The World's Healthiest Cuisines

By siliconindia   |   Thursday, 17 November 2011, 10:19 Hrs
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Bangalore: They say, eating out is bad, so is Chinese and French cuisine. But do you know that both these cuisines use fresh products, lots vegetables and a variety of proteins are included in their gourmet? Well, probably not. They are atleast healthier when compared to the fast food you grab from the nearest joint. As it turns out - the cheap, easily available, quickly served food doesn't connect to longevity, fitness or low heart disease and diabetes rates. To rid you of these myths, we have listed out the healthiest cuisines of the world. French:
Most diners don't usually expect healthy food at a French restaurant. But what they also don't understand is the fact that the French don't always add Bearnaise sauce to everything they eat! They believe in eating fresh, eating food of high quality. Adding loads of vegetables. French cuisine includes an array of proteins in their food, which is in fact, the mainstay of the French gourmet.

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