The Worst Part Of Being An Entrepreneur

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Sreekanth Lapala, CEO, TenXLabs

Sreekanth Lapala, CEO, TenXLabs“The worst part of being an entrepreneur is falling for the negative things people say. You will have several ideas, which people won’t lose any chance in criticizing. They will always say that this is impossible, but the worst thing you can do is to accept what they say. Once an entrepreneur has made his mind, he should follow it with his full heart, rather than having second thoughts,” says Sreekanth Lapala.

He feels that there are two types of people: one who are fresh out of college, with good academic background and a family business to take care of, and those who have overachieved results in a short career span. “Regardless of the type, going out and winning business is one of the most frustrating things an entrepreneur has to go through. You have to go and knock people’s doors several times, and struggle to win your clients from level zero. Many times you might end up thinking ‘Why am I doing this’, but that is how business is,” says Lapala.

An entrepreneur should juggle different roles and talk to his team as if he is also one amongst them. There is no point putting the pressure from one team to the other. “Once you have a team, you have to make them realize that you understand what they are going through. An entrepreneur has to wear multiple hats and talk to different teams as if he is also one amongst them,” adds Lapala.

Sreekanth Lapala is the CEO of TenXLabs, a provider of innovative frugal engineering solutions.