Windows 8 is bringing new features

By siliconindia   |   Thursday, 03 March 2011, 19:16 IST
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Bangalore: Microsoft had announced in 2010 to start shipping Windows 8 in two years. Now through the profile of Manoj Manduva, Microsoft India researcher,the clue has come up that Windows may use some of the interface features in Windows 8. Microsoft has also released one preview on the future of user interfaces.And the preview shows a glimpse of new user interfaces of Windows 8. They have different proposals which they would include in Windows 8. The proposal would include "multiple virtual desktops." It would also bring change in smart sticky notes which would have their own reminders and support web links. There are also concept of having plans for tablet friendly interface. They have another concept of Skew Window management. Through which user would have the option of leaping windows that would let users forward or backwards.Which could also work with mouse clicks. But there is still speculation on how many of Manduva's features will reach the shipping version of the Windows 8.