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Top 10 reasons why employees hate their boss

By Renjith VP, SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 21 October 2010, 00:28 Hrs   |    53 Comments
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Top 10 reasons why employees hate their boss
Bangalore: Bosses! Can't work with them, can't work without them. Everything seems to be fine when you join the job but if you are one of those fortunate ones, sooner or later your boss starts smirking in your nightmares.

A chat with employees working under tough projects and small teams who usually face tremendous work pressure will give us interesting insights about the bad bosses they have. Even in a company sans work pressure employees regularly bump into bad bosses. And their experiences are real bad [pardon me of your boss is really good] which they only share once they are in a new job. Good bosses are hard to find and employees hate their bad bosses for very many reasons. We at SiliconIndia did a survey to know why employees hate their boss. Listing the Top 10 reasons below:

1) Incompetent and unacknowledging - Employees hate bosses who doesn't have the essential competitive skills but still scorns the work they do. Whether or not the boss is competitive, the employee really longs for his good work to be acknowledged and not to be treated as a 'piece of crap'.

2) Privacy Invasion - 'He always keep guard about what I do, constantly checks out on the office phone about what I am busy at (an indirect way to know whether I am on a call with any acquaintance) and one day even peeped through the door to see what I am doing. Now I even doubt whether he is watching me once I reach home' says Anamika (name changed to protect identity). Now that's a real bad boss.

3) The narcissist boss - Employees hate bosses who acts as the 'know it all', who thinks they are second to none, hears nothing until it directly benefits him and so self obsessed to be called in the informal way 'a narcissist glory monger'.

4) Personal Insults - Bosses who torture employees with personal insults rather than choosing to reproach on the basis of their work quickly gets in the hate list. Many employees have long stories to say about bosses who frequently torture them with comments about their attitude and discriminate them deliberately.

5) The angry 'yelling' boss - You are the boss, thumbs up. But how on earth could you yell at me like that. Employees at some point or other meet the unfortunate fate of being victim to their boss' wrath. Justifiable the reason may be, but you are in my hate list boss.

6) The 'opportunist' boss - Employees obviously develops a dislike to their boss who refuses to mind them. But one day the same boss who never acknowledged your presence comes to you, smiles at you and the next thing you know, you are on an extra shift with heavy workload. Dislikes turn to hate for such opportunist bosses.

7) The 'tensed' boss - Employees tend to hate bosses who are always tensed and want them to finish of the work in a hurry. "He is so tensed and rushes things as if his head is on fire. His tension is so contagious that even we get tensed in his presence" Rahul, a software employee.

8) Stealing credits - Employees feel cheated and hate their boss when he or she steals the credit of their work but never forgets to blame them if something goes wrong.

9) Lack of clarity and feedback - Employees hate bosses who don't brief them properly and keep the employees ignorant with any real feedback on their work. And worse, employees are blamed for something which in turn would be the result of void feedback.

10) Lack of rapport - Employees hate bosses who lacks mutual respect and always play bossy without any real interest in befriending the employees.

Do you have a story to share about your boss? Share with us your experience at editor@siliconindia.com

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Reader's comments(53)
1: Well , it is pity that bosses are meant to be hated or disliked. Unknowingly i did the same. Today when I am the boss for "some" and realize my boss was right as I thought the same way today . Stop hating the bosses as it is same like seeing "6" or "9" from opposite direction and both happens to be correct. Sanjeev Gandhi
Posted by:sanjeev gandhi - 28 May, 2012
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Posted by:pregnancy-symptoms - 15 Aug, 2011
4: Dear All,

I would like to share my experience over here.My boss doesn't have much field knowledge or experience.I realised it after approached him twice for his advise on an issue(Whenever I approached him,the reply was,"I am little bit busy".I heard that many bosses are using this sentence when some one approaching them for advise in their unfamiliar territory.).Somehow I managed it with my colleagues in other company and experts from my professional network. Fortunately, he is not a problem maker for me(Still I am enjoying my office internet connection with gogle chat and orkut).Only thing is that, if any document comes,I have to review and take decision and give feed back to my boss.He will blindly sign off all documents(Actually his job is to review the documents as per industry standards,but I am doing his job).As I am not an expert in my domain and chances of errors are more.If any remark or revision came from our client,he will crush me like anything.My only hope is that, once I know the job well,I can kick him out.
Posted by:Gautham - 04 Nov, 2010
5: A good boss is one who bosses a team of Ass
A bad boss is one whis is been bosses by a real Ass
A bad boss is there because some assess choosen him to do so
A good boss is one whose asses are hotter than the asses of the Asses he manages.
So all the theories spelled above are null and void but situation and action centric in reality
Posted by:sreekanth - 26 Oct, 2010
6: Hi All,
Every one wrote their comments on the boss. It is correct. We need to remember, even boss is also employee and he also has a boss. He has to obey what his boss says. It is all a CYA game(Cover your ASS).
Posted by:Hari - 26 Oct, 2010
7: Employees hate their boss as their perspectives differ a lot... and never forget that a boss is also a employee ... but both must understand that they are working for same cause ..
Posted by:FunInStore.Com - 25 Oct, 2010
8: Local HR's Introducing hire and fire without having "Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990", federal-state program "Unemployment insurance" is making situation worser to the extent that empliyee attempts suicide.

