs in these areas.  

Companies often get lost in the sea of industry segments and their ensuing problems. Persistent’s challenge lies in predicting and targeting the right opportunities that will spur the growth of the company. Coupling itself with its customers’ need and priorities and adding to this, the right amount of innovation -- Persistent Systems’ has found its recipe for success.

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