Will Sony PlayStation servers be fixed by Thursday?
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Will Sony PlayStation servers be fixed by Thursday?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 25 April 2011, 11:06 Hrs   |    18 Comments
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Bangalore: For all those who are still scratching their heads as to why their 'Sony PlayStation' console is throwing up error message denoting "80710A06" every time they try connecting up to play some online Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, or any other game, its a bad week as the Sony PlayStation servers have gone down.

It all began on Wednesday when the outburst was made by Patrick Seybold, Senior Director of corporate communications and social media from Sony. Sony was aware that certain functions of the PlayStation network were down.

Sony is taking this unexpected moment to rebuild its infrastructure even better than before. Hence the delay continued. Though this task is time-consuming, Sony has decided to take time for solving the issue for complete additional security.

The game freaks on the online community reacted with a bit of frustration. Sony is investigating and it might be a day or two before gamers can jump online and frag their friends again. Seybold brought back the same news as before that the network was still down.

According to Seybold, Sony had to shut the network down to address an "external intrusion" that hit the PlayStation Network and the company's Qriocity service. Unverified reports claim that a denial-of-service attack targeted the primary PlayStation Network server. Additional denial-of-service attacks allegedly went after PlayStation Network servers, which have user account information.

It was predicted that the the "hactivist group" that previously targeted Sony was behind these complications. Game Pundits thought that 'Anonymous' the hacktivist group had re-upped its retribution campaign against Sony for the company's legal pursuit against alleged PS3 jail breaker George Hotz.

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Reader's comments(18)
1: Why is everybody mad at Sony. When its these hackers that try to say, "its not right the way these big corp's run there business" So what do they do, they screw it up for everyone else. Yea Big Corp's dont run there buisness's right. They only do it because we allow them to, think about it. Were do all these corporations get there money. From us, the consumers. Because why, we must have it. I know what your thinking its easier said...im not the one complaning to the wrong person. I feel that the reason why im writing on this blog and not playing my free online gaming is because of a hacker. Which i dont understand y would somebody who can do all that. Target a Gaming Site.
Posted by:Roman - 29 Apr, 2011
2: i think they should not be so over board about it its not like they dont have the money for these things to be fixed wtf evryone knows they do and i see hacks all the time it must not hurt them too badly when i personally see hacks on many games i play for ex. cod waw, cod black ops, and mwf2
they should just take his shit away from him but he shouldnt be banned for life thats just stupid
Posted by:Smokiejr420 - 29 Apr, 2011
3: even though x-box is a pay and play for the online they havent ever been down for more then a day as far as I can recall and my thing is all those peaple saying ooo I hope it stops the hacking and cheating then turn to sony cause they should have been doing all these upgrades as they came in instead of waiting for something to happen and what about the peaple who have the playstation plus membership do thay get a refund or a extended membership even a free download from the playstation store would be nice but i doubt it will happen
Posted by:David - 26 Apr, 2011
actually xbl has been down for 13 days previously
your wrong Replied to: David - 27 Apr, 2011
You know i think its a bunch of crap that everyone is so worried about it if ur realy so into the gaming world that u cant just get up and find something else to do in ur spare time you should just go home and put a bullet in ur head and i dont mean that in a bad way i mean it in a good religious way lol
Agnus Replied to: your wrong - 05 May, 2011
6: This is a wait and see process that I believe to be necessary whomever is responsible for the intrusion should face legal procedings. As for all the people waiting the playstation network is free for all those saying they're going to get a xbox you should know it's a pay for online service so good luck
Posted by:William - 26 Apr, 2011
I certainly hope that when this is fixed that it will eliminate all the glitching and cheating (boosting) online especially in Black Ops
vikesfan6938 Replied to: William - 26 Apr, 2011
yah dude i agree with that one...
rob Replied to: vikesfan6938 - 26 Apr, 2011
9: yes this sucks but if they can fix all the hacking people out there from cheating on games i think it will be worth the wait also if they can ban all boosters and hackers of games while they are at it more power to them
Posted by:herk752000 - 25 Apr, 2011
i agree this hacker cost every playstation paying custumer downtime I hope he is punished to the full extent of the law.
dan reg Replied to: herk752000 - 26 Apr, 2011
i hope they fix the glitching also i hate when my girlfriend is ooline on her macbook and im playing COD and the connetion is glitching it pisses me off
Brian Replied to: dan reg - 26 Apr, 2011
12: thats what I think about this crap !

Posted by:Adrian - 25 Apr, 2011
i know this is just retarted
chagnon Replied to: Adrian - 25 Apr, 2011
man kinda getting tired of this wat if this isn't the last time, should i get xbox 360?
corey Replied to: chagnon - 25 Apr, 2011
yea u can get an xbox360... send me ur ps3 & ill send u my xbox360 ill even throw in the 50$ wireless internet thingy... if ur serious hit me up my e-mail is sooper_villain_666@blazemail.com
jrd Replied to: corey - 26 Apr, 2011
it has happened once in 5 years.Im sure a 2 week downtime isnt enough to jump ship
corey is dumb Replied to: corey - 26 Apr, 2011
I'm wondering if this is all a hoax and possibly sony's push to pay service as rumoured. I mean I surely hope not and would it ever be a slap in the face for everyone. I just hope when the servers do come back up it doesn't try and prompt me for a bill like xbox. If indeed it was hacked sony learn from your mistakes somehow, such a large network I can't believe there is no back up somehow to at least keep the gaming part going while you do your work. They should have a separate network that they can toss up while they update crap. When it does come back up I expect a massive update download and I hope to I get my left over free days on DC Universe Online I have 7 days I didn't even get to play I payed 60 for the game it says 30 days free I expect to get what I payed for. As for the hacker you have all this skill and you want to ruin it on something cool? dude Bin Laden's in a cave somewhere on a laptop g get him and make yourself useful make a change with your talent. You possibly could have worked for a company like Sony and helped develop ways to prevent this.
Glenn from North Carolina I'm sure everyone already knew that an Replied to: corey is dumb - 27 Apr, 2011
y don't they get the hackers to work for sony if they can take it down in a day and it take them a month to get it back up with all brain power at sony and money who smarter i guess the hackers
shell Replied to: Glenn from North Carolina I'm sure everyone already knew that an - 06 May, 2011