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What Baba Ramdev doesn't teach you

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 15 July 2011, 11:52 Hrs   |    29 Comments
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Bangalore: The controversial yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who rose to extreme fame after his fast against corruption and black money that began at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi and the related incidents, has been widely criticized for his teachings and practices by acclaimed gurus. Baba Ramdev, who has a cult status with millions of followers, runs a health empire worth hundreds of crores and owns an island off the coast of Scotland.

Many prominent personalities have criticized Baba Ramdev for his way of functioning, calling him a businessman with vested political interests. His yoga teachings had been questioned by renowned gurus such as BKS Iyengar as Swami Balendu.

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Reader's comments(29)
1: This is clearly a paid news implant by the INC specifically aimed at character assassination of one person - The Baba!. Whatever may be his motives, the Baba has one thing the INC doesn't - Mass Appeal. So any statement or action of the Baba is a threat to the INC. What better way to counter his mass appeal than to malign the Baba in front of the masses!
Posted by:SPG - 30 Jul, 2011
2: Looks like Congress has purchased most TV channels, most English news papers and now Silicon India too! Don't under estimate publics understanding of who is right and who is wrong. Public is watching the media too and looks like media too will soon loose credibility like most politicians.
Posted by:Rajesh Tripathi - 19 Jul, 2011
3: Swami Ramdev is the hope of this country. He and his teachings can bring back the golden era of the country. Building the commercial empire is must for us, swadeshi NGOs and individuals to fight the exploiting policty of MNCs who earns huge profit between the range 50% to over 1000%.
Posted by:Arvind - 19 Jul, 2011
4: its sad why ppl are being deviated frm the critical issues whch Baba Ramdev raised-
1.Black money
3.Emphasis on vernacular languages.
Posted by:manuh - 18 Jul, 2011
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Posted by:chetan - 17 Jul, 2011
6: niehter aiyenger nor any other person guru had courage to stand up against something that is killing our country.

At least had this courage.

This article is totally biased and its seems to be written for propoganda.
Posted by:Raj Kiran Singh - 16 Jul, 2011
7: Baba Ramdev is popularising Yoga on a wide scale. This is worrying anti-Hindu forces and the midnight crackdown on his camp was actually to go after Baba Ramdev personally and injure him grievously so that he cannot demonstrate yoga again. This job was no doubt entrusted to a handpicked select group of policemen. Being a yogi par excellence, he sensed the imminent danger and escaped in woman's dress out of the range of this group of policemen. The Supreme Court must order investigation into this angle.
Posted by:K.Venugopal - 16 Jul, 2011
8: If Ramdev's teachings were wrong, he would have gone out of business long ago. I don't think someone can have millions of followers for so long without getting any benefit from his teachings. Ramdev may not be doing everything right, but he is one who has made people of this country aware of a great health booster like yoga.
Posted by:Abhijit - 16 Jul, 2011
9: Whilst every person has right to express his opinion or criticize or eulogize but the point is are we discussing
baba ramdev versus other yog gurus or we are debating
the corrupt politicians who have gang raped this country

Ramdev has published his trust details on the website &
it shud not have taken over a month to pin him down for
any omissions now its turn of all the political parties
and other religious trusts to come clean and give their
account statements

also we as citizens of india have right to know who have
whats happening to the huge amount of unaccounted money
seized from tibetan monks and sai baba trusts and how is
the govt dealing with such cases

similarly the govt cannot hide the names of people who
are having clandestine accounts in swiss and other european
banks under the pretext that its the IT depts job to
investigate and reveal


all are BENAMI owners and have indirectly
parked the looted money from the country
into these airlines


Posted by:Andee - 16 Jul, 2011
10: Shame on Silicon India to be bought by whoever paid for this article
Posted by:Doesn't matter - 16 Jul, 2011
11: He has been teaching what he knows the best..That does not mean it is perfect in every sense..BKS Iyengar may or may not be right ,but Baba Ramdev has made yoga popular,people are free to pick their choice...I dont think Ramdev has done anything wrong..Thousands of people have benefited from Ramdev's teaching..So why slander his name? Because he spoke against black money? We were not hearing any of this before Ramlila incident.. He has not done anything wrong in protesting against black money either...He even gave solution to the black money problem... it is the corrupt politicians who has so much of black money are spreading false propaganda...It is they who have hidden agenda to loot the nation..
Posted by:neo - 16 Jul, 2011
12: Just one small question
Does Baba Ramdev have a simple solution to remove corruption from the society
Secondly If you look at all these HIGH TECH BABAS, they copy already existing Suryanamaskaram Pranayamam Meditation, etc and sell their brand of YOGA or Kundalini YOGA or Inhalation therapy etc One thing you need to appreciate they all have developed a voice culture just to mesmerize the audience and audience fall prey to all these babas.
Long Live this country's mass fallibleness
Posted by:krishna - 16 Jul, 2011
13: BKS could have never imagined having him on telly via DTH 24x7. BKS has remained elusive to many,, his books are very costly. In this regard Ramdev Baba captivated audience by Kapalbati - which is actually a miracle cure for many diseases. But what he fails to realize is that he is handing out black belts to newbies in his martial arts classes giving them false sense of security. There is a path to achieving controlled breathing. Many of my friends brought his CD for 140 bucks and perform kapalbhati for 30 mins (utter nonsense) with their pot bellies without any results,, their isn't a glow on their face even after 5 years,, I have been into martial arts for more than 30 years and controlled breathing is part of my life. For me kapalbhati works excellently with a count of just 64. But every one cannot be like me. It is like all are applying for SSC exams and Ramdev Baba assumes that all of them have finished their 9th grade. Kapalbhati WILL work wonders when the senses are in control and the chakras are balanced. Now how many understand what I have written above - they will just call me a mad man. No wonders that is what we Indians are really good at that is why Ramdev Baba and not BKS, etc. are their Gurus.
Posted by:Jamini - 16 Jul, 2011
14: Dear Journalist,

People like you misinform and put your own prejudice and take bribes and write articles , after all you are also a human being you need to survive right! just write one article praising something about him or her, you will find it difficult
Posted by:SaveIndia - 15 Jul, 2011
15: How can I report abuse to this article itself which is nothing but a mouthpiece of Congress government.
Posted by:Shailesh Khandelwal - 15 Jul, 2011
16: What Baba Ramdev did was something new. Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy, there all things were considered outdated and boring. Through his efforts people have started to see these traditional ways of life in light.
He sells many ayurvedic stuff at a very low price.Same thing which MNCs sell us at very costly rates. For spreading ayurvedic medicines to every nook and corner of India it will require huge investments and infrastructure. Baba has started companies with those effect. I do not see any wrong in it.
I think BKS Iyengar and gang are miffed that some else has stolen the lime light instead of them.
Posted by:Abhishek Upadhyay - 15 Jul, 2011
17: This is the problem with Indians........Who ever is trying to do something, we will find fault on them. We will tell only their odds and faults but never ever a single praise for the good things they are doing. The comments these people given might be correct but then please tell his good points too........then only make sense........ Hello siliconIndia news why u people never ever report anything good done by him, only when some body tells bad u people will come forward to write................In my opinion problem is not with the people, these kind of medias are manipulating the minds of people making them to think only negatives....................
Posted by:Pradeep - 15 Jul, 2011
No one kicks a dead dog and hence to get in the news it is easy for anyone to speak/write against somebody of the stature of Baba Ramdev and get cheap publicity. No body had stopped Mr BKS Iyengar from making Yoga as popular as Baba Ramdev has done. Baba is moving with the times which is the need of the day.
kanchan dwivedi Replied to: Paris - 01 Aug, 2011
Just one simple question to ask you
Does Baba Ramdev think he is prepared to face Group of Intellectual for ten minutes
Are you in a position to convey the same to him
please confirm
One of the members of Peer Power Group
ashok sehgal Replied to: Jayapal - 16 Jul, 2011
It is good to see surya giving tips on this issue.But the question is if every single indidvdual takes law in his own hands,the ultimate fundamental of democratic country may be shattered in its due course.There is a protocol of the goverment and the ministers who has been elected by the people.They have not jumped into the parliament.Hence views can be taken and not action against any formal legal action which only the govt can take action .If that is neglected then there may be a natural human disaster which is arising day by day in middle east countries.
A.Mohammed Ilyas Replied to: Surya Akella - 16 Jul, 2011
Mr. BKS iyanger teaching yoga to elite or foreigners and making millions of dollar and stored that dollar in Swiss bank. Is anyone ask him is anyone checked his property no because he is supporting our courept Gov. that no one is ask him about that. But for Baba Ramdev they start inquire about his property DRI In com Tax dept. all of them Inquired about his property but they got nothing But now start Inquire. All of the politicians how much they have black money our govt. will not do that in life time because in Swiss bank politicians money is only there so govt. can't do that..
Aryan Replied to: santosh - 16 Jul, 2011
Balendu or Iyanger they are just crabs they open their mouth only for money. why these kind of baba alive in India send him there only where they come from they just don't want to see common man also be happy they saw only own happiness but mr. balendu and Mr. iyanger dnt worry u r nothing u cant stop baba ramdev because common peoples start joins him okkk
aryan Replied to: NSagar - 16 Jul, 2011
I cant understand the people saying about the Ram Dev Baba group of companies and a lot of Infrastructure, what it mean if i want to do some thing to the country i will defently make NGO or Company and I expect some Profit for bread and butter. Why the Govt. is trying to understand the things. This is only reason (Sach Karwa Hota Hai) Govt. Dar Gai hai.
I m with u baba and Anna Hazare by Botton of My heart.
santosh Replied to: NSagar - 16 Jul, 2011
Very true Boss even i also heard the first time name baba iyanger i know only baba ramdev as yoga guru but i heard first time one more yoga teacher is there in India but what the benefit of that. he is not supporting baba ramdev even they from same field because he is jealous with baba ramdev because in 10 years what baba ramdev did he was failed to did that. He raising his Voice against corruption or black money i think Mr. iyanger also have black money in Swiss bank account that's y he met with the politicians and trying to stop Baba Ramdev.
Aryan Replied to: Hira Singh Gurjar - 15 Jul, 2011
Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad accused Baba Ramdev of commercializing Ayurveda and selling traditional medicines at much higher prices.

Is Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad provide medicines in cheaper prices ?
If ys write their outlet address and list of medicines and its rate to help ppls.

To accuse any one is very easy bit to do is very hard.
Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad, prove yourself or shut yr mouth for ever .
hindustani Replied to: AMIT SINGH - 15 Jul, 2011
Mr. Indian knows very well then you to Baba Ramdev . you idiot dint have a sans what u sey about Yoga hmm if u sey he is started his business then its wrong go to his ashram and see there how many peoples came over there and he is teaching him as free of cost u idiot have u use any time tulsi or haldi ever in Ur life as medicine first use that thing then start comment on that particular topic. Even today also in city or village when someone infected with zukam they made tulsi, halsi mix tea.understood u foolll idiot .. Go an take some kam...
Aryan Replied to: Kurup - 15 Jul, 2011
Is any one in public know who is this Swami Balendu .

SHAME on him, to comment on Baba Ramdev just because of him now world come to know what is yoga and is from India only..

Swami Balendu is not a yoga guru otherwise he must know that in yoga, guru must be cool .

Poor Swami Balendu & co .

Hindustani Replied to: HINDUSTANI - 15 Jul, 2011
Is any one in public know who is this BKS Iyengar.

Non because he teaches Yoga only to the Elite and Foreigners, not to common men and comment on baba ramdev.

SHAME on him, he is teaching yoga not to any common men and condemned Baba Ramdev just because of him now world come to know what is yoga and is from India only..

BKS Iyengar is not a yoga guru otherwise he must know that in yoga, guru must be cool .

Poor BKS Iyengar.
HINDUSTANI Replied to: AMIT SINGH - 15 Jul, 2011
rightly said in India we start looking into negative part first. what baba has given to the society is to be praised
manmohan Replied to: Amarnath - 15 Jul, 2011