Why More Entrepreneurs are Getting Divorced?
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Why More Entrepreneurs are Getting Divorced?

By SiliconIndia   |    5 Comments
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Why More Entrepreneurs are Getting Divorced?
Santa Clara: Experts often say that the divorce rate reaches as high as 41 percent at times. Divorce not only ends the relationship but also changes the entire perspective of living of two individuals. In the U.S. almost 49 percent of the marriages end up in divorces and 60 percent of all divorces are related to individuals aged 25 to 39. Are not the emerging entrepreneurs falling into this age category? When a married couple that owns a business goes through divorce, it puts a massive strain on the business.

Being an entrepreneur requires to be self, whereas marriage means merger of two different individualities to one. On the other hand, running a family business may bring strain on a marriage. An entrepreneur generally is a person who is highly motivated, creative, focused and always ready to risk everything for what they believe in. Some entrepreneurs have adrenaline rush of creating, business deals and living on the edge. While these may be wonderful qualities for being an entrepreneur, it brings in stress in the personal relationship.

Some of the common causes of divorce of entrepreneurs in most cases are financial strain, negligence, lack of communication and understanding, and divergent goals. As a spouse, the partner always wants security rather than risk unveiling all the time.

When compared to other professions, who are not preoccupied with their professional thoughts all the time and neither bring in so much of security concern for the spouse. However, when it comes to an entrepreneur, his day and night, thoughts and dreams are all preoccupied with business thoughts, their personal life and time does not remain personal, which creates a sense of unprotectiveness and death of feeling for the partner.

On the other hand, some of the male counterpart whose wife either runs a business or is an emerging entrepreneur complains about their being so professional and earning more than they are. They cannot see their spouse wearing a pant at the home and taking care of all the financial responsibility of the family. This is not a valid reason for divorce, but what can man do about their "EGO". With divorce, not only does a relationship come to an end, but even those businesses which the couple co-founded putting their heart and soul together.

In the due course of building and running a business, an entrepreneur unknowingly develops traits like bossiness, self-importance and impatience, which is carried forward to his personal life too. This creates a gap of understanding and sweetness of the relationship certainly ends in due course of time resulting in divorce. The survival of such relationship depends on a better understanding in terms of both the partners. Neither should one strain the other with so much of risk factors, nor should the spouse doubt in every step taken by their partner in regards to business.

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Reader's comments(5)
1: maybe true...
but here's a solution,"whenever theystart counterfieting and underestimating each other,they must take a break atleast for 1-2 months..
cuz aparting from each other for 1-2 mnths is mch better than for forever..
Posted by:parvesh kumar - 08 Sep, 2011
2: Perfectly agreed ! Even i have similar views.
Posted by:Swati - 07 Sep, 2011
3: Need of the hour: be an entrepreneur at any cost.
Posted by:The Truth - 05 Sep, 2011
4: Very true.
Posted by:anju agarwal - 05 Sep, 2011
5: Your point is valueble for me. Thanks!

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Posted by:Tracy - 01 Sep, 2011