Tata Communications installs 6,700 km cable system with Tyco

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Mumbai: The installation, testing and commissioning of the 6,700 km TGN-Intra Asia (TGN-IA) cable system was complete, telecom service provider Tata Communications and undersea communications technology leader Tyco Telecommunications announced Tuesday. "The fully operational 6,700 km TGN-IA system links Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Vietnam and the Philippines, providing route diversity throughout the Asia Pacific region," Tata Communications said in a regulatory statement. "This system will meet the ongoing need for increasingly robust international connectivity, and will help to enable continued growth and development in the Asia Pacific region," said Simon Cooper, vice president network strategy, architecture and optimisation, Tata Communications. "The system will not only provide enhanced communications capabilities for citizens throughout Southeast Asia, it will also promote global business growth and serve as the sole direct fibre route between Singapore and Japan," said Michael Rieger, Vice President sales, Tyco Communications.
Source: IANS