It is making boss to make it more personal than professiona.
Posted by:Venkatesh R Kamat - 25 Oct, 2010
9: Hey, Talking about Bosses - You also have the types who pick up favourites among staff and anything they say is gospel to the boss. And being overseas, got to bear with native preferences too.
Posted by:Saam - 24 Oct, 2010
10: Dear sir,
I am H.S.Sharma,1963 batch IIT bombay graduate.I worked with BHEL in Tiruchi,Delhi and Jhansi for 30 yrs.I would like to share my experiences with your readers,so that all their illusions are put to rest.
1.No boss wants an intelligent assistant.
2.I was.B.Sc,B.tech.M.S.(U.K.) and My boss was a matriculate with diploma.I could never feel him happy.I could never get a good ACR,hence very poor promotion record.He would never go into a meeting with out me but keep mum so that his wisdom if any is protected.
3.I was invited to a foreign training programme by IAEA,Vienna,He would not forward my application thinking that he can substitute me,it was pointed out to him that the invitation is personal ,so no way he can substitute for me.The application lay on his table for three month,but on complain to Ministry of heavy industry ,it was flushed out in one day.
So you must be doubly blessed if you find a boss who is s qualified as you are.
Posted by:H.S.Sharma - 24 Oct, 2010
Dear Sir,

Well said.Each and evry word from your side is the real fact.I agree with you.
Sunil Replied to: H.S.Sharma - 04 Nov, 2010
There is no Like button here like facebook to like your post...especially the #1 ...
FunInStore.Com Replied to: H.S.Sharma - 25 Oct, 2010
13: Superb article Renjith...i think you have a very bad boss at silicon india which helps you write all the truth :D
Posted by:Avinash - 23 Oct, 2010
14: Hi All,
Sorry If i m offending the term boss or this community... but Boss actually means-An idiot who thinks that nine women can produce a child in one month.
This expression is often used for Boss kind of creatures to explain the term boss. The argument is that some things just take a certain length of time to do. hope many of us believe is the same way...

Posted by:Satyesh - 23 Oct, 2010
Vikram Paramanand Khorpade Replied to: Satyesh - 04 Nov, 2010
16: Dear, I hate my boss bcoz He have not good professional atitude. He live alway tens..> I feel that He has not full knowlage releted his profession. He is not saporting person. He Demonds some things to his very juniors subordinates.He achived this post by polson..not by knowlage. He is very cheep & un social person. He don't know about carporate manner but alway cry "You are backward & you should wear carporate culture. Realy..I am moving in deppration by his abusing culture. My work have been affected & I feel weakness & I prepare to my self for Trasfer & to leave this Job.Basicly I am journalist in a world fame News paper. I join this job as mission.
Posted by:Ashok Kumar Singh - 22 Oct, 2010
Ashok dear,after going through your eperience it is clear that you have BOSS wants. I feel that he tries to drive the point which you are either taking it personal or you are by nature too adamant. I can surely say that you can grow if you try to understand the advises ofyour boss. Moreover you say that you are a journalist workinbg for a world famous paper. Can you just check your english? Listem to yuor boss and ask him for help to improve your self. EGO and ADAMANCY will lead to self destruction
S.S.Siddiqui Replied to: Ashok Kumar Singh - 27 Oct, 2010
Dear Mr.Ashok Kumar Singh! I don't know what kind of job you are handling in that "WORLD FAME NEWSPAPER", but your English seems to be very poor and if your boss is inferior to you then the Company you are working for is in not safe hands. God bless you !
SERAJ Replied to: Ashok Kumar Singh - 26 Oct, 2010
my god!....how did this happen!
sara Replied to: Ashok Kumar Singh - 25 Oct, 2010
Are you a "journalist in a world fame News paper" ? God save the readers from your English :)
Prasad Replied to: Ashok Kumar Singh - 24 Oct, 2010
21: Bosses if you like or dislike for any type of reason,you has to obey his command or any rule, whether it is benificial for the company, your subordinates or not.If you ignore the boss the result is that you lost your sleep and good atmospher of your house.you can put your suggestions to your bosses but can't forse it.Generally we have a minde set that whatever the suggestions given by me that right, thatswhy we have to suffer if that work is not done as like you.
Posted by:Harish Vyas - 21 Oct, 2010
22: At the beginning of my employed life, I had a boss, who hated that I took initiative to put in a little extra into my work. He actually yelled at me for that telling me that I was showing off. Will never forget Gajaria for that.
Posted by:elizabeth - 21 Oct, 2010
Thats very ironic..hearing that boss yelled on u just coz u hav taken a step forwaerd...but i believe dt he got scared with ur initiative...he must be scared of u...so believe in Boss is always right.. i used to hav fights with my booses becoz i do the same...i love work...but i don't do it..becoz if i do it it will get finished...u tell me how i can finish the thing which i LOVE...
Satyesh Bhatt Replied to: elizabeth - 23 Oct, 2010
24: Simple logic of Bissism.
Ready to get credit of good job done by me. If anything goes wrong, it should be done by !@#@$@#$.
Posted by:Jasku - 21 Oct, 2010
25: My Boss is pleased with only flattery...
and I hate that:(
Posted by:Kashish - 21 Oct, 2010
26: I have got entirely a different boss, where he showcase himself as a Gandhi, bt activities will be like Gadsey. By lkng even mangmnt feel like he is following Gandhism, bt he follows Polyticalism
Posted by:rams - 21 Oct, 2010
27: There are even those, who under rate your talent and do not utilize your talent completely, just because its better to pay less to an "incompetent" person than to pay high to a "competent person, what you deserve.
Posted by:Salil Gupta - 21 Oct, 2010
MAn thats absolutely correct
Hari Replied to: Salil Gupta - 27 Oct, 2010
29: Bosses can be of two categories
One who is disliked by his boss but will be liked by employess and the one who is liked by boss will be disliked by his employees

