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'Women, will determine the course of the world'

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 07 March 2011, 02:29 Hrs   |    24 Comments
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'Women, will determine the course of the world'
Bangalore: The history of women in leadership roles always speaks of struggle and hard work. Challenges surrounded her from her early childhood, but she is intelligent and cunning, her wit, charm, ambition and manipulative ways led her to be a leader. SiliconIndia organized the Women Leadership Summit for all 'hers' and 'her' Achievements on 25th Feb across 5 cities in India at Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. The event saw 400 corporate delegates-mid and senior level women executives in each city come together to celebrate the great strides women are making in their companies and in the business world.

All resources on this planet from copper to petroleum to education have been utilized -- except the critical resource of women talent. There are 500 million women in India, and only 5% of Board directors are women, and only 10 percent women in top-management in corporate India. Addressing this and many more such issues this platform for Women provided a interesting forum to enable women and empower them to achieve their goals, "Women, Weather, and Web"-- will determine the course of the world in the coming years says Poonam Barua, Founder Chairman, WILL Forum India, at our Keynote address at the Delhi Conference.

Women Innovators
Sridevi Sundararajan , Group Quality Manager, HCL Technologies said "Motivation , Self-efficacy, Women empowerment and Leadership style are the driving force to excel for an innovator or an entrepreneur to bring value in any enterprise" at our edition at Chennai.

"The advantage and disadvantage of being a lady is that you 'get noticed'.It is essential to know which ball to drop at any point in time when things get out of hand" quotes Dhanya Rajagopalan, Senior Business Analyst, ThoughtWorks.

"One's fabric of being a good human being who is synonymous with high morals and values, integrity, faith, toleration and virtue amongst others is the fundamental truth of 'good leadership' says Kuiljeit Uppaal, National Head - Program & Content Dev, Avalon Academy, Aptech at our Pune event.

Women's Work: The Great Juggling Act
Sharing her views on this Padmini Sundaram, Vice President, HSBC Private Bank says "Participation in social initiatives which reach grass root, help me become a better manager and a better human being". "Having the desire and passion to do something in life irrespective of the obstacles or circumstances makes the difference. If you desperately want to achieve something and work towards it no one in this world can stop you from achieving it" says Poonam Jaypuriya,GM-Products,Harbinger Group. Veenu Jaichand, COO, Centum WorkSkills(A Bharti Associate & NSDC) said "The challenge of balancing should be treated as only transactional".

Breaking the Glass Ceiling
"Women are competent, qualified and are able to excel in several fields and have broken the myths of glass ceilings and walls. Women still give family high weightings while making career decisions but always come back with renewed energy to take on more responsibilities. Much has to be done to support women in the mid parts of their career to ensure that they reach higher echelons of management" says Sujitha Karnad, Chief Transformation Officer, Tech Mahindra. "It is critical that we recognize that we are different and celebrate our differences without being diffident or defensive" said Sujata Puranik Rakhra, Leader, Global Branding and Advertising, Dell.

Sharing Thoughts
The summit had a good mix of Women professionals from various walks of life including Healthcare, Education, IT, NGOs to name a few, which led to rich and engaging discussions with the audience. "It is heartening to see 100s of women leaders come together to learn and share in events such as this" says Nandini Sabanayagam, General Manager, Global Accounts UST Global.

"Overall the summit was a great forum for women to network and share viewpoints; topics that are usually considered sensitive or close to heart, and would otherwise not be discussed in all forums, were brought to the fore and this helped open up new channels of thinking; On some level - there are universal challenges that all of us work through" said Ramya Sampath Sharma, Sr Manager, Greater Asia Staffing Mkting & Channel, Intel. Jaya Senior Manager, Texas Instruments said "Self belief in our capabilities and willingness to challenge the myths associated with women leadership and to see that most of them face similar challenges and forums like this always enrich our experiences and equip us better to face them in our work life."

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Reader's comments(24)
1: Women of today are as par with men. They are competent and have excelled almost in all fileds of life. Unlike men they perform multiple duties and responsibilites, as daughter, mother, daughter in law, etc. Today many women have the fabric of good and effective leadership.
Posted by:Dr. Nicholas Correa - 08 Mar, 2011
2: guys d article is not about wat women hvnt done ,or the failures of both men and women. both are human beings and to err is human indeed !so please stop fighting on who is better and who is not...each individual is unique in all respects.it is their personal calibre and attitude,and luck to some extent, that decides one's journey , irrespective of gender.
coming back to the topic, it says about the turning course i.e how women are evolving today in this competent world. times are proof that it had been male dominated.but now the trend is changing. gender equality , women empowerment .. gradually we are awakening to such issues.given this change there is a possibility indeed that goes in support of the topic .
Posted by:soumya - 08 Mar, 2011
Soumya, you are absolute saying about gender equality -

