Tough criticism breaks Manmohan's silence

Tough criticism breaks Manmohan's silence

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 29 June 2011, 11:16 Hrs   |    29 Comments
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Bangalore: When it comes to our PM Manmohan Singh, the whole world feels that a saint is running our country. While Indians feel that the PM is not an aggressive PM. He has always been media shy, always been tight lipped and is known for his silence for any major issues that have taken place in the country. His mysterious muteness was driving the opposition party mad as they had nothing to criticize him for. BJP, the opposition party, calls it a Conspiracy of Silence.

Even the Supreme Court had criticized him for his alleged inaction for taking almost 16 months to decide if A. Raja should be charged and investigated. So far he has held only three nationally televised press conferences in the last seven years of his office. His last interaction with media was four months ago.
Manmohan Singh is always been compared with U.S. President Barack Obama, as he always goes public on every important issue and tries to convey the resolution to his country's citizen. But there is always a question if our PM can adopt the culture of his communication.

Because of his silence he is often criticized as the weak PM, and all the citizen of the country thinks that his functioning strategy has to be changed. He does not have a media strategy group to understand the trends of media and to keep pace with it.

The government and the Congress party have worked out a new communication strategy and according to the new strategy there will be more frequent meetings between the prime minister and senior editors of both print and electronic media. It could also entail the prime minister meeting senior journalists almost every week.

Home Minister P. Chidambaram has recently commented on the issue that The PM should speak more often. After the attack from civil society activists, the media and some of his own party members, over perceived communication gap on critical issues, Manmohan Singh has finally decided to come in front of media with some of senior editors today

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Reader's comments(29)
1: pms press meet is only a gimmick scripted by mrs gandhi.mmsingh lacks conviction.he does not know the ground situation and peoples pulse.on moral grounds of heaping over corrupt ministers he should have. resigned.hewantssonoas proxy rule.
Posted by:nagabhushan - 01 Jul, 2011
2: PM can sing a song Yeh mere bandhe hath if he is Beeshma or Hum Sab Harshchandr hain if he is Dridhrashtra.Wondering what PChdimabaram has a Face to comment his own fradulent election manipulation is in Court evidenced by Jayalalitha.Frequent meeting is it a solution that reminds me of JaspalBhati flotpshow episode Meeting bulao aur Subcommitte bitao.Mera Bharath Mahan
Posted by:pcman - 30 Jun, 2011
To Jayalalitha all opposite party candidates in TN are elected fraudulantly. If her party failed, the election commission/EVM is not believable. She is perverse tongued. I do not understand as to how pcman is believing this lady who had been punished /passed adverse comments by the court. Despite her winning she was not allowed to become as CM during the previous election. Forgotten!
chandran Replied to: pcman - 01 Jul, 2011
4: As a PM he should be more proactive in addressing the country. If he does not address the country in time, the people will think that there is something fishy going on and will loose the trust of the PM. There is nothing wrong in PM addressing the country on contraversial issue and putting his points in front of the country. This way the entire administration can take a step in being transperant.
Posted by:Neel - 29 Jun, 2011
5: Just want to ask few questions to PM

1. What was the reason till today since last 8 yrs he is not able to reduce curroption and black money, rather it is increased in multiples....?

2. Why had taken 6 days to give negitive respond on 4th june issue and within one hour his comment was there for J DEY murder, other normal public is not important and one PATRAKAR is most important, pl explain...

3.He said there was no way but to take action like midnight 4th june... wht was the other options he tried pl give details...

4.Since last yrs he is on top post and the inflation and other things are negitive for General public and the prices are almost 3-4 times then before 8 yrs ,what is the use of haveing grt economist on top most post... pl explain..

5. Why America and pakistan is not at all cooprating with us for 26/11 issue,m even Hadly statement and Daud presensce in pakistan,is very clear , how we can say our forgin policy is good.. pl explain..

so many issues are there for curroptions,but the action taken only after suprem court orders.. why PM was not able to do in last 8 yrs..

