Work - Biggest health hazard, for 93 percent techies
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Work - Biggest health hazard, for 93 percent techies

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 27 November 2009, 02:55 Hrs   |    32 Comments
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Work - Biggest health hazard, for 93 percent techies
Bangalore: 93 percent of techies feel that their health is being affected by work and more than half say it's got worse since the recession began, according to a survey.

The main effects on their wellbeing are cited as not enough time to exercise and others say that it's because their social lives have changed for the worse. An IT Job Board spokesperson says that this bad news from the industry is most likely down to the fast-paced and environmental nature of the work.

"If employers want to keep their absenteeism down, they should create a better working environment that focuses on its employees' health," says IT Job Board.

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Reader's comments(32)
1: any work that does not require much specialization and which can be done with a few tips and little exposure becomes tedious - particularly to "overqualified" or more capable individuals. Tedious work like that can only be done for a few hours a day and as a there-is-no-altenative option. Beyond that, it becomes a pain and over a long time is stressful.

I think the need is to provide individuals opportunity to specialize in something...a particular product or a platform or a domain or an activty (like testing or onsite consulting or proposal writing or customer support) or ......
Are the "services" cos listening? "Product" cos atleast provide an opportunity to specialize in the product one is working on - and are relatively better off.
Posted by:Atul - 30 Nov, 2009
2: Depression evident from most of the responses listed. Specialties and super-specialties with insurmountable information and skill instilled an immense sense of wellness while IT/ ICT enabled a quick and efficient service and easy access to information. Enrichment reduced death rate, but made it crowded and busy.

But pressure of development on land, water and energy, and increasing opportunities in cities produced high rise buildings that isolated individuals. Opportunities in the “Virtual world” lessened personal contact and interaction. Scheduled work and cracking communication cause relating, helplessness, cynicism and other primary symptoms of depression. Companion animals or pets are sought for diversion, relaxation and security.

As per Rebecca Johnson, director of ReCHAI Sinclair School of Nursing and College of Veterinary Medicine, “Studies show that people owning pets do exercise and be more involved socially,” But some are hesitant to adopt dogs because of hesitance to commitment or responsibility, or fear that pets will outlive them. A study, partnered older adults with shelter dogs to see if foster owners receive the same benefits as regular dog owners

Foster owners were provided pet orientation, dog food, veterinary care and a 24-hour hotline. The shelters arrange dog care if foster owner must go out or is hospitalized. The study, measures health variables, like physical activity level and mood. “Fostering gives the dogs from shelter a halfway house and a home environment”. Dogs from shelter are less demanding than a pedigreed pet.
Posted by:Prof Dr) Ramakumar,V. - 27 Nov, 2009
3: since the article only gives a partial comment with no information it's impossible to take anything from it. It doesn't even say how the comment was obtained, what survey, how many people were surveyed, who did the survey, what questions were asked, when it was taken, etc....seems flawed and leaves too much to speculation.
Posted by:Christie Fox - 27 Nov, 2009
4: Better quit discusion and lick the pennis of large businesses...It is all about money honey...large businesses are making large ...poor are becoming poor....or become a terrorist and make billions
Posted by:VirtualAHuman - 27 Nov, 2009
5: Hi Guys! As far as I have seen the long hour stay and work pressure is self inflicted (Most part of it). I believe 8 Hrs of concentrated work with good effort estimation ideas will solve the problem! But... there would still be some people who would stay back making people who leave early feel that they are not working hard and they are forced to stay... Why don\'t the project managers challenge themselves to finish projects by having the team work for exactly 8 Hrs a day? First step would be to stop taking pride in working late night. A rigorous root cause analysis (OMG i m talking like a PM) for any late night stay will be beneficial..
Posted by:Sriram - 27 Nov, 2009
Sriram , You are right,. But did you think of the late night meetings? Like a call that starts at 9.30 in the evening and goes on till eleven and ends with an immediate action item that has to be done as soon as possible?

Peopl should also know to set the right expectations.If you show that you can afford to work late night, the company will off course make use of that.
vengu Replied to: Sriram - 27 Nov, 2009
Project Manager Rathore : kaun ho tum..? kya pehcan hai tumhari ?