Irrespective of gender, each individual is unique in all respects.It is all about personal caliber and attitude.
Jyoti Replied to: soumya - 09 Mar, 2011
4: Can anybody tell me the among the latest scientific & tecnological innovation for which human civilization came accross so far, how many of them are truely made by women ?
We can say big fancy talks about women's day, but the fact is civilization still depend on men's intelligence & innovation
Posted by:Koushik - 07 Mar, 2011
men's intelligence & innovation was made by women!
Ravi Replied to: Koushik - 07 Mar, 2011
How can u say that men's intelligence & innovation was made by women ! Only for the reason that they give birth to men ? But that is also not possible without a man's contribution
Koushik Replied to: Ravi - 07 Mar, 2011
People like u make women stronger. If u can't respect ur own gender then u may not be a man. If u r a man then be proud to be stronger gender. lewds like u support women to get praise from them. All rules and regulations are in favour of women and using these they are putting men in trouble.
Prasanta Replied to: Ravi - 07 Mar, 2011
You have to accept the fact that u guys are born with privileges while women have earn their privileges...i think you will be truly aware that wat have more weight age thing u got or think u have earn... hope now before commenting on women u ll think twice...... Sorry.. but i pity your thinking....
Namita Replied to: Prasanta - 08 Mar, 2011
if u can earn respect than earn on your own. Y there will be a reservation? Y media emphasizes u? taking all laws in ur favour u r blaming men for everything. don't compare u with men. men and women can't be equal. I know if a woman goes to a higher position then how proud she becomes.
Prasanta Replied to: Namita - 12 Mar, 2011
respecting same gender doesnot imply disrespecting opposite gender.

P.S:Generalisation is always incorrect.
riya Replied to: Prasanta - 07 Mar, 2011
11: The badluck associated with Women as head around Globe

1. Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike
Srilanka ever became divided with Tamil militancy during her first tenure 1960-
2. Prime Minister Golda Meir
Munich Massacre of Jewish team in German Olympics , Egypt& Syria war 1972-

3. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
Indo- Pak war, declaration of Emergency , economic hardships

4. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
1981 Recession in Europe , Falkland war, ill fated Kuwait invasion of Saddam Hussain and her compelling advise President George Bush to lead a coalition force.

5. Prime Minister Benazir Bhuto
Taliban came to power in Kabul with full support of military of Benazir , paving the way for originating a perennial world problem . Pakistan became corrupt , and a nuclear power.

6. Prime minister Shaik Haseena
Bangladesh became the most corrupted country on Planet earth. Regularly natural calamities followed.

7. President Chandrika Kumaratunge
Srilanka was devastated by rebellious war & Tsunami in 2005

8. President Gloria Macapagal
Phillipine natural calamities are regular affair 2001-10, emergency had to be declared due to political unrest

9. Chancellor Angela Merkel
Euro collapse originated & recession griped Eurozone , volcanic eruption/ heavy snow fall in Europe further affected economy

10. Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Australia was devastated by Rain& Floods in QLD never seen before, affecting economy

11. President Dilma Rouseff
Brazil started receiving unseasonal rain & Floods.

12. President Pratibha Patil
India slid into the status of a corrupt country , with natural / man made devastation at the highest levels.

13. Secretary of state Condeleeza Rice
Hurricane Katrina natural disaster. Beginning of the fall of US

14. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
US started losing reputation around the world ever since 2009
Posted by:crazyworld - 06 Mar, 2011
Excellent. Its true and Women cannot make any decision of their won. Eg. Prathipa patil. Indra Nooyee, Sonia Gandhi
Women's leadership always fails
c5g5vp Replied to: crazyworld - 08 Mar, 2011
great list ya.why not prepare another list for men?it would take pages,pages to enter the badluck created by them.

Feel pity on you.Hope&wish you meet a wonderful woman in your journey of life.
riya Replied to: crazyworld - 07 Mar, 2011
I met all those listed women as wonderful indeed. But the issue is the role in life what each sex possess. For 9 months a woman has a totally different world to think about in a 12 months period of an Year, but not with man. So naturally his approach will always be universal rather than selfish. This fundamental difference make a man well ahead in his actions, though both might be equal in intelligence. So a wise woman always prefer to be in supportive role rather than at bragging mode, and remain as Queen of his empire which she made him to create.
crazyworld Replied to: riya - 07 Mar, 2011
Go ahead universal thinker !

Am not here to argue with you.
riya Replied to: crazyworld - 07 Mar, 2011
You are beautiful
crazyworld Replied to: riya - 08 Mar, 2011
Thankfully the disasters due to women can be counted. What about those by men? Countless.. right?
chinku Replied to: crazyworld - 07 Mar, 2011
I am not for an argument, yet I would bring your kind attention to the fact that no religion in this planet project Godhead as woman.
Remember, humanity survived from primitive to present status by religion.
And all the religions teach us not to deviate the normal course.
crazyworld Replied to: chinku - 07 Mar, 2011
The people who made framed religions/religious books were men.so it was a false propaganda.

Feel pity on you,man!
riya Replied to: crazyworld - 07 Mar, 2011
To build a religeon/write a religious book also need ability to think, ability to innovate. Do women have that ?
Koushik Replied to: riya - 07 Mar, 2011
i dont need to prove you that!
riya Replied to: Koushik - 07 Mar, 2011
nice one... :) :D :)
Amit Replied to: crazyworld - 07 Mar, 2011
Why couldn't women frame? they are simply parasites. Without men their existence is null.
Prasanta Replied to: riya - 07 Mar, 2011
24: Women are like environment sensitive and fruitful but failing to resist the pollution levels. There is a limit for everything. Women have patience like that of Mother Earth but why earth quakes, tsunamies and so on are taking lives of tens of thousands of beings on earth? Think for a while. Do not try to test her patience
Posted by:Durga - 06 Mar, 2011