Yahoo - Microsoft deal in next 24 hours

Yahoo - Microsoft deal in next 24 hours

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 29 July 2009, 02:34 Hrs   |    32 Comments
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Yahoo - Microsoft deal in next 24 hours
Bangalore: Yahoo and Microsoft have agreed to an online search and advertising partnership, in an attempt to stand against the web search engine Google. The deal will be announced within the next 24 hours.

Under the term of the deal, Microsoft, which made a failed takeover bid of $47.5 billion for Yahoo last year, will have access to the volume of search queries that run through Yahoo's search engine. Yahoo has agreed to use Microsoft's new Bing search engine on its own sites. Also, Yahoo will handle the advertising sales, using Microsoft technology. Yahoo Chief Executive Carol Bartz said, "I think Bing is actually a good product and Microsoft deserves kudos for Bing."

The deal would give Bing a boost in competing with Google's search engine. Google's search engine dominates the marketplace with 65 percent of the U.S. Internet searches, according to the figures provided by research firm ComScore. It is followed by Yahoo with 19.6 percent and Microsoft with 8.4 percent.

According to a technology blog, All Things Digital, the deal is "less sweeping than originally conceived" and does not involve upfront payments by Microsoft to Yahoo. "This makes the deal much smaller than ones previously envisioned, which included Microsoft taking over both Yahoo's search and its text-based search advertising businesses, in exchange for large payments and guaranteed revenue."

However, the deal may also face privacy issues, said Colin Gillis, an Analyst at Brigantine Advisors. "Any agreement where Microsoft powers search and shares the search data to Yahoo! is open to scrutiny from the U.S. and EU justice departments," he added. It can trigger the federal regulation limiting the ability of companies like Yahoo to collect data from users' searches and share it with partners, which would remove a key advantage of the partnership, said Gillis.

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Reader's comments(32)
1: Google or Bing, for me it doesn't make difference as far as I get the accurate result I'm looking for. For time being Google is googlying. Let's see the bang of Bing also.
Posted by:Adil Asifi - 04 Aug, 2009
2: I sincerely wish Google takes both Microsoft and Yahoo to the cleaners. Microsoft is the most paranoid company on earth. It fears it will be outsmarted.
Posted by:Abhishek G Nair - 02 Aug, 2009
3: MS and yahoo will defeat google ? search in google u can get lot of result .
Posted by:manoj - 30 Jul, 2009
I think When Yahoo Open their Advertising Program(YPN) For India,it will beneficial for both parties(customerYPN)
Saurabh Replied to: manoj - 30 Jul, 2009
5: all search engines comes to gather also they wont beat my dear google
Posted by:OMs - 30 Jul, 2009
6: hi,

