U.S. removes India from human trafficking 'Watch List'

U.S. removes India from human trafficking 'Watch List'

Tuesday, 28 June 2011, 07:29 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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U.S. removes India from human trafficking 'Watch List'
WASHINGTON: After a gap of six years, the United States has taken India off the human trafficking 'Watch List' for making significant efforts in combating the menace.

In its annual Trafficking in Persons report, the State Department has upgraded India to Tier 2 countries after keeping it on a 'Watch List' for six years.

The Watch List is for those countries where the number of victims of severe forms of trafficking is very significant or is significantly increasing and there is a failure to provide evidence of increasing efforts to combat it.

Tier 2 is for those countries whose governments do not fully comply with the minimum standards of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act's (TVPA) but are making significant efforts in this regard.

"The Government of India does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so," the State Department said in its report justifying its decision to upgrade India's position.

The report analysed conditions in 184 countries and ranked them in terms of their effectiveness in fighting the human trafficking.

It has identified 23 nations as failing to meet minimum international standards to curb the scourge, which claims mainly women and children as victims. That's up from 13 in 2010. Another 41 countries were placed on the "watch list" that could lead to sanctions unless their records improve.

"All countries can and must do more," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said while releasing the report. "More human beings are being exploited today than ever before."
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(2)
1: The US thinks that US model will be applicable to the rest of the world. Ignoring the facts that there is a huge diversity in cultures and social systems. Thus the US kind of democracy, is not applicable to the Iraq or Afghan. So does its hegemony to run the world. It is nice that there is a shift in worlds political power towards east (China and India). The US should play a role of an experienced partner not the role of a whip cracker. World is matured enough to solve their own problems in their own ways, even with the current world problems of terrorism. One needs to take measures to open dialogues, not by raising a war. We have seen that such moves have even scaled terrorism. What we need is a distribution of power and a way to safeguard each others interests mutually not militarily, as very often the US does.
Posted by:Abdul Zahid - 29 Jun, 2011
2: The problem with U.S is its attitude, it thinks itself as the ultimate god-Father of the world. I agree it has been a liberal country allowing people from different races to pursue their dreams, but their foreign policy of meddling with other countries is making the world just a harsh place to live in. All terrorists are funded by it in from of military aid to Pakistan, which has no better work but to target India. Otherwise how do you think, the Taliban and other Islamic militants who stay in afghan Pak border, that too in remote hills, get high end arms? Definitely it has to be given by pak army or govt. itself. I think if we can teach U.S a lesson 90% of the world's problem will be solved.
Posted by:Fulltoss - 28 Jun, 2011