Unkonwn Caller : Kaun hoon mein...mein vo hu jo aaj committment karne se darta hai, Mein vo hoon jo aaj ghar jaane se darta ha, ye soch ke kahin ghar wale pehchanne se inkar na kar de...

mein vo hoon jo, aaj job change karta hai to sochta hai ki kahin recession mein mujhe company se na nikal de..

mein vo hoon jiski girlfriend usse friday ko dus bar phone karti hai, "kya kar rahe ho..? kaam jyada hai..? thak gaye ho..? "
mera haal poochne ke liye ya kaam poochne ke liye nahi, rathore saab... balki vo ye jaanaa chahti hai ki... kahin hamesha ki tarah end moment pe
boss ke bulane pe mein saturdary ki date cancel to nahi kar raha...

mein vo hoon jo breakfast ke time pe dinner karta hai, lunch time pe breakfast karta hai, dinner ke time pe lunch karta hai.. vo bhi time mil jae to...

mein vo hoon jo aksar phasta hain
kabhi Interviews ke sawaal mey phasta hai , kabhi Badi companiyon ke jaal mey phasta hai, kabhi boss aur client ke bawaal mey fasta hai.

Project office ki bheed to dekhi hogi aapne rathore saab... us bheed mein se ko bhi chehra chun lijie.. mein vo hoon..

I am the same old ..DEVELOPER
Manish Kumar Gupta Replied to: Sriram - 27 Nov, 2009
ultimate yaar ....good use of wednesday.......cheers
karan Replied to: Manish Kumar Gupta - 27 Nov, 2009
mr rathore you dont know english
saranya Replied to: Manish Kumar Gupta - 27 Nov, 2009
Why don't put your comments in English...
ravishankar Replied to: Manish Kumar Gupta - 27 Nov, 2009
11: It's time that we change our attitude towards work, give more time for analysis and value our personal life.
Posted by:Harsha - 27 Nov, 2009
It used to be the responsiblity of the employee to balance their work and life. I dont think there are many companies outside IT that provide the quality of work environment and flexible work hours like the most of IT industry does. What do we want? A good high paying job, that doesnt require you to think for yourself? The job requires this kind of work. Its like telling the army not to put its soldiers life in danger. Comes with the territory - we are not a communist country telling people to work in the IT industry - people can change jobs to other industries.
Annoyed Desi Replied to: Harsha - 27 Nov, 2009
13: it is the goverment who is paying the capitalist for these less informed clinical pigs(freshers)...otherwise they(MNC) do not need this pigs ....Inorder to contain the Indain economy....Let us control the may say to explode the population ..they do not need to worry about anything and can utilise this weakness for their business
Posted by:Phijo Joseph - 27 Nov, 2009
14: Cool... get highly paid, don't do much work, give enough time for relaxation, free gym, free healthy food, free outings, dinners and lunches, free movie tickets, dating allowances, well well well.... we are talking of here guys. HEAVEN? I am sure everyone would want this.

