Symphony sets the standard for outcome certainty

Symphony sets the standard for outcome certainty

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Bangalore: After reporting 39 percent year-over-year growth in the last quarter, Symphony Services has unveiled its vision for maximizing the performance of client research and development operations. By creating direct linkage between outsourcing activities and clients' business objectives, Symphony stands alone in engineering outcome certainty through performance-based service models and a laser focus on metrics and transparency that bring unparalleled predictability to costs and schedules and ensure finished products are aligned with clients' business goals.

The outsourced software engineering industry too often focuses on contracting for inputs (e.g., engineering resources, rates and costs, etc.) without regard for results. This practice is especially detrimental in down economic cycles when the performance of companies, teams and individuals are measured with increasing scrutiny.

Studies done by industry analysts routinely show that this primary emphasis on 'rates' and 'experience categories' vs. 'results' leads to poor research and development performance from in-house engineering teams. When companies are unable to accurately measure their team's outcomes, significant problems can emerge, ranging from missed deadlines for critical product releases to countless hours wasted redoing poor-quality work. In fact, industry studies conclude that software engineers spend 40-50 percent of their time on avoidable 'rework' rather than new product development. This leads to significant cost overruns, as once a software product makes it into the field the cost of fixing an error can be 100 times as high as it would have been during the development stage.

Symphony's performance-based client engagements send the strongest signal to both clients and the industry that Symphony stands behind the commitment it makes to help clients maximize the ROI of their engineering organizations through custom output-based, outcome-based, pay-for-performance and revenue-sharing delivery models.

Symphony's aggressive stand on outcome certainty is backed up by deeds, not words. Gordon Brooks, CEO of Symphony Services said, "Today, more than 25 percent of Symphony's clients are working under performance-based engagement models. We're doubling down on our commitment to 'Engineering Outcome Certainty'. More than 50 percent of our new engagements will use performance-based models."

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