The Worst Part Of Being An Entrepreneur

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Kumud Sharma, CEO, SuperSeva Services

Kumud Sharma, CEO, SuperSeva Services“As much as I want to, I do not get time to socialize with my neighbors. What haunts me is the feeling of not being able to spend quality time with my family and kids. Even at this time I am at my kids’ school to be a part of their extracurricular sessions, but ended up sitting with my phone and data card and am still connected to people and working in my car. But this feeling of guilt goes when my husband says you are doing a great job in providing employment to 300-400 people which is any time better than sitting at home” says Kumud.

Many a time entrepreneurs have to get involved in some aspects that they don’t like generally, owing to the responsibility of the business. “Many times I have to play a devil’s role with my team and show them a tough face, when they don’t get a message. Sometimes when a deadline has to be met, or when people are not serious about the work, I have to end up being the devil,” adds Kumud. She feels that if a person really wants, he or she can manage his or her time, but if there is any aspect that he misses out on, that’s a choice he makes.

Kumud Sharma is the CEO of SuperSeva Services, an integrated facility management services company.