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Top 10 exotic beaches in India

By Kukil Bora, SiliconIndia   |   Saturday, 05 March 2011, 01:50 Hrs   |    37 Comments
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Bangalore: Imagine an evening with your loved one on an exotic beach, having some delicious seafood. Or if you have an adventurous soul, how about trying a wide variety of water sports like scuba diving, water skiing and wind surfing? Well, India's 6000 km long coastline does have some of the exquisite beaches that are just perfect for people who are in love with the deep blue sea. No more words. Here is our take on the top 10 beaches in India.

1. Candolim Beach, Goa

Popular among the tourists, yet not too crowded, Candolim beach is one of the stunning beaches in Goa. It's a lively beach that has managed to retain its cleanliness, and even peacefulness in some areas. Candolim Beach is right next to Aguada Fort, which is also worth a visit. The beach itself is long and straight, backed by scrub-covered dunes, which is very popular with package tourists. Located in North Goa, Candolim Beach is 10 kilometers from Mapusa and 13 kilometers from Panaji. The closest railway station is Thivim.

2. Karaikal Beach, Pondicherry

The calm and soothing water, clear and bright sand, impressive seclusion and resorts and cottages providing a brilliant sight of the sea, this is what Pondicherry beaches are all about. And the Karaikal beach is just the ideal package of all these. It has a breathtaking view of the confluence Arasalar River and the sea. If you are interested in watching the rising sun, then you must visit this beach as it is an excellent place for this purpose. You can also enjoy the boating club on the beautiful backwaters of the Arasalar. The nearest airport to the beach is Trichy (Trichirapalli), the nearest Railway Station is at Nagore and regular buses ply from Pondicherry.

