VMware's Mobile Virtualization on Android

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Barcelona: VMware, virtualization and cloud infrastructure solution provider, announces mobile virtualization at GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Mobile virtualization will help people to have personal as well as separate secure profile for work applications on the same Android phones. The technology got unveiled on LG Optimus Black by Stephen Herrod, Chief Technology Officer, VMware. The idea is to allow employees to buy mobile devices of their choice but Mobile virtualization technology from VMware will allow corporate IT departments to manage sensitive data on those devices with enterprise-level security and compliance. Herrod said. "We want to move to a world where the company is not buying you a phone. Buy what you like and bring it to work and we'll give you a way to use it in an enterprise-safe way." As it is not possible to download the application later, so manufacturers need to pre-load the software in the device. VMware is working with their partners LG to pre-load the software. Later when it is brought to the office by an employee then the IT administrator can use the management console to attach an added application. The application will appear on the home screen and when the user touches it, it launches the corporate version of the phone. It administrator can work in accordance to the company policies and may provide different employees with different capabilities. Keeping in mind the security issues of the company, he may shut off cameras, Bluetooth, GPS and cut/copy options so that the employees don't misuse the option by cutting the company files and pasting it in their personal folder and vice-versa. They can erase data from the corporate side of phone from remote distance. An enterprise could allow users to receive voice over IP calls from the PBX on the phones having different ring tones from the ones coming in their personal side. Dual SIM option is also available so that one can have totally separate corporate and personal accounts which might also reduce data traffic for both accounts. VMware imagines that the mobile virtualization application on the phone will be free but that enterprises will pay per user for the management software. The company will start will the trials of the software by mid of this year. Availability of the software installed device in the market is not yet predicted.