Who Says Women are Not Corrupt?

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, 13 September 2011, 01:04 IST   |    37 Comments
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Bangalore: May be it's the concept of 'Bharatiya Nari' that often stops us from associating women to burning issues like corruption. May be its ironical to boast of the fact that we still stick on to such a value system today. However, it's those male figures, as always, figure out mostly when we say corruption and the public anger is mechanically directed towards our male netas. Contrary to the common belief, women in power could never make any significant change. Right from the era of tyrannical Indira Gandhi who was accused of electoral corruption, to the modern women politicians, there are many carrying the bundle of corruption on them.
Mayawati, corrupt
She flies a private jet to Mumbai when she needs sandals. The rich and famous, Mayawati is undoubtedly the most controversial women in Indian politics. She has been charged in a series of cases including disproportionate assets and Taj Corridor case etc. The self-proclaimed face of the poorest of the state's poor Dalits who came to power on the call of 'sarvajan hitaye' (for the benefit of all) has always getting richer and richer. Her net worth in 2010 was at 87 crore, an increase of at least Rs 35 crore in three years' time. Besides these, she owns properties in different parts of the country, the cumulative cost of which is valued around 73 crore. The Dalit queen has been fighting many legal battles over cases relating to the Taj corridor case, diamond-laden lavish birthday parties, disproportionate assets case and spend large sums of money on building statues of herself. The UP Chief Minister has been exposed by WikiLeaks to have a "penchant for corruption".

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