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Ways to quit job without offending your boss

By Kahuwa Jyoti Das, SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 22 February 2011, 10:35 Hrs   |    50 Comments
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Bangalore: Do you want to quit your job? Are you afraid that your resignation will be declined? Are you afraid that you will lose your friends at job and some of the people you really had thought as your mentor?

Resigning from your job sometime seems easy for some people but at the same time resigning without offending boss is not as easy as you think. Though we don't like our job and want to quit, it is very difficult to resign tactfully without offending the boss. Your present boss who has given some responsibilities will feel disappointed or rather offended with the decision of quitting the company . When an employee quits, there are many problems or rather losses that the company incurs. For example financial loss, training a new guy will incur time loss and instability (for whatever time frame that new guy will need to actually fill that space). This eventually, and to be more apt, brings frustration within the boss. Whatever the causes are, we should make it clear that when we are leaving we should leave on good terms because we never know when we will need that employer in future or his reference.

So here are certain tips on how to quit job without offending the boss:

Give sensible reason:

"I want to quit the job because my wife does not like the weather of this city" said an employee to his employer. So what will be the reaction of your boss when somebody tells the same thing and leaves the job? The boss will feel angry or rather disgusted. Whenever we quit job, it is very important to give a logical and sensible reason to our boss. The boss should feel that your reason for quitting the job is sensible enough and in that way you might get a "Best of luck" from your boss also!

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Reader's comments(50)
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Posted by:lexapro online - 22 Aug, 2011
9: M workng in Pvt. Ltd. company since 2 yrs. When I joined this company that our Director said they'll increase salary after 3 month and within 2 months I got the increment also as I shown my caliber but after that time I got more responsiblities and till now they have not increeased our package and even M getting the good Job offers with good pkg but as our Director is on Maternity leave since 9 months and the other Manager also is on leave so we r the only person who r handling everything.
But now I want growth as now adays everything is costly and m leaving in rented home, this our Director also know and sometime I have seen when the salary day is coming near they start critisizing us so that we feel that we dnt know nthng.

Plesae tell me in this situation how can I quitt the Job or how can I tell them to increase the package.
Posted by:Siya - 18 Mar, 2011
10: BUY

Posted by:Syed - 01 Mar, 2011
11: it is easier said to done. But its very true that one should leave the job in good terms with there boss because you never now when you need to take theire reference. That is why it is important to give a solid reason so that your boss can admire you instead of abusing.
Posted by:kkity - 01 Mar, 2011
12: when the idea of leaving the present job clicks, it is most important to be polite and put forward a valid reason which might not cause any organizational hazards and at the same time maintain a good relationship even after. This might help in keeping the doors open for her to return with a better role in future.
Posted by:Indrani Paul - 27 Feb, 2011
13: It's always a good idea to leave on good terms with former employers, regardless of how tempting it is to speak your mind and curse your boss.

Also see:


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Posted by:jaya - 24 Feb, 2011
14: Hi,