One who can shout at others and not intersted in work and the other who is calm and find soultion to the problems

One who does not have the powers and the other who have powers

we should always be aware of the nature of the boss to excel in our post.

There are people designated as leaders and are unable to take decisions .

Posted by:chandu - 21 Oct, 2010
Hi As you told. There are two types of Bosses :
one hated by his boss but loved by his employee and the other who is loved by the boss but hated by his employees.

But the point is who you want to be. I was loved by my juniors and after leaving the job when now they call me and tell me this I feel good. And I always wanted to be like this. I can't let my juniors down just to get praise from my seniors. I always had fights with my boss and so then ultimately I decided that enough is enough and Left. In fact my boss Always used to tell me that if you will be in this company like this your growth in the company will never happen. you have to keep your superiors happy to go up for which I was unable to keep up to because I was in specialised projects which only i was able to do but they were evaluating me which they didn't knew at All.

All the Points in that article is true with my boss but i tried my level best to manage it with him. He had some good qualities too but over all My growth was hindered under him.
S Kesavan Replied to: chandu - 21 Oct, 2010
Dear All, In management likes or dislikes will be measured some extent.Ultimate test of leader or manager is his or her contribution to the organization.A successful leader or manager should posses competent leadership qualities,interpersonal skills,values and ethics in right proportion.Unfotunately those managers who came in to the post without such qualities always doubtful about their capacity try to survive with some gimmicks which is always copied from other competent managers. So always they fail to apply such skills in dealing with peoples due to the lack of deep knowledge.This will result in the interpersonal conflicts.Always new managers seems to be tough in beginning of their tenure as a part of standardisation of their interpersonal relationship.But skillful managers always undgoes some transition even without noticed by his subordinates without compromising companies policy.
HR Concepts Replied to: S Kesavan - 21 Oct, 2010
32: I guess I m lucky, my current boss is co-operative, honest and trust me. My last boss was also good, one was kind of nerd and other is become friend (He do call & sms sometimes).
But when I start career, my first boss was always increase tension. He assign some work & with every half-hour asking about progress many times come & stand behind me. It do feel irritating & tense. But He never still credit or insult me. But his always hurry, get into me tension.
Posted by:aniruddha - 20 Oct, 2010
33: all 10 are true but whats the solution boss
Posted by:Raj - 20 Oct, 2010
Find another job and another and another till you find a good boss.
Srini Replied to: Raj - 21 Oct, 2010
35: my boss has all the above qualities. 10 out of 10
Posted by:abhishek - 20 Oct, 2010
kudos to dat
Kashish Replied to: abhishek - 21 Oct, 2010
LOL..What if your boss reads this
Rich Replied to: abhishek - 21 Oct, 2010
38: I think bossism doent always work, at the end of the day a boss should introspect himself that he will be a successful boss only if his down the line team works for him with sincerity and dedication. i think mildness governs more than anger.sincerity has its its own language but good percentage of bosses take undue advantage of sincerity and finally company has to pay heavy price for it and boss says i am the boss!
Posted by:Aijaz - 20 Oct, 2010
39: Its true. Its makes me quit from that office. My boss is different.

