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Immigration’s Innovative Technology Leader Continues to Expand Products and Services for Immigration Professionals Worldwide

Over a decade ago,, Inc., introduced the first version of its immigration case management technology. In this early era of technology services, INSZoom’s cloud-based technology solutions were innovative and helped define the ways in which immigration professionals managed cases. As the federal government began to embrace technology, INSZoom grew, providing more and more varied services to their legal and corporate customers, enabling direct connections between immigration professionals, their clients, consultants, governments throughout the world and more.

Through INSZoom’s portal-based systems, everyone involved in immigration’s book of business found a place to collaborate and cooperate, to complete essential case management tasks and components and to ensure compliance across the full spectrum of the immigration lifecycle.
Today, INSZoom is the world’s largest and most advanced immigration technology company. The world’s leading immigration law firms use INSZoom as do many of the top global corporations, including Microsoft, IBM, Wipro, Cognizant and BP. Hundreds of thousands of immigration cases managed by lawyers and human resource professionals worldwide are created, tracked and managed within INSZoom’s robust SaaS technology solutions. With ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 security certifications, INSZoom continues to provide optimal services to its clients worldwide.
A Commitment to Innovation

Umesh Vaidyamath
Umesh Vaidyamath
Founder and CEO

The company’s consistent growth since its inception in 1999 is directly related to its continued commitment to innovation and to pushing the ways that immigration professionals access and use technology further. “Our success comes not from just offering our clients solutions that work for them today, but by creating the tools to help them tomorrow and the day after,” said Umesh Vaidyamath, founder and CEO of INSZoom. “Our technology leaders look at the way our clients work and we invent solutions to help them more effectively practice their business.”

Strategies for Continued Growth

Today, INSZoom continues to expand immigration case management services to its immigration professionals. INSZoom has also developed a robust and expansive I-9 compliance tool, I-9Zoom, and has recently partnered with A-Check America, a leading global employment management firm, who will give their clients seamless access to I-9Zoom to manage the employment eligibility compliance requirements. INSZoom is also developing new mobile solutions for immigration professionals and consumers. These apps will soon be widely available on the public market.

The company continues to innovate and define the business space of immigration technology. The company recently hired its newest senior leaders, Vishwas Mudagal (VP – Products & Marketing), Niranjan Nelamangalam (VP – Technology & Operations) and Sudipta Ganguly (VP – Customer Experience). Mudagal joined INSZoom in January 2013 to drive future innovations in product development and service offerings for the leading technology company. “We’re looking across the board at the immigration space for ways to improve the way we all work, collaborate and grow together,” said Mudagal.

INSZoom in 2013, just as it was in 1999, remains dedicated to pushing the envelope of technology and making products and providing services that help immigration professionals more effectively manage their business. The company is committed to ensuring it stays the preferred technology partner of immigration professionals worldwide.
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