U.S. behind India, China in research & hi-tech
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U.S. behind India, China in research & hi-tech

Tuesday, 30 November 2010, 06:25 Hrs   |    12 Comments
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U.S. behind India, China in research & hi-tech
Washington: The U.S. is gradually losing ground to India and China in research and high-tech manufacturing, a top Obama Administration official has said, while highlighting the need to collaborate with the two countries in various fields.

"Will we maintain America's innovation leadership, or are we going to fall behind? And I would say, let's seize this opportunity and we really can't afford not to," U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said at the National Press Club here.

In less than 15 years, China has moved from 14th place to second place in published research articles, now just behind the U.S., he noted.

"Eight of the 10 global companies with the largest R&D budgets in the world are establishing R&D facilities in China or India or both.
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(12)
1: indian people at large are talented and hardworking ,,most of them are good and want a dignity of life
It is due to bad politics ,,politics based on vote bank ,,caste expolitation has made the state of affairs in india very bad

there is lots of potential in India ,,which needs to be tapped with access to education and various facilities

Indian politicians have mismanaged ,,used reservations based on region ,,religion ,,caste ,,language ,,etc instead of merit and efficiency ,,that is why Indians are not able to realise their full potential
Otherwise India would have become a Developed Country by this time
All sectors will improve dramatically ,,if politicians and minsiters do not do any corruption and abuse power in India

Posted by:rama anne - 01 Dec, 2010
2: NEW DELHI: Wipro Chairman Azim Premji will transfer company shares worth Rs 8,846 crore to his endowment trust later this month, with a view to fund philanthropic activities taken up by the body.

Once the share transfer is complete, the promoters' stake in Wipro would come down to 72 per cent from 79.36 per cent at present, according to a company official.

"Azim Premji will transfer 213 million equity shares (valued at approximately at Rs 8,846 crore at the current market price) of Wipro, held by certain entities controlled by him, to an irrevocable trust," Wipro said in a statement on Wednesday.

The share transfer would be concluded on December 7. Asked if the move was aimed at bringing down the promoter s participating interest to 75 per cent, in line with proposed new norms making it mandatory for the public to hold a minimum 25 per cent stake in listed companies, Azim Premji Foundation CEO Dileep Ranjekar replied in the negative.

"The trust will fund the philanthropic activities of the Foundation and not (for) any other purpose," Ranjekar said.

The foundation, which was set up in 2001, works largely for the cause of education in rural India.

"We believe that good education is crucial to building a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. We want to contribute significantly towards improvement of education in India and through that, towards building a better society," Premji said.

Premji, who is also Wipro founder, plans to set up the Azim Premji University , which is expected to start operations next year. The university will offer programmes and conduct research in the field of education and other related areas.

"All our efforts, including the university that we are setting up, are focused on the underprivileged and disadvantaged sections of our society," Premji said.

His industry peer and Infosys Chief Mentor N R Narayana Murthy offloaded 800,000 shares in the company earlier this year to set up venture capital firm Catamaran, with a corpus of Rs 174 crore.

In June this year, HCL Corporation Chief Shiv Nadar sold a 2.5 per cent stake in HCL Technologies to raise over Rs 580 crore for charitable activities.

Shares of Wipro closed at Rs 414.55 on the Bombay Stock Exchange on Wednesday, down 1.34 per cent from the previous close.
Posted by:rama anne - 01 Dec, 2010
3: India haters and disguised Indian Ids like Vipul ,,Jay and shree
Pictures and proof of Indias high technology
it has exported its technology to UK,,AUSTRALIA ,,GERMANY ,,THAILAND ETC
Posted by:rama anne - 01 Dec, 2010
4: There is an absurdity in the title of this article. The title says that the U.S. is behind India and China. And yet the last paragraph states that China is just behind the U.S. Losing ground gradually does not mean that U.S. has fallen behind China and India. The gap is still too big to catch for both India and China. We have to wait a long time before the gap will be closed.

I highly recommend that Silicon India should avoid such sensational titles that create some misunderstanding.
Posted by:Dr. Bidhan Chandra, SUNY Empire State College - 30 Nov, 2010
5: There is a syndrome in the west to paint exaggerated pictures about something happening in India. India is light years away from USA in matters of research and innovation. In manufaturing, what we do is just make poor photocopies of the products already thrown out from the west, unless it is outsourced from the West. In IT also, the same is happening. If one just raise the wages at par with the west all this IT stuff will bite the dust as there is no innovative IT products emanated from India so far.
Posted by:Jay - 30 Nov, 2010
Very true sir. This is yet another source of satisfaction that "ALL IS WELL"

OK let's take the words for granted. Let us see how many discoveries, inventions, Nobel prizes, Turing awards, we get in the coming years. The fact that more and more research institutes emerging in the sub-continent is a fallout of economic downturn and a decision arising out of economic compulsions
A Chakraborty Replied to: Jay - 01 Dec, 2010
1. if one rises the wages ,,IT will not bite dust ,,as Indian ICT companies had 90 percent revenues from USA ,,NOW they have 60 percent and 40 percent from rest of the world

2.Infosys has already moved to high end IT ,,it has patents filed in application architecture and testing ,,also it has licensed a homewgrown software for Aeronautical industry
Likewise ,,other are doing too

3.Survival of the fittest applies ,,in short term ,,they will not recruit thousands ,,but will not close shop either .
More mathematics and basic science domain knowledge is needed to go deep thrust ,,now the question is will students from west compete with students from east to have such a combination ,,it all depends

4.Trunkey transformational projects still require people ,,to move to new systems as technology evolves

5.reliance has one of the worlds biggest oil refinery

Essar India does as trunkey and big as west ,,yes some equiptment may not match with west ,,but again they are upgrading too

You are a bit inferior complexed or a bit suffer from a syndrome called BORN INDIAN DONE NOTHING BUT CRITICAL
rama anne Replied to: Jay - 30 Nov, 2010
s a a l e t u k i t n a t a k p a d h a h a i b a a p k e d e e n e m a d a r c h o d r u n d
Vipul Replied to: rama anne - 01 Dec, 2010
First of all you need more education
ask your cronies like Jay and shree to stop posting with disguised Indian fake names
Third do not waste precious space on this website
rama anne Replied to: Vipul - 01 Dec, 2010
100% agree.
shree Replied to: Jay - 30 Nov, 2010
s a a l e t u k i t n a t a k p a d h a h a i b a a p k e d e e n e m a d a r c h o d r u n d
Vipul Replied to: shree - 01 Dec, 2010
s a a l e t u k i t n a t a k p a d h a h a i b a a p k e d e e n e m a d a r c h o d r u n d
Vipul Replied to: shree - 01 Dec, 2010