We are the envy of politicians as well who have everything including money, power, position and name, hahaha.
Posted by:souperman - 26 Nov, 2009
Hey Superman I guess ur on BENCH.......:)
spiderman Replied to: souperman - 27 Nov, 2009
ash7489 Replied to: spiderman - 29 Nov, 2009
@Spiderman:True , Agreed, hats off
Bomberman Replied to: spiderman - 27 Nov, 2009
18: Why do we always talk in terms of COMPLAIN or ACCEPT in any given situation facing any problem? This is not new wisdom BUT we always ignore the fact that we can find a genuine solution to it and we MUST pull together our mental resources to start a discussion with a view to find a solution.
Posted by:Jitubhai - 26 Nov, 2009
19: Hi
Enjoy every moment , I know its little hard to enjoy every moment,but still we have to. Enjoy in work only
Posted by:Laxman - 26 Nov, 2009
20: Only fools speak of stress in work..
Smart people never say..."Work is tough"
They say I just gotta perform better..!
Always work smart n dont talk loud of what u ve done..
Talk less to others about ur work n will find urself hale n healthy..!
Posted by:Sudarsan - 26 Nov, 2009
21: First of all it's purely lack of self awareness, the way of lifestyle, become passion towards using the word "STRESS". My opinion is, even if you have the best in this world - simply keep telling we are stressed. MY SMALL QUESTION IS - SO FAR what step has been taken to over come this decease. Just think .. you are not going to get any credit by saying you are stressed. And simply you are tuning your hormones to believe and act to build more stressful life whether in work or personal. Analyse - What you are? What you want to achieve ? Do I have the ability to meet my goals? THINK POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE AND TRY TO BE HAPPY IN EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE.
Posted by:Jiju - 26 Nov, 2009
22: More then anything else we are creating these problems for us by thinking that we are in high stress job. Start believing that our stress is nothing in front of a casual labour, who has to find a job on daily basis, then spend the whole day at work and then get a meagre pay. And he does not have any job security or benefits, but still he goes on with his life mush more happily and healthier. More we believe that we are happy, more happier we will become and will have immediate effect on our health.
Posted by:Naren - 26 Nov, 2009
Hi ,
I agree with you 100% stress is more because many of us (in IT)have been afflicted by the "take loan buy more and more property" disease and end up making developers and banks richer and without bothering that we need to save most of what we earn.
Anil Replied to: Naren - 26 Nov, 2009
24: Really Sad information .But Smart work is better than hard

work ! . So don't work hardly ,it will take away happiness

from your life .
Posted by:Ponamirtharaj Antony - 26 Nov, 2009
25: I dont know about the survey, based on the employee confidence and talent, atleast we have better openings compared with other countries, still many countries are struggling with BAD ECONOMY. If everybody improves positive attitude there is no need of worrying, if the techies is more confident, he will be more healthy, if he dont have enough confidence he always feel unhealthy even he dont have any illness.
Posted by:Ravi Prasad - 26 Nov, 2009
I m agree with you Mr. Ravi Prasad
Baljinder Replied to: Ravi Prasad - 26 Nov, 2009
Completely agree with you here. It is all about how you lead your life.
It is just a mental block that's causing all the problems. India is way better than any other place in terms of jobs.
Just clear your thoughts, maintain good eating habits, do regular exercise and everything will be alright. There is no point in worrying about thing which are beyond your control.
Sumit Replied to: Baljinder - 26 Nov, 2009
28: C'mmon I think more than 93 percent techies will have this health grumble.
Posted by:Samuel - 26 Nov, 2009
We are beating around the bush by saying we are happy hence healthy. No matter how happy you are, it is the excercise that counts by the end of the day. The employers are pushing the work load on to the employees in order to win the client appreciations, the recession has made things worse. To be frank, there are no particular office hours, no leaves, for software labourers, forget about excercises, no social life at all. If I am not wrong there were days when parents held their heads high with pride for their children were software engineers. That charm is gone.
esesvee Replied to: Samuel - 26 Nov, 2009
Please change your job and jump to some other industries where there is 8 hrs working culture. Do remember to compromise with your pay structure and life style.
XXX Replied to: esesvee - 27 Nov, 2009
I agree with Samuel. The problem is not the way we think about ourselves, but it is about the political system and our work habits thats responsible for the current scenario. Common guys, 93% thinking negatively is not co-incidence. We spend most of our time in the 4 corners of the cubicle, are the least active in the society and talk only technical. This makes us easily vulnerable and scape goats in the society. From food to apartments to schools all basic items are getting costlier. Most of us agree that we cannot innovate at a rate company asks us and this is bound to decrease our ratings sometime and the company is going to ask us leave in the name of competition. That current environment is causing insecurity and hence to beat insecurity people work hard and in process lose health. Then they anyways lose health. Suddenly all hell breaks lose.Wake up techies. Stop allowing people to take advantage. Give importance to all round development. Stop chasing money.
Ganesh Replied to: esesvee - 27 Nov, 2009
i would like say one thing this is the time when all IT professional should take a step. Because in current scenario
IT guys are working like labour and don't have time for family.
Manish Kumar Gupta Replied to: Ganesh - 27 Nov, 2009