If he is a good human being and there are restictions for taking action due to colation govt , why is ethics and moral does not allow him to setp down... , if he is willing to fight with them why he is not join to ANNA and Ramdev rather then sitting on the post... and fight with curroption etc...

Jai hind
Posted by:Rastriya - 29 Jun, 2011
6: 1.Even after decades of ruling no action what so ever were taken, nether a single ED IT raid has been made public nor any CBI report so far in general and specifically if it is of Political leaders and their kith and kin
2.Positive or Negative response from PM can be done only when he has permission to do so. Most of MPs have criminal ecords
3.There are thousands of options for PM but only one Honest option which he can not exercise.
4.Economist are great with graphs and laws not to rule a country or take honest decisions
5.Pakistan or USA ,Dawood or Underworld Mafia were few decades before were a matter of concern, but now we have Corruption Giants in Parliament who dictate terms to all
6.Pending cases in India Global Corruption Watchdog organization said in February 2006, In India 26 Supreme Court judges faced a backlog of more than 30,000 pending cases over three million cases were pending in the high courts 350 years of work for the country 670 judges at the current rate of resolution
pcman Replied to: Rastriya - 30 Jun, 2011
HaHaHa.....Dear you should join with ANNA to ask all these abstract ques.Try to get all your answer through reading international journals and books instead of political comments and repeating.
Dev Replied to: Rastriya - 30 Jun, 2011
8: Why cant we hav a leader like obama.. quick and effective decisions, had it been india catching osama bin laden den i am damn sure our government wud have ordered the army to catch him alive so that they can put a case for 20yrs on him and give him the VIP treat in jail.. this is the bitter truth of indian law.. india needs a good prime minister not like one who works as PM under one women who virtually works as leader of the country.
Posted by:sam - 29 Jun, 2011
Manmohan is acting just like monkey and sonia is madari...
own dignity and actions are not there at all.. better go home...

Jai hind
rastriaya Replied to: sam - 29 Jun, 2011
10: Hopeless
Posted by:Bharat Shodhi - 29 Jun, 2011
11: He is in PR mode. Now watch as he once more gets away. The 2g scam case will be wrapped up, as he has got his scapegoats now & he can blame his counterparts for everything! Why is CBI being kept out of scope of the RTI? Because no one can question their "Clean Chit" Cases.
Posted by:Sad Indian - 29 Jun, 2011

Just to hide his own failure, blaming media and BJP....just very much concernned about his own goddi goddi personality then NATION and public...

Jai hind
rastriya Replied to: Sad Indian - 29 Jun, 2011
13: As an economist he is stated to be master. But where is our economy to day. In accounts there a saying " balance sheet is like bikini, what it covers is more interesting than what it shows". All the figures stated by Govt agencies are manpulated and eyewash for public. Truth is the economy is out of control in our out of control democracy.
Posted by:Lakshman - 29 Jun, 2011
for just for name shake he is PM and economist what he did in last 8-10 yrs, though he is on the top power post with full majority still a big failure just blaming the world eco and BJP and Media etc...

Inteligent person shows result and do not go for blame game , one of he worst PM, even Chandrashekar was better then Manmohan...
rastriya Replied to: Lakshman - 29 Jun, 2011
Hi all indians,
What I understood all the people those who have aquired the positions are only for their personal business/ benefit.But they are not thinking about the people of our country.What ever the country showing the GDP growth is not by keeping monmohan singh as PM and as an economist.

What I understood the country is moving as the people of india working hard for their bread and butter and for their loving family. That effect is calculated and shown as GDP growth of country. And finance minster takes the creadit at the year end by showing the collected calculation that as if for him country is moving ahead and GDP growth is 9% plus.
So friends PM as economist has no effect due to his qualification. Only corruption and black money has killed our national integrity.

If the black money amount is 5 lakh crore for suppose 100 crore.For 1 person it will be 5 lakh in india.