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Reader's comments(37)
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Posted by:Harun - 15 Mar, 2011
Posted by:william davis, NEW YORK,U.S - 11 Mar, 2011
7: I swear that this is not Karaikal Beach.
Ganesh from Trichy, T.N.
Posted by:Ganesh M - 09 Mar, 2011
8: I want to know about the Karaikal beach in pondicherry....do anybody having the real experiece of tht beach
Posted by:PankajSingla - 07 Mar, 2011
Its indeed a lovely beach, clean and neat. The boat club is very close by and the backwater is a confluence of the sea and the river. Really calm exquisite. You can have good fun especially with your family.
RAJESH Replied to: PankajSingla - 07 Mar, 2011
10: Looks like every one are concerned about the beaches of there locality, rather than going out there and experience the numerous beaches our motherland offers. come on guys get matured, experience & love nature more rather than comparing it.
Posted by:Hitesh - 06 Mar, 2011
11: Vizag beaches are one of THE BEST beaches in India
Posted by:Madhu - 06 Mar, 2011
12: The best and most exotic beach in GOA is at Arambol. The Vagator beach is crap, it is all rocks and no sand! Orissa has some beautiful beaches, but Gopalpur on sea is not one of them, it goes into the water too steeply and so is unfriendly and dangerous to people who want to get into the water. The best beach I have seen in Orissa is Chandrabhaga, on the way to Konark from Bhubaneswar. Miles upon miles of flat sand which goes into the sea so gently that you can walk for hundres of metres in ankle deep water. I have not been to Mandarmani in WB, but I heard it has become too crowded and polluted now, probaly same as Marina beach in Chennai, Puri beach, Juhu beach in Mumbai or Calangute in Goa, the reason for them not being mentioned in this article.
Posted by:B Ghosh - 06 Mar, 2011
13: what about marina beach in chennai its great for all who loves chennai
Posted by:Dr.V.Jaiganesh - 06 Mar, 2011
14: There is another beautiful Visakhapatnam Beach Please check the images in the net.
Posted by:ananthram - 06 Mar, 2011
15: There are two lovely beaches in Orissa which can easily be included in the top beaches of the country: Gopalput-at-Sea and Konark.
Posted by:Anandkumar Bhatt - 05 Mar, 2011
gopal pur sea beach, berhampur, orissa, konark , chandpur sea beach- balasore,orissa, jagannth puri, orissa are nearest for top beaches.
william davis, NEW YORK,U.S Replied to: Anandkumar Bhatt - 11 Mar, 2011
17: There is another secret beach in West Bengal, known as Mandarmani,this beach has been explored few years back in 2004 by Mr.Sandipan Biswas a renown business man of Kolkata, He loved the place and made up his mind to build a resort in this beach known as The Sana Beach Resort today more then 50 Resorts has been constructed and many resorts and hotels are upcoming since last 6 years because people of Bengal Bihar and Jharkhand are flouting to be hear because of its scenic beauty and location though it is 180 kms from Kolkata city and Airport and the nearest railway station Contai and Digha are 20kms away but it is very popular with Corporates and IT Industry employee of Bengal.
Posted by:Suraj Sankar Mukherjee - 05 Mar, 2011
18: watching the early morning scenes once up on a time a foreigner called marina beach as the "largest latrine of the world "
Posted by:kunnathu - 05 Mar, 2011
so you guys believe only foreigner,that too you don't know the name of the so called foreigner,so you are telling us nobody in India using the beach as the latrine apart from marina.common man just open your eyes,come to marina enjoy the sunrise.
skumar Replied to: kunnathu - 05 Mar, 2011
20: How you have omitted Marina Beach of Chennai, which is the beautiful beach of the world. I am sorry to note the wrong information given by you without proper editing by editorial board.
Posted by:R.Pitchumani - 05 Mar, 2011
What a joke, madras beach is one of the worst beaches in india, filled
With crap by locals
Pakya Replied to: R.Pitchumani - 05 Mar, 2011
There are so many beaches and u can't compare them among each other. Whatever mentioned in this article are fine beaches. Since its top 10, you can't expect each and every one them.
Viki Replied to: R.Pitchumani - 05 Mar, 2011
23: whoever wrote this article forgot about the beaches of Konkan in Maharashtra ........ beaches in konkan are cleaner than Goa beaches ........
Posted by:joy - 05 Mar, 2011
for everyone their kid is the most beautiful one. but still all r not Aish
ped Replied to: joy - 05 Mar, 2011
25: I think there are severalmore, India has several beaches, which are unparalleled when compared to other countries. Only, too much crowd in most of them
Posted by:MAZUMDAR - 05 Mar, 2011
perhaps i have seen only rubbish beach of mumbai. But i have seen beautiful beaches in australia. I hove u r not from tourism dept. Our govt falsely promotes hopeless things/locations also
Dhananjay Patankar Replied to: MAZUMDAR - 05 Mar, 2011
27: febulous beach bt not give exact location ..how to reach in this beach
Posted by:nklawaniya - 05 Mar, 2011
28: Hi Thanks a lot for this information.But you have not added Puri,Konark ,Gopalpur ,Chandipur Talsari all from Odisha and Digha from West Bengal
Posted by:Santosh Misra - 05 Mar, 2011
Digha is crowded..Mandarmoni is a lot better
Rohit Replied to: Santosh Misra - 05 Mar, 2011
30: thanks

If possible so kindly provide some beach side accommodation option in India.


Manas Karki
+91 9873479597
Posted by:Manas - 04 Mar, 2011
Hi Guys

I am an avid traaveller myself and also run an organization which is into running resorts and travel. Please do feel frre to contact me for any info / accomodation and related issues at these places

Gurmeet Replied to: Manas - 05 Mar, 2011
32: Chennai Marina (2nd largest in the world), Alleppey, Tamilnadu-Mamallapuram and Kerala-Varkala are missing. That can be also considered.
Posted by:Girisan - 04 Mar, 2011
otha poda..
tester Replied to: Girisan - 04 Mar, 2011
what about juhubeach ,bombay ?
harry Replied to: Girisan - 04 Mar, 2011
write was talking about exotic beaches not popular ones...
Rohit Replied to: harry - 05 Mar, 2011
marina & exotic? WRUT. english meaning of exotic is far far away from The good old Marina.
ocean madras Replied to: Girisan - 04 Mar, 2011
You must be a crazy dumb ass to say Marina is not exotic. Better make your trip and clean your sensus. It is one of the longest and largest beaches of the world and in the last 5 years has been the best maintained beach interms of the moving population. If Marina is not exotic , it means you have not seen Marina beach. Dumb ass
MSN Replied to: ocean madras - 06 Mar, 2011