U.S. lawyers make a beeline for India to get job
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U.S. lawyers make a beeline for India to get job

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 25 March 2009, 06:21 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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U.S. lawyers make a beeline for India to get job
Bangalore: As one out of every 10 lawyers in the U.S. is said to have been laid off due to the recession, many American and British law professionals are increasingly joining Indian law firms and legal process outsourcing outfits, reported The Times of India.

This trend was prompted by the practice by many corporations of discontinuing their contracts with external law firms, and outsourcing a substantial portion of their legal engagements to countries like India.

Mumbai-based legal process outsourcing (LPO) firm Mindcrest recently hired five senior U.S. lawyers. It's planning to hire another 10 American lawyers this year. Pangea3, another Mumbaibased LPO firm, recently hired 3 American legal professionals, while another two lawyers are expected to join the company within a month. SDD Global Solutions, a Mysore-based legal practices outsourcer, is also hiring many foreign lawyers.

"Besides having India on their CV that will give a multi-culture dimension which could help them in future, it is also good for Indian lawyers as they get global mentoring and guidelines," said Mindcrest MD Rohan Dalal.

Mindcrest, which specialises in litigation documentation, litigation support, corporate law, contracts drafting, due deligence, compliance of laws, business analytics and case analysis, plans to employ 1,000 lawyers by the end of the year, up from the current 616.

Pangea3 co-CEO Sanjay Kamlani said a large number of U.S. lawyers have been getting in touch with them. "Some are personally coming to India and meeting us to explore options." Russel Smith, president of SDD Global Solutions, said outsourcing to India is enormously cost effective because U.S. lawyers are very expensive. "They are paid $300/900 an hour while it is less than 1/10 of that in India. Globally, the traditional hour-based working style of law firms are changing. Companies today prefer smaller firms who believe in flat rates," said Smith.

Foreign lawyers are not allowed to practice in India, however they are allowed to join domestic law firms and indirectly advise clients.

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Reader's comments(10)
1: not only the american lawers . all professionals should come to india and Indians ,the CEOs will think of them ,whether to give job or not .

Now the Indians ,who are now in foreign countries ,please come back and be proud to be Indian ,serve our own mother India.
Posted by:S.Nayak - 29 Mar, 2009
2: so more job opportunities for expats and less jobs for others.How pathetic.where will the employees in india go to?Start farming cattle or join mamthas party for more land for agriculture purpose?
Posted by:vichoo nair - 28 Mar, 2009
3: Just like a group of locusts move on to another field of
crop after destroying one, these lawyers are moving to
India after destroying the United States. If one thing is
responsible for the situation in the US today, it is the
greed of the lawyers. I pray to God that they don't make
India a victim of their greed.
Posted by:harishchandra - 25 Mar, 2009
It is not right to put all US lawyers in one basket. I am not a lawyer but I work with US lawyers who have been valuable to defend a just cause. Having said that, Harishchandra has a point and he said it very eloquently.
Suraj Replied to: harishchandra - 26 Mar, 2009
thumbs up Harishchandra well said
Venky Replied to: harishchandra - 26 Mar, 2009
I agree with you . These US guys think toomuch of themselves. That which goes up has to come down.
Guruprasad Replied to: harishchandra - 25 Mar, 2009
7: Ab aayega maja
Posted by:Ashok Aggarwal - 25 Mar, 2009
8: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Now in this case Americans are bowing down on Indian feet.
Posted by:Harichand - 25 Mar, 2009
Stupid and meaningless comment. Make a comment that is substantive and constructive for India's interest.
Harish Chandra Replied to: Harichand - 26 Mar, 2009
10: As a result of higher costs and fees of operating a business in Western countries, outsourcing firms in the East have become a new practical choice for both multinational clients and job-seekers alike. It has been seen that outsourcing in any sector (IT, law etc.) starts with lower-end work. But, this trend is currently changing and more clients are seeking high-end specialized services too in all sectors of the KPO/BPO industry.
High end legal outsourcing
Posted by:Padma - 31 Dec, 2010