Who will Clean Up the UPA Mess?
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Who will Clean Up the UPA Mess?

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 29 September 2011, 11:22 Hrs   |    27 Comments
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Bangalore: As the leaders flock to their high command Sonia Gandhi, many wonder if she has a magic heal for the growing disease killing the UPA camp. Even after 24 hours since Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is back in India, the congress party could do nothing about the ongoing crisis and the mess is increasingly getting deeper.


Sonia, who is still recovering from the recent surgery, had nonstop meetings with congress top brass including Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Defense Minister AK Antony and Sonia key aide Ahmed Patel. Mukherjee had separate meetings with Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh haunting for options to end the controversy. His meeting with the prime minister at his 7 Race Course Road residence lasted for 20 minutes and it was also attended by Chidambaram.

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Reader's comments(27)
1: UPA GOVT has proved to be an utter disaster but they will not leave the post nor MPs of all parties agree to mid term election easily(They have spent crores to loot the country for 5 years). Therefore, it is necessary that the right to recall MPs/MLAs need to be incorporated in the Statute.

2. While BJP may not be angels, they dont have the audacity to loot at a scale seen in UPA. They are more small time compared to Congress giants in corruption. Lesser evil is better under current circumstances.

But Congress hoodwinks minorities and backward classes as their saviour but in point of fact they have not done for them anything in 60 odd years. unfortunately, these groups of vote banks are propping up Congress despite colossal loot of the country.

The garibi hatao , aam admi, secularism are vote catching slogans. garibs remain garibs, aam admi is battered every day by spiralling price rise and Congress secularism is but a sham as Minorities have not seen any discrenible progress. All secttions of the populace, together should boot out these thieves. We should join Anna to fight corruption and also try to rid this country of the cancer called UPA
Posted by:sura - 04 Oct, 2011
2: As reported today early mornning,,,,Next headquarter will be TIHAR.
More scams taking final shape in Greater Faridabad. India needs to know where the money taken by government thru builders (BPTP,SRS....)had gone ? Who got benefited ? Who has provided the shelter to the culprits.
Posted by:Bunty - 03 Oct, 2011
3: UPA(indian terrorists),now a days has become more aggressive in anti-india acts. This community is growing big at very fast pace.
Is india going to tolerate this for long ?

Posted by:Bunty - 03 Oct, 2011
UPA is leading tritors. thirf saves thief kind of situation we see.U cant reply matter is sub judice 100 times to save bloody face. They ALl r daagi and corrupt so small corrupts
(in 10s of 1000 of corruption maker Mayawati - Sharad pawar)
are clean face today. Suck people`s tax money and exploit natural resources as being Agents for foreign powers and look idiot in front of world. This is congress management.
Indian Replied to: Bunty - 03 Oct, 2011
5: The Corrupt, taking money from Raja&co., Crooked, by letting him down, Coward, by posing loss of memory and Crack, posing as if he cannot count, Chidambaram, has to get out.the sooner the better, he can postpone, not stop, the fall of UPA
Posted by:R.Prasanna Venkatesan - 30 Sep, 2011
All credit goes to politicians. for sure they can divide all united people. we need to enhance our election system. Strict punishment who dont abide the laws.
Praveen Replied to: R.Prasanna Venkatesan - 04 Oct, 2011
7: It is high time that the opposition collectively bring in a no confidence motion against the ruling government, as per the wishes of the people and to save our country from further loot and destruction.The fact that they all are holding on to power, in spite of the most damnable evidence of complicity by all concerned in the highest echelon right from the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the present Finance minister who too is no angel, is known to the people of this country.

These guys are all masters in manipulation , double talk and have succeeded for too long in misguiding the whole country, while Lacs of Crores of money has been looted already from the country's exchequer.The amount required for elections after all is only Hundreds of crores which is far better than losing Lacs of Crores in the coming couple of years.

There are no excuses to be heard anymore, there are only a few ministers left untainted like Mr.Antony and a few others.The rest are all crooks disguised as angels. The main opposition which consists mainly of BJP is also not a viable alternative, as they are bend up on the old British mantra of "divide and rule",which is also not going to work any more. They too have looted for sure.More over their reluctance to bring up the dalits and other backward communities, to high position gives away the true color of them.Their very fabric is biased approach towards the backwards among the Hindu's themselves [ Though RSS Cadres consists of all.]. Do not forget the words of Swamy Vivekananda who observed after his visit to Kerala that the state is a mad house.It was not the Religious disharmony, which he mentioned, on the other side relations among different religions has been very good all along in Kerala History. While the main reason was the Upper Hindus discriminating towards the lower castes among them, by not allowing them temple entry and also their entry to educational institutions too were denied. They were called "athrikrither'[the un-touchables] and the upper casts of those periods, used to say their day is bad, when they see some lower caste Hindu on their way.

