Should Rajiv Gandhi Assassins be Hanged?
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Should Rajiv Gandhi Assassins be Hanged?

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 30 August 2011, 15:43 Hrs   |    59 Comments
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Bangalore: Megara is into her adolescence today and in the last 21 years, she has seen her parents just once! Megara was born in a high security prison in Poonamallee in suburban Chennai where her mother Nalini Murugan was jailed in connection with the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Death sentence for the trio in Rajiv Gandhi Killing

It has been over 2 decades since LTTE suicide bomber Dhanu detonated an RDX explosive laden belt that killed Rajiv Gandhi and 14 others. The Gandhi family has come in terms with the tragedies that haunted the family over the years. Long forgotten the history where political decisions cost lives and shattered the dreams of many. Years down the line, forgiveness paved way for a new beginning when Sonia intervened to commute Nalini's death sentence to life imprisonment and when Priyanka met Nalini at the Vellore Central Prison which Nalini explained a life changing visit.

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Reader's comments(59)
1: These ppl need to be hanged till death...secondly Capital punishment is never a punishment instead an escape for the criminals. It relieves them from the pain they ought to undergo and denies them the opportunity to repent.They must feel the pain and also have this in mind that they did a blunder crime
Posted by:indian - 10 Sep, 2011
2: Do you really think that someone who has performed cold-blooded murder of innocent people will actually REPENT? And what comes out of them repenting? Will they close their parent organization so that no more killing takes place? Why should the taxpayer waste his money feeding and looking after such heartless murderers.
Posted by:Pallavi - 09 Sep, 2011
3: These 3 idiots should be hang without any plea and it will happen definitely. That day will be as a bonus diwali to our country. Very few orphans from politics and cine field are barking for these terrorists. They need some reason to spend their times and they eagerly want cheap publicity. They are not representatives for our Tamil people. –RAVINDREN from Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu.
Posted by:RAVINDREN - 07 Sep, 2011
4: they should be hanged, it should be a lesson one who do the crime, such a punishment should be imposed by which person get scared to do such a crime.
Posted by:NEL - 04 Sep, 2011
5: Yes they should be hanged with a clear determination and with courage. There are some creatures and animals like these people and politicians unless until taught a lesson like this, be prepared to face more deaths like in mumbai. Just see how genuinely US did the cruel treatment to Twin Tower breakers and no such incident there after. Human beings means need to learn from others. And this is the only way to treat these people. Politicians and so called connoisseurs who mouth for these people, if loose their family members will they keep quiet.
Posted by:PTR - 03 Sep, 2011
6: Every One gets what one deserves as DID M.K.Gandhi (a bullet), a false Gandhi the Rajiv Khan (grandson of Nawab Khan)a Blow up. THE GITA advises to Release a Pulled up arrow than take to Renunciation and NOT doing the KARMA AT HAND