It is for last 70 years.Then with intrest it should be=5lakh*20 times=1 crore /each person
for each family if 5 members=1 crore*5=5 crore.

So now the amount is with other country or with few guys in our country.

So this is the effect.

ardhendu Replied to: rastriya - 30 Jun, 2011
He is a poor strategist with no clear path in Mind for the Nation...
Bharat Shodhi Replied to: Lakshman - 29 Jun, 2011
17: We should make Sunil K Agrawal the PM. He has some way of expressing his feelings :))

Anyways, we have seen how ugly it gets when hasty comments are made by politicians. So basically if he speaks he gets shot down by the media and opposition. And if he plays it cool, Sunil gets desparate.
Posted by:Narendra - 29 Jun, 2011
18: This bastard talks in terms of 8 point something rate of growth and plays gimmicks with the people that the inflation will drop down to six point something if this and this happen like if good monsoon happens and if the rates of certain stuff does not rise . This bastard has devised new ways of addressing five select media at his white house and throw bread so that they don't bite and not face the public .
Posted by:Sunil K. Aggarwal - 29 Jun, 2011

Yesterday's darma was nothing but just to fool the public and to give some material to Media to discuss... no concern with core issues.. he is the most inefficent PM we had not with action but also with body language , we do not want only SADACHARI OR GODDI GODDI PERSON ON TOP BUT A PERSON WHO CAN TAKE ACTION AGAINST THE PROBLEMS IN OUR COUNTRY...

RASTRIYA Replied to: Sunil K. Aggarwal - 29 Jun, 2011
20: Sissy Manmohan has his freak ways ,anyways, the people of India have never voted him and he too does not feel any responsiblity to address the civilian society (civilian dogs a term devised by his advocate kapil). This Sissy is usurping the post of PM , he does nothing in person either the PMO is responsible or the minister , This Sissy has no responsiblity. What is collective responsiblity anyway.
Posted by:Sunil K. Aggarwal - 29 Jun, 2011
21: Saving his ass, thats what he is doing all this time.
Posted by:Gargi - 29 Jun, 2011
he is not ahving is won word. he speaks what sonia speaka.

incase of Ramlila maidan, He says bura hua but there was no option was left but if some one ask what was the compulstion he will not be aware.
Such type of PM is not required who does not face the conference.

We want PM like Baba Ramdev who got gits to speak truth and can face any kind press conference in the world with bold replies.
jagdish Replied to: Gargi - 29 Jun, 2011
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chetan Replied to: jagdish - 30 Jun, 2011

even after such a big event , he is very clear and bold on his action and fighting with govt in all manner, i really salute this person...

Media is just asking questions on silly issues like why he run away? means they want him to die like a dog or what?
why he use the dress of woman to escape? can media show other way to escape from such police actions?
why he admitted to hospital for medical observation after 9 days hunger, where is the yog power ? they forget that on 1st day at Ramleela they asked for the food from Ramdev baba to arrange for them, they can not even wait for 3-4 hrs without food and asking such silly and baseless questtion to BABA...

RASTRIYA Replied to: jagdish - 29 Jun, 2011
DevD Replied to: RASTRIYA - 29 Jun, 2011

I think he should get up @ midnight 12 am.... thats the correct time where I think he can work...
Better be a man of principles rather being a CHAPRAASI...

Its an insult to an CHAPRAASI as h des an better job than our PM...
Fifteen Replied to: DevD - 30 Jun, 2011
All the above comments says that we donot want the PM like Manmohan. But we wan the PM like Baba Ramdev who is dare and guts to face any kind challange.
He is having good dreams towards prosperity of India.
Let us support Baba to make him more Bold to erdaicate such type of PM.
Jagdish Replied to: DevD - 30 Jun, 2011
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chetan Replied to: Jagdish - 30 Jun, 2011
Resume sent, Pl help .
Thanks for you being the social worker.
jagdish Replied to: chetan - 30 Jun, 2011