I think google was always the best and will be the best.
Posted by:Ashok - 29 Jul, 2009
It was! when there was no competition it seemed to be good and very good wow and all in future if yahoo anf bing combines they will the best..
kavitha Replied to: Ashok - 29 Jul, 2009
8: I thought BING is yet another failure from Microsoft but it did took me by surprise Bing does almost what google does so there is indeed some competition for google from MS. I have replaced google with Bing at the office
Posted by:anand - 29 Jul, 2009
9: wow i want new search engine for best results. not funny or unwanted or misguide results like google ....:-)
Posted by:rupendra - 29 Jul, 2009
10: Google is the ultimate search engine.It generates in me a feeling of sympathy towards microsoft which is trying its every resource to go past Google.I am sure it can never surpass Google n I bet it to the reply from many others too.
Posted by:Amit - 29 Jul, 2009
11: If u ve forgotten ur identity u may search it in google. You can not stop google in their victory lap by building unreliable GATES.
Posted by:Debabrata - 29 Jul, 2009
12: Google is unbeatable...
so microsoft is wasting so much of resources...
people are used to keep google as their default search engine..they wont prefer yahoo...and moreover yahoo doesnot give that much reliable results..we have experienced that...
so Google dont need to worry about competition...
Posted by:RUSHABH - 29 Jul, 2009
ya..ur right i also think this same one cant beat google
irfan Replied to: RUSHABH - 29 Jul, 2009
14: What's in your mind? find it in Google
Posted by:Kauti - 29 Jul, 2009
15: Throght out my exprience.I learnt lot from google,downloaded files queried data.when i got any question in my mind the next thought is google.It's good to have compitetion.Lets wait and see what will happen
Posted by:kirankumar - 29 Jul, 2009
16: Though Google is the best search engine the quality of keywords and search results are not that much good as googles last year and before last years results due to its monopoly behaviour in the market. unnecessary and junk results and paid results are coming first. Quality improves if a big opponent is there in the market. So I appreciate Yahoo's acceptability to share the seacrh results with bing.
Posted by:sastry sagi - 29 Jul, 2009
17: now everything is cheap, we can get anything at a press of button, just look back 10 yrs ago, when MS was dominant and the pcs were like jewels and MS was like god, now who cares for them, even today 70-80% of pcs are running illegal copies of windows bcoz of their hefty price, look google they are working on linux to give us free OS, with google we are not spending money, google is not loosing money, advertisers are getting their targets, when everyone is happy why cry for something bad to happen
Posted by:lohit - 29 Jul, 2009
18: Give a chance to the Bird. May "Microsoft+Google" search placed a new records in seaching. And wait for them may they make new world of searching.
Posted by:Sandeep Gupta - 28 Jul, 2009
excellent reply dude...
but bing id also no more less than a google infact it is better than google with some results i search..
I am loving bing my default search engine is bing..
when google started no competation was there so google guys simply came up without competation in 8 years wat google did bing did atleast 70% when it released. Bing is comming up with lots of new ideas..and we are the real advantagers..

kavitha Replied to: Sandeep Gupta - 29 Jul, 2009
20: Never can any one beat Google. Google is a only one man show in SEs.Put together(yahoo and MS) has not touched 50% in the market.
Posted by:Mahi - 28 Jul, 2009
21: Its nice that now people got option in search engine, from so many years Google is dominant in search engine market but now there's a tough competition would be seen.
Posted by:Tag44 - 28 Jul, 2009
i support him
raghu Replied to: Tag44 - 29 Jul, 2009
23: Bing index its search results in reverse order or in what order I don't know because earlier in Live search I used to find correct results at first page but now I don't find them..
Hope Yahoo will help Bing in its highly disorganized search results..
Posted by:Shake - 28 Jul, 2009
24: its tough to beat google
Posted by:harish - 28 Jul, 2009
25: GOOGLE is a giant search body can stand against it.Once upon a time Google was at Microsoft's door for help now Yahoo and Microsoft are trying to defend their search engine try to make their search engine popular by standing against Google search engine good try but not enough.
Posted by:Nandadulal Banerjee - 28 Jul, 2009
26: Lets Both Yahoo and Microsoft will beat Google or not.
Posted by:Divakar Mishra - 28 Jul, 2009
Yes, I think u didnt use Bing search engine, just try once it is better than google, not only that after enter bing into market google had make many changes in thri search enginee..... Google Market will break very soon
Kiran Replied to: Divakar Mishra - 28 Jul, 2009
girl, bing is not microsofts product. i will support google because it has no jealousy to microsoft. But microsoft seems to be too jealous with google for no reasons. Also google gives its employees good payments and luxuries facilities while microsoft is one greedy bird. If microsoft ever succeeds it will again put hefty prizes on its products. Google gives a lot. Also have any body ever tried advanced search by google.and other many many options. Go grab a book on search engines first.Also i support all linux products, they are better than windows and free.
joginder Replied to: Kiran - 29 Jul, 2009
No body can not beat Google. Since 5 years I am using google. For each and every querry I am getting answers from google. I am produly say what ever I know that is from Google only.
Bhaskar Replied to: Kiran - 29 Jul, 2009
30: Keenly awaiting for the deal to happen. Let's see the war against Google.
Posted by:Anya - 28 Jul, 2009
Bing index its search results in reverse order or in what order I don't know because earlier in Live search I used to find correct results at first page but now I don't find them..
Hope Yahoo will help Bing in its highly disorganized search results..
Shake Replied to: Anya - 28 Jul, 2009
There is no developer without Google. So east or west google is the best.
vasanth Replied to: Shake - 29 Jul, 2009