Top 5 Fastest Supercomputers in the world

Top 5 Fastest Supercomputers in the world

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 29 June 2011, 12:14 Hrs   |    7 Comments
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Bangalore: Supercomputers are used for scientific and engineering problems as diverse as climate simulation and automotive design. A supercomputer is a computer that is at the frontline of current processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation. Supercomputers are used for highly calculation-intensive tasks such as problems involving quantum physics, weather forecasting, climate research, molecular modeling. Supercomputers using custom CPUs traditionally gained their speed over conventional computers through the use of innovative designs that allow them to perform many tasks in parallel, as well as complex detail engineering. On Monday, the most recent list of the world's top 500 fastest supercomputers was announced at the 2011 International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, Germany. Here is the list of the top five.

K Computer:

Fujitsu-made "K Computer," installed at the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science in Japan. This massive processing powerhouse runs on 548,352 cores (68,544 CPUs with eight cores each). K computer system, currently in the configuration stage, has 672 computer racks equipped with a current total of 68,544 CPUs.

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Reader's comments(7)
1: good but in india will not see generally
Posted by:Rohit sharma - 30 Jun, 2011
2: where the other remaining Top 4 super computers
Posted by:Rohith - 29 Jun, 2011
3: Good account of Super Computers.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP)
Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 29 Jun, 2011
4: in the section on top 5 super computers, you have given details of only one ?
Posted by:yazdi - 29 Jun, 2011
if u r nt blind then there is a option of NEXT in the corner , when u click it, it will show other computers 1 by 1..kk
amit Replied to: yazdi - 01 Jul, 2011
Hi, click on next button to c others.
bpstvpm Replied to: yazdi - 30 Jun, 2011
Press Next Button
mohit Replied to: yazdi - 30 Jun, 2011