Very accurate survey ...Good article
Posted by:srinivas - 20 Oct, 2010
40: I was a Team Leader in a BPO (Domestic Call Centre) in Kolkata. My boss disliked me because I had my own genuine way of working. He wanted me to yell on my team members and Dictate over them, but I used to take out the work with love , respect and peace. Though I was the No.1 Team Leader in terms of Productivity and Quality still he disliked me. I rendered him all the jobs he wanted from me, still he put me in long night shifts just after 6 months of my joining the organization.
I guessed the reason what !

It came out to be "Biasedness in attitude".

He was not Coercive with everyone but with me.

Finally when I left the job after 6 long months of really long night shifts. I got to know that he selected someone else in my place to yell on and torture on.

He was a Psycho I later on came to know.

So these two points were missing.
Posted by:Shantanu - 20 Oct, 2010
Shantanu, ur story is funny huh. Liked it.
Sartaj Replied to: Shantanu - 20 Oct, 2010
42: Its true. Its makes me quit from that office. My boss is different. He never come to a discussion without a conclusion. i mean pre-decision. He makes us to accept that. So we called the discussion part as "meeting". Opportunist. If he think that he need you, then he is always ready to wash your clothes.
Posted by:Vimal - 20 Oct, 2010
43: Very accurate survey ...Good article .. keep it up.
Posted by:sumitra - 20 Oct, 2010
nice one..i was able to relate it with my boss,s behaviour.
arpit Replied to: sumitra - 20 Oct, 2010
i am always lucky to have real good boss till the date i had opened my own firm.All were really co operative and i had learnt from all of them the managment tactics and how do deal with our employees and collegues. even thoung i am an management graduate i had learnt much from all even though some of my boss were not much qualified as compared to me. they had encouraged me in all innavtive activities undertaken by me to improve the company prospects. this had earned lot of respect and intimacy with all my boss and collegues. i salute all of my boss who had helped to trek to this level. Now i am an CEO and wants to help all of my employees to grow along with me in all aspects
Sridharan Iyer Replied to: arpit - 21 Oct, 2010
what amazing is your english! with that sort of 'i am an ceo...i wants to help... i am an management graduate'. what was your company earlier and what is your own new one? pl inform we will verify to come back to get your help.
srinivas Replied to: Sridharan Iyer - 22 Oct, 2010
I can remember one metaphor used to describe a boss in the terms of a joke. Let me share.
What is the similarity between a BOSS and a SPERM?

Ans. Both have a chance/probability of one in a million to become a human being.
S. Banerjee Replied to: Sridharan Iyer - 21 Oct, 2010
Haha! Great post :) Though, I’m sorry for your frustration. I think happy, healthy work environments are few and far between.

This might interest you -- just for fun, of course: http://www.totalbosshole.com
TBH Replied to: S. Banerjee - 26 Oct, 2010
working for my boss for 2 years did,nt face such problems. If u want a great boss then pls dont change job bcs u hate ur current boss or company keep searching until unless u r sure u will get wat u want then join the company eg if u r in banglore or pune search for startups who are to do product based . high cances that u will find there the real nice bosses who care about there employees and who really have better skills then u. and pls just dont look only for money and get rid of this brand name companies
Gaurav Replied to: S. Banerjee - 21 Oct, 2010

this is very interesting topic but i can share with you all one thing that boss is also human being and should have human qualities and should behave like a human being.Every boss should be trained on how to deal with his subordinate and how to motivate them. He should also be taught on basic human values and ethics.
thats what i can say.
chandra sekhar Replied to: S. Banerjee - 21 Oct, 2010
nice,........ a left and right brain. averyone play " mask dansing" with own knowledge and experince. keep truth playing with ground lavel.
Ravinder Replied to: chandra sekhar - 21 Oct, 2010
Oohh., all shared their experience., but what to do., you can not decide, who has to be ur boss., even if you choose a good employer, getting a good boss, you should be lucky enough., but, all these bad bosses, makes others life miserable, and on a long run their life and that employer's life also.
Dhandaa. Replied to: Ravinder - 21 Oct, 2010
Nice discussion guys. But u forgot, If u are sincere & give ur 100 %, u will love ur job & offcourse Boss will always be the best........ bcoz u know u r the Best
Boss is not a Hitler " Strictness reflects one simple step to perfectness".
Purabi Replied to: Dhandaa. - 21 Oct, 2010