[But the historic background is different as can be verified, for these so called lower caste Hindus' actually were Buddhists prior to Adi Sankara's period, who brought them back to Hinduism citing that, Sri Buddha himself was the re-in carnation of Maha Vishnu, in the Eighth Century.But those who came back to Hinduism were given a sub standard level, by those so called custodians of Hinduism, the so called high caste Hindus of today. Our history has managed to hide many facts than enlighten in many aspects, which can be seen and brought to light from many texts which is in possession of so many families even today unknown to the world. It is twisted history being taught in schools, all hiding more and showing little reality of what actually happened in the earlier periods.]

That very practice was mentioned by Swamy Vivekananda as utterly nonsense and Kerala was said to be a 'mad house'.Those Upper caste Hindu's were the land lords in most part of the state. But they needed the help of lower caste Hindus , just like the Americans needed African slaves to do farming for their wealth, which must have been the main reason for them to keep those unfortunate people barred from temples and schools. But the silent revolution did take place first by Noble Guru's Like Narayana Guru Swamy and later by the communists, who were rightly voted to power by mass movement in 1957 barely 10 years after independence.Because for most part even after independence the Communists were banned by the very Congress Government,who too followed the policies of the British blindly those days.

The third alternative looks to be better with some good leaders and the communists who are less poisonous.Let us hope in the mean while, Supreme court also will intervene to save our country from these crooks.
Posted by:solitairebala - 30 Sep, 2011
That is the oly solution viz., the opposition must bring an immediate resolution to get the present UPA Govt dissolved with immediate effect, to avoid further damage to the economy of the country, to allow the poor live peacefully
T K DAMODARAN Replied to: solitairebala - 03 Oct, 2011
The entire Kerala's untouchability was eliminated by " Vaikam" Periyaar Shri.Eve. Ve. Ramasamy and not only by Communists and Shri Narayanagurusamy as some one here in this block commented.
MUU.KKA Replied to: solitairebala - 30 Sep, 2011
10: You need Mr Clean to clean the mess and none are available in UPA-2
Posted by:Sunilkar - 30 Sep, 2011
All credit goes to politicians. for sure they can divide all united people and create new problems. we need to enhance our election system. Strict punishment who dont abide the laws.

need more social communities, please join your local social community to raise ur voice and ensure that you support what ever possible, helping hands are good then praying lips.
Praveen Replied to: Sunilkar - 04 Oct, 2011
Posted by:DR OP ASTHANA - 30 Sep, 2011
13: its obvious that corruption is the rule of the day & life in the present day india. its the white people, who had brought this virus into the country. our historical archives have a letter written by one of the early white blokes from britain. he visited india before the other of his goons first came into our great nation. according to this letter, there was not a single beggar in our country and indians could not be easily bought over. in the same letter, it was also mentioned that the indians can be won over only if they are made penniless, when they will stop following their existing system of governance and instead follow the wretched british system. in other words, he opined that indians will have to be made totally dependent on the british and their system in order to be controlled & enslaved. well, to cut a long story short, the polluted white british managed to successfully bring the divided, weak-minded and ready-to-betray-their-own indians to their knees.

while officially, they seemed to have left the country on 15 august 1947, in truth, they had left behind their evil, polluted and contaminated style of governance and values behind. all of our elected leaders shout at the british, when it suited them and at other times, 'carried their balls.'

rajiv gandhi, a descendent from the nehru clan went a step further and got married to a filth called sonia. she has made india more filthy and made a god-fearing man like manmohan to a sonia-fearing boneless human vegetable, who is willing to do anything for his master and in the process, he & his henchmen, the indian congress party are willing to even let the fellow indian citizens die of scarcity.

mahatma gandhi wanted the congress party to be dissolved soon after independence. as genuine indians, we must help realise his dreams after six and a half decades!
Posted by:gerry kenny - 30 Sep, 2011
14: The most nasty poitics is being played in India only. We are fighting against terrorist. But these corrputed poilticians are more dangerous than them. Atleast those people target is to destroy economic stabilty of a country and they are sacrificing themselves for thier country, but these corrupt politician are not far behind them and they are planning to sacrifice the country for thier own comfort and happiness. They should be hanged till to death or else, the entire family and their relatives property should be seized and given to the poor people, who are struggling everyday to get a bread.I am ashamed of these nasty poiticians...
Posted by:suvendu - 29 Sep, 2011
15: The mess can only be cleared by not voting this government anytime again in the future...
enough is enough they have now got an experience of 60 years of corruption and its time to retire...
Posted by:Bharat Shodhi - 29 Sep, 2011
16: CBI, etc have been put under shackles for a long time now by the political Masters who get all the relevant info well in time. They just throw the hard obtained info to the nearest garbage bin. Worse they even call up the guys and tell them that our Intel has got their recordings. Is this a Country that fought for Independence from the British who were a far superior Administrators?
Political and other mess is always left behind by the ruling party, now days group. The next Govt will clean up the shit left behind. What did Janata Party do when they were in the Center? Morarji wanted to become PM by hook or by crook, just like VP Singh,, Charan Singh, Devi Lal and Ajit Singh all wanted to be PM. In the two years they were at the center they ransacked the treasury and food stock godowns. The Country was left in a mess with Devi Lal refusing to leave his bungalow where he had a dozen or more buffaloes. Who cleaned up these muck? The same people will do the job next year.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 29 Sep, 2011
17: Corruption in india is not something new ..appreciate CBI proceedings on pushing many politicians into jail..looks much better comparing all previous govt...in btw some politicians keen to pull the UPA out of power by selective amnesia...it is good mark if they point out every crisis happening in india other than only selective matters which bring bad name to govt..and blocking parliment activities.it shows their selfishness not really care on people...
Posted by:Commonman - 29 Sep, 2011
Yes. It is better now comparing to all previous govt, because during any of the previous govts, the Scams rate and crime rate were never this high. It has grown to an extent now, that, it is not possible to cover it up any more. Not because CBI is having more freedom or power. Countless scams and each of them is huge...
anand Replied to: Commonman - 29 Sep, 2011
19: They are both smart and is trying to outdo each other in front of .......... They are least worried about children dying by 100s in Maharashtra. They both think they are born economist when people are dying in 1000s in India everyday. They think they are born economist when ordinary people cannot have 2 square meals everyday. They think they are economist when they hike prices but not when it comes to getting black money(Indians hard earned money lying in some foreign banks in form of kickbacks). Ultimately They should think they are economist when Indians dont go hungry at least once a day(a square meal one time per day) They should think they are economist when they can decrease the gap between the rich and poor. They should think they are economist when poor people can live with dignity.
Posted by:Baburaj Nair - 29 Sep, 2011
20: I am not surprised to hear what chidambaram says
1) The matter is closed
2) The chapter is closed
He thinks he has the authority to close the matter on his own so that no one can question him.Such people should be kicked out first.
Posted by:zam zam cola - 29 Sep, 2011
It is the tactics of our donkey government to create some sort of confusion in peoples mind so that they they will not think of the dirty doing of the ministers.The government and the parliament gone to dogs.The present and future will be very gloomy for the common people.
krishnan Replied to: zam zam cola - 29 Sep, 2011
22: What if everybody is part of mess ? May be next elections.
Posted by:Bunty - 29 Sep, 2011
23: Mr. Manmohan Singh ?
Pls send your views. I am too young to comment on this. And he is old & wise enough with strong academic background.
Posted by:Bunty - 29 Sep, 2011
Mr.Bunty ,this gentleman though studied but have no self respect since he joined a party which massacred his own sick community.He lost his spine too when he decided to work as a puppet whose strings with an Italian lady.Her edn is 5th class and she commands this so called scholars as MS,PC,PM etc etc..What a shame for Indians with 110 crores population which do not have an Indian leader.Now u got who is MS ?
NPNAIR Replied to: Bunty - 29 Sep, 2011
He is a robot man , This is our bad luck.
buildIndia Replied to: Bunty - 29 Sep, 2011
He is a robot not our PM , This is our bad luck.
build_India Replied to: Bunty - 29 Sep, 2011
Robot or not Robot is the matter now. Pogo TV is on air for the Children already. UPA Govt. is one more Pogo alike for adult countrymen, airing every day serial tamashas in 2G scam matter....
Sundar Replied to: build_India - 30 Sep, 2011