Wannakey transforms content

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, 19 June 2007, 07:00 Hrs
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Fremont, CA: Wannakey, a software company has developed a patent-pending concept that will revolutionize software distribution on the Internet. It is free to use and available for everybody. For consumers, it means easy access to a lot of exciting software that was hard to find before. The situation on the Internet today is that a lot of products, e.g. software, are offered for free even though the quality is excellent. The developer often does not have sufficient means to promote his software. A simple way to attract users is to let them upload the software for free. Not very profitable for the developer! For the website owner it is, of course, not possible to survive offering products for free so the solution is to make money from advertising. Usually, it is only the website owner who earns money and not the supplier ? in this case the developer. Wannakey finds that the current situation is unreasonable for all market players, including consumers who are forced to fight their way through a jungle of spam and pop-ups. At the moment, they quite often cannot choose to pay for a product and then in return avoid spam and annoying ads. The Wannakey concept challenges the current situation by claiming that everybody should get their fair share and benefit according to their efforts. The concept removes the most obvious barriers which exist today as the developer can make money developing software, the distributor can make money distributing software for the developer and consumers can now choose to pay for their software. Wannakey has created a completely new ?marketspace? ? an online market place for the distribution of digital products ? and it is free for everybody to participate. The company and the concept Wannakey - owned by DANFORT - was founded in 2005. The company's ambition is to facilitate software distribution worldwide with a simple concept and "free-to-use" technology. Developers are offered a licence key allowing them to protect their software from pirating and illegal copying. A lot of companies offer licence management services, but what is unique about the Wannakey concept is that Wannakey also offers a distribution network to developers, thereby helping them promote their software. It is a unique possibility for developers to make money on software ? even small-size programs can be uploaded for sale. The distributor is already involved in commercial activities and can add a new product range to the existing one. Wannakey has taken care of all the practicalities, so once the developers and the distributors have registered, business takes care of itself. Wannakey can be used free of charge by developers and distributors. Wannakey wants to facilitate the selling of good products. It charges a small fee on every sale to cover research and development costs. But it is only when sales are generated that this small fee is charged. The concept is based on the ideology that everybody contributes -do what you do best. Being a new player on the market, Wannakey recently launched an unusual campaign aimed at developers. The campaign offers developers an income in the first year of at least $150 on their software. At the moment the company only handles software, but very soon it will expand the concept to include music, film and documents- actually all kinds of digital products.