Tips for entrepreneurs to build social skills

By Amit Kumar Mandal, SiliconIndia
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Bangalore: Success has never been one man's show. Literally speaking it is a fruitful outcome of collective effort of the people who have lent their helping hands. Be it a mediocre venture or the inception of a large enterprise, social skills and relationships play a pivotal role. Indeed capitals and infrastructure alone can't make you win the crown of an entrepreneur. These facts can be ascertained if you learn the art of building an enterprise. May be you are preoccupied in getting a lawyer, executive or investor but little heed has been paid to the very essence of getting started smoothly i.e. the interpersonal skills. You might be tempted to come up with an enterprise with your partner but lack of interpersonal skills has left you at lurch. In fact you may not be aware of this inner void but of course you have to admit that you are socially impaired. The five tips discussed at length are: 1)Network and network! These are the people from whom you can begin your initiatives. They are the people who know what you want to know. Interacting with them will boost your knowledge. You can outstretch your network through your acquaintances. Perhaps your acquaintances may not be able to help you but these people know other people who can help you. 2)More Relations can be a great help It is necessary that you keep the communications sustained with your friends by writing letters or sending mails or through any medium otherwise the friendship don't last eternally. Moreover, it's important that you remain a help at hand for them as relationship is a two way process. If on one side you help others, then on the other hand you too are benefitted by them. 3)Gear up for the two-minute pitch How well you are rehearsed with the idea of befriending a stranger can be assessed smoothly when you are taking a ride with him in the elevator. The conversation might start by asking or imposing a question on him. 4)Don't forget real interactions Interactions within the virtual world with people through social networking sites and email is definitely the buzz. But you can't afford to underestimate the gestures and postures while you talk to someone right in front of each other. 5)Get your Mentor Every individual craves for recognition and are delighted to know themselves as mentor. This is the perfect way of getting help from these kinds of people. Most entrepreneurs like to help others and so you can be benefitted. These five tips when integrated surmounts to virtues like striving for excellence, learning to work in teams, taking care of the self, persevere and developing a broader social vision. In turn these honed virtues will yield to the milestones covered gradually but steadily.