What do our CEO's do?

What do our CEO's do?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 29 April 2011, 12:59 Hrs   |    3 Comments
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CEO is the public face of an organization. He holds the most important position.The designation of CEO brings power, money and the opportunity to lead an empire. He is responsible for the success and failure of the company. He heads operations, marketing, finance, creation of company culture, human resource, hiring, firing, compliance with safety regulations and PR. He builds the very foundation, strategy and vision for the company.

But have any one of you wondered how the CEO's allocate their time? How the allocation of their time in different activities affects the company's performance?

A survey was conducted where about 94 CEO's of major corporations became ready to be scrutinized for every activity done by them in a day. In this survey the personal assistant of the CEO's were instructed to note down all the activities that they go through. This included everything, from with the amount of time invested in attending meetings, reviewing a marketing campaign to chilling out with clients in the golf course.

In order to capture the essence of CEO's work, insider and outsider classification was made clear. Insiders involved employees dealing in functional area like finance, marketing or human resource, and outsider's involved external people of the firm like distributers, suppliers and investors.

The researchers discovered that in vast majority of a CEO's time, some 85 percent, was spent working with other people through meetings, phone calls, and public appearances, while only 15 percent was spent working alone. Of the time spent with others, CEO's spent on average 42 percent with only "insiders" (employees or directors of the CEO's firm); 25 percent with insiders and outsiders together; and 16 percent with only outsiders.

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Reader's comments(3)
1: the shortest way to describe a CEO & manageers would be that of a car with a driver & a passenger .. the passenger being the CEO instructing the driver (Manager) to lead the company (Car) is a specific directon & route. the attitude of the CEO and the company he leads can be accessed from where he sits & guides the route .. front seat or back seat.
Posted by:Fazil - 02 May, 2011
2: den wat does Business Managers like me do?
Posted by:Janardan - 30 Apr, 2011
3: India CEO's
Posted by:Suhail Raza - 29 Apr, 2011