I wish to quit a job, minimum notice period in my company is 2 months but the company I am about to join, they want me to join in a months time, so what are the ways that I can leave early, without affecting the relation with current employer, as my work is critical and dependency is more, so I know my boss will hesitate in re leaving me earlier, please suggest something.
Posted by:Rishab - 24 Feb, 2011
You can directly speak to your boss about the situation and can give reason of changing the job for your career prospects. But remember today you have got a better job ,but the present job was serving your past and family so before leaving discuss with him and convince him that you will finish your pending job within a months time and if any clarification needed in future you are also available for them and also speak with your new company also since my notice period was for two months and i am joining you within one months period so if anything require to settle with my previous companies client or job please let them allow you to do that.
subir Replied to: Rishab - 27 Feb, 2011
16: Ah thanks for posting this article .. its so good to know ure not alone and looks like veryone is talking about the same thing evrywhere.. so agree with one your commnets .. Love teh JOb and not teh organistaion and be practicle.. because if you dont love you job .. you wont do well .. and your jeopardising your own market value and growth .... geting emotionally attached to the company only creates problems .. and even slows your career progess since you dont explorer you market worth elsewhere as you guilty which worng .. becuase the companies nevr think twice before firing then why shoudl one be emotional and think before quiting for better opportunity .. and it true.. it not love story ... so yeah go for it if you find something new ... cheers.. :)
Posted by:roma - 23 Feb, 2011
Thank you. I agree we must not love organisation but job. I am attached to an organisation for last 11 years and really feel that my career progress is very slow and employer taking granted.
rkumar Replied to: roma - 01 Mar, 2011
I agree,love your job not your company.Because you do not know when your company stops loving you.
Prabhakara Replied to: rkumar - 07 Mar, 2011
19: I am working in a Professional Firm and want to start my own Office on the same line as of my boss. I cannot hide it also as we are in same profession. after sometime of joining the job I had assured him that I will not open my own office. Now what should i do and what should I say to him. I also know that making him angry may spoil my marketability also. Otherwise he is a good boss the only thing is that I dont want to do any job now and want to set my own office.
Posted by:Amit - 23 Feb, 2011
Request his blessing and be open to him.Please do not have inhibitions. Earlier, One day he would have in the same position. Nobody becomes a good boss unless inherited. Be open to him. He will be happy and he may guide you. You are not a competitor to him. It takes ages. I ithink I am right.
S Thiruvengadam Replied to: Amit - 23 Feb, 2011
21: I would like to remind the words of Shri. Narayanamurthy of Infosys. He said Love your job but not the institution. because you never when your institution will throw you out but the job you do with most sincerity will never. So If you do not like the institution you work because of various reasons, then do not just stick on for sentimental reasons. Move ahead. I worked in a small propreitorship Establishment wherein salary was very low. For such a small institution the staff turnover was also a bit high because of low salaries. i stick on with that firm for 2 years and 9 months and when i informed my boss, he wanted me to continue for another 6 to 7 months. He was not willing to compensate also. Nor he paid the amount of commission which he voluntarily agreed to pay for the new clients which came into the firm's fold during the 10 month period prior to my resignation. But I stood firm and resigned after getting an offer letter from another company. I was certainly not the loser. He tried to fix me in some problem with labour department but he could not succeed as I loved the job I was doing and I earned the good will of the clients of that firm who were all supported me.
Posted by:Srinivaas - 23 Feb, 2011
HARI SADU will be there in all organisations.

This IT is survival for fittest (bukets).

When we have the real confidence we can get 1 job even 1 goes then no need to worry.common sense is not to create enemity at the time of resigination as it may delay the process further.
Its matter of how we apply our skills and luck.

Pereception cannot be erased and old bosses will carry the same even if he joins our next company.

People who fight most of the times are honest peoples,and diplomatic people are liers who will bucket the boss and grow on.

One day we will also turn as bosses and juniors will comment on this.This is on going process.

But as mentioned by many authors here lets take the good out of it.

As Bosses are always..H for Hitler ,A for Arogant.

There are also good bosses in IT but there will be a cloud for middle level or further junior level to meet those.

Karthik Replied to: Srinivaas - 23 Feb, 2011
Srinivas, I am with you. You are 100% correct, work till you are happy with the company with the same context that the boss keeps us till they want us. So don't ever stay for very long period thinking that you will be given 50% share of the company, otherwise soon you will find yourself as a scrap.
Nasir Hussain Replied to: Srinivaas - 23 Feb, 2011
24: Written by some HR idiot. Now that attrition is high, HR soft-speak has come into play.

Bosses don't think twice before sacking juniors.

You've resigned the moment you decide to look for another opportunity, the rest are all details and formality.

So if you don't need future references -or don't need (or want) to come back to your organisation, go ahead. No question of "feelings" in making a professional decision. It's not a romantic love story.
If you have a good personal rapport with the boss, you might handle it differently, but even then, objectively. Personal relationships shouldn't cloud a career-related decision.

In my long working experience, very few bosses and organisations are worthy of such considerations. They don't think twice before sacking people, flicking them out like a cigarette butt.

However, we need to handle our exit professionally and ethically, as long as we're still being paid by the current employers. But no, NO love story please.
Posted by:Gaurav - 22 Feb, 2011
"It's not a romantic love story."
Very true.. You made me laugh with these words.. :D
Prashant Replied to: Gaurav - 25 Feb, 2011
26: I'm expecting the same from bosses also. but believe me not all the bosses are like this most of them are selfish. They think about their Project account only. They will avoid face contact from the next day itself and try to deal everything in the mail itself. Most of the bosses they will identify the fresher ans ask us to train. WTF these bosses are?

So siliconindia should write a article for bosses also how to accept resignation from a employee?

Whatever either ways it will not happen properly in this world :)
Posted by:puppy - 22 Feb, 2011
27: I think loving your job and company is bad idea, its gets sentimental, you can always find a better job and better company, the most important thing while working is what ever you do don't do it half-heartedly , do your job 100%. Be honest in your feedback to your boss, so that it might help others, and yet don't be too blunt, tell him if she/he needs to change his/her behavior to make the work environment more pleasant to work
Posted by:andy - 22 Feb, 2011
i dont think that we should love our job.We should work for money if they want the loyality they should just hire a dog.
amit Replied to: andy - 02 Mar, 2011
29: I have been with a small company with very less salary. But due to my integrity and loyalty they are not ready to leave the firm, though I got a comfortable salary for my educational qualification(MBA(HR)). While I asked them to give more salary, they said it is a small firm and you are the person to handle so softly. What shall I do?, since we are sentimental idiots .
Posted by:Paul - 22 Feb, 2011
hi Paul,

I feel you. I have done similar BLUNDER in my LIFE. Don't be sentimental when it comes to company or employer. You will feel suffocated after few years and end up losing time , money and good relationships as well. You seem to be well qualified and start looking for one is my suggestion. No offense.
Jagan Replied to: Paul - 23 Feb, 2011
I completely agree with Paul.
Mehjabeen Replied to: Jagan - 23 Feb, 2011
paul its good to work long in a company but there should be change and you should make a change now in ur life
sumeet Replied to: Paul - 23 Feb, 2011
just do it.it's wastage of u r education since u have already increased u r living parameters
manish Replied to: sumeet - 23 Feb, 2011
your first lines are true & happen to most of employees. if your top motivation factor in job is salary then quit for better package.
manoj Replied to: Paul - 22 Feb, 2011
If you feel the opportunity you are getting is better then, what you are getting currently and if the another company paying you handsome package you should leave. Attachement never pays more, Kindly love you job not your companyor organisation. Just think about your future.
sarvesh thakur Replied to: Paul - 22 Feb, 2011
36: It is very nice. After working in a company for 14 yrs, really I feel difficult to quit for the same reason to quit but at the same I need to quit. Thats why in our Bhagavdgota Lord Krishna said dont have attchment. It becomes easier to quit.
The author seems to be either experienced or Good psychologist. This article is close to reality.
Posted by:V V S Prasad - 22 Feb, 2011
There are two types of failure one is Passive Failure which comes from not taking a risk at all which is criminal in nature and the other is passive failure which is noble in nature and can lead to greatness also. So for a person who has worked for 14 years in the same company means that he has come in comfort zone and going from that position will be utter difficult. So this is a permanent disability case.
Nasir Hussain Replied to: V V S Prasad - 23 Feb, 2011
38: I appreciate for sharing this information and three cheers to the person who has collected these views after a deep analysis. The shared information is truly perfect. Every employee should think about these points while or before submitting his/her resignation. Personally I feel, before writing the resignation, employee should have 1 to 1 meeting with direct line manager, at least Manager could guide him properly or can give a better advice. Most of the employees think that there manager is not good and he don't want to appraise them but its not all the time. Remember Manager is also having a Manager sitting on his head and its a chain up to the Board of directors. So every employee should maintain a good relationship with Ex-employer and ex-colleagues. Also 1% cases are exceptional in this world so can be ignored.

I hope this information could be a value addition in this article as I have experience of my SEVEN Ex-employers of which still they all are my near and dear one, they care for me and I think for them.

With lods of luv'n'luk
Posted by:Abhishek Varshney - 22 Feb, 2011
39: Very good information! Every employee should know and follow.
Posted by:Naren - 22 Feb, 2011
@Naren: R u an HR ? Otherwise, no good/useful information here.. All these bu-- sh-- .. we know already.
prakash Replied to: Naren - 22 Feb, 2011
41: The need of not hurting a boss's sentiments would really depend upon the boss's abilty to rehire oneself for a possible future position either in the present company or in a prospective future company. More bluntly put, be assess his or her capacity to ruin your professional life (or even personal life) after you walk away with an impolite resignations. Most human beings help fellow workers in a corporate setting only when their company allows them to do so, yet are ready to hurt their fellow employess in a personal capacity, even as companies do not require them do so. In the "hire or fire", "perform or perish" styled corporate world, noone is anyone's friend. Peoply act friendly only to the extent it serves their professional/ career goals. Bosses are no exceptions - usually themselves cogwheels in corporatocracies, we are yet to see a boss who resigns him(her)self before (s)he let his/her employees go in times of a poor tide. All this talk about 'being nice to boss' is purely feel-goody talk. You do not shy when you need to return a cereal box that do you not like. Same thing applies to an employee or a boss. There is not need to breed enemies out of corporate co-workers or bosses, at the same time there is hardly any need to be sensitive to their "feelings", if one has to pursue his or her professional interests. As the saying goes, there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends, but only permanent interests
Posted by:harit124 - 22 Feb, 2011
42: Why can't bosses ensure a work environment where employee does not think of quitting ?
Posted by:Sudhir Suvarna - 22 Feb, 2011
The only consistent thing in this universe is change...

Mr Kamath replied it correctly.

A boss is like a mother to his associates and father to his company.So he has to be very very diplomatic while taking any decision.Also it's not only due to work environment ppl quit.Yes but most people quit due to a bad manager!
Bishnu Replied to: Sudhir Suvarna - 22 Feb, 2011
Try that once you become a boss!
P Kamath Replied to: Sudhir Suvarna - 22 Feb, 2011
45: Thanks for giving valueble tips. I hope it will continued some general issues.

Thanks & regards,
Posted by:sharath - 22 Feb, 2011
46: Good ideas... I did not know all this ... Thanks for implanting seeds of thoughts in our delicate minds...
Posted by:Kunal - 22 Feb, 2011
Nothing but a WOW!
Dhiraj Kumar jha Replied to: Kunal - 22 Feb, 2011
Hi all my advise is luv ur work not ur company
Manish Replied to: Dhiraj Kumar jha - 22 Feb, 2011
Its true.what is affection and attachments for software coolies.
Sathya Replied to: Manish - 22 Feb, 2011
Hei I have been facing a different problem.Prsently I am working in Mumbai and has a kid.My mom is staying with me for taking care of kid.My husband was abroad and now he has come to settle in Bangalore taking a job there.And we are in the process of buying a flat in Bangalore.I have a good relationship with my prsent employer.I put my papers for relocating to Bangalore.
My hr seems to undestand situation and is ready to relieve me by May mid but my manager is not willing.She want to keep me here for coming few months and even has not processed my resignation .I have 5 years exp. and would like to get exp letter aswellas relieving letter sothat I could get a good job in Bagalore also.This is causing trouble and tension in my family life also.But my boss is very stuborn and even fires me when I ask about status of resignation letter.Whether HR can relieve me with out approval of Project Manager?
What I can do now?
Please advise.
VIDYA Replied to: Sathya - 21 Apr, 2011