UK preferred over U.S. by Indian students

UK preferred over U.S. by Indian students

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 30 July 2010, 11:28 Hrs
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UK preferred over U.S. by Indian students
Mumbai: It has emerged that UK has become the new favorite of Indian students flying abroad for higher studies. UK has upstaged U.S. as the favored destination for college campuses. Numbers suggest that more than twice number of students prefer UK over the U.S. reports Hemali Chhapia of The Times of India.

In the present year, 32,000 student visas were issued by U.S. and 57,500 by UK. While in 2009, the number of student visas issued by U.S. and UK stand at 34,000 and 27,000 respectively.

Australia, which once attracted many Indian students, has lost its charm due to the recent spate of racial attacks on Indians there.

The Council of Graduates Schools, an U.S. body, observes that there has been a decline of four percent in total enrolments among Indian graduates and 16 percent decline among newly enrolled Indians for the academic year of 2009/2010. The reason why this trend is on the rise could be that U.S. is more expensive than Europe and also there are shorter courses available outside of U.S.

The one-year business management course in UK has seen many takers in Indian students. This is followed by those wanting to pursue a post-graduate education in engineering and technology.

All said and done, U.S. still has the largest number of Indian students, over one lakh, in its university campuses.

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Reader's comments(15)
1: few of my friends are studding in UK they have 3 years of exp, they have completed there course there (Msc) but they don't have job. Recession is still high in UK. In US recession is melting down. Plus living standards are better in US than UK.
Posted by:joy - 07 Aug, 2010
2: Dear Editor
I want to suggest prospective students to consider Canada and USA first and weigh in all the options only then choose other countries.
Also let the global ecoonomy recover that means study a course in india improve skill set do internship and pickup software languages,learn new skills like Nanao technologies .Renewable energies.
Only when the global econnomy rebounds or there are clear signs of economic recovery then venture to outside countries
all the best
rama anne
syd australia
Posted by:rama anne - 01 Aug, 2010
3: Dear Editor
yes markets and economies dictate where students go But Iam of the personal opinion and suggest the following to Indian students especially from IITS and RECS

1.USA is still very flexible to students who graduate fronm good universities and score good in Toefl and GRE exama

2.USA still gives five year multiple entry visa to students while most students manage to complete the course in two years USA also allows the students to get Internship training

3.Such students who complete the course can attend the Job fairs and meet prospective employers Vinod Dham has similarly met the Intel team yes times are different now and offers are hard to come by.

4.USA has widely ranked universities and allows transfer of course to a better univ if desires so.Also USA is very large geographically compared to any other country and its industres are varied.

5.Financial assistantship is also one important factor where USA ouscores the others.

6.Yes economic times are difficult ,and USA is recovering from recession.Luckily like any administration Obama administration realizes the importance of good r & d ,innovation as important factors.
NASA's funding has been curtailed only temporarily its programmes for Mars and beyond are very much on radar.

7.Like any other country USA will also push renewables and allied technologies .Yes that meand bright Mechanical Engineers ,Electrical Engineers and pure electronics are very much in demand.
Personally I would plan for long term and if iam good in subject it does not matter but USA is perhaps a tad better as always
all the best
rama anne
syd australia
Posted by:rama anne - 31 Jul, 2010
4: Immigrations have bit harder in US for the last 1 1/2 - 2 years. Not easy to get the H1/GC like the way it used to be. That could be one of the reason, student looking at less focus towards US
Posted by:Fiji - 30 Jul, 2010
5: hello everyone, please dont get into an illusion that UK education is superior and so people come to UK.

Here is the reality:
- Education in India had become very expensive(thanks to over exploitation by colleges in india)
- Young generation wants quick bucks and is ready to take shortcuts without giving second thoughts
- Students after completing their graduation are still in playful mode and they get frustrated when they are treated like a peice of dirt in companies, especially in IT/ITes MNC's
- People in India are still star struck by UK and US, its hip, its YO, its happening to go abroad when nothing great is happpening with ur career in India where u r exploited and made to work like a dog.

So, it makes logical sense to take a shortcut and study in UK for a year as it costs almost the same amount of money as it costs to study in India.

But let me to tell you one thing:

There is no JOB prospects in UK, its a big ZERO. I joined in Jan 2010 and I am studying Business Management Msc in UK and none of my seniors have got a good job, Most of them are working in supermarket, hotel, bar as a cashier, cleaner, waiter, stock room assistant, dish washer etc with MBA in their hand and many have gone back to India totally frustrated and low on confidence.

Unless u have 3-5 years experience, ur chances of job in UK is zero. If you want to prove me wrong, u can come here. ur wish. cheers.
Posted by:suraj - 30 Jul, 2010
suraj is it 3 to5 job experience in UK .if I have 3 to5 job experience in INDIA then is it possible for me to get a job
mayukh Replied to: suraj - 30 Sep, 2010
Hi every one....Suraj said if you got 3-5 years exp u may get job, yah you may...example like me, i got a job with Tier-2 workpermit after my Graduation but after one and half year my company redundent me because of no projects, i work for oil&Gas company. Now my position here i have to change visa status now because of work permit where i can't qualify for any other visas. What my point is here every one want to earn money but think about the money you are paying for studies, its almost equal or may be less that what you are going to earn after your Uni studies. Even after staying 4 years in UK i dont find any settlement life. Think once again before coming to UK, now visa rules are changed its impossible to meet the requriements. Dont waste your money to study in UK.
Vikram Replied to: suraj - 31 Jul, 2010
Yes, Suraj is 100% right and it is the same case in Australia too. India is better compared to other countries.
Its better to take suggestions from current students who are living abroad.

Australia is good country to study and have a good exposure.
All the best.... Friends.
Thirumal Replied to: suraj - 31 Jul, 2010
Hello everyone,
What Suraj said is absolutely right. Getting a Job in the UK is almost next to impossible. If you work hard enough, you might end up in a Job after 2years. Thats the minimum time taken to get a good job.

Saz Replied to: suraj - 31 Jul, 2010
which business course you studied ?People who have targets .just to go abroad .. and take admission in any college there . I bet you wont be in LSE or LBS !
IITian Replied to: suraj - 30 Jul, 2010
well said Suraj... u r right..
ND2010 Replied to: suraj - 30 Jul, 2010
thanks for the info bro.
but what abt situation in other EU countries...
it wud be great if yo send a reply......
benny Replied to: suraj - 30 Jul, 2010
Asp Replied to: suraj - 30 Jul, 2010
14: may be US needs to make few amends so as to attract new students.
Posted by:parampara - 30 Jul, 2010
and why would they want to do that?
Balaji Ravindran Replied to: parampara - 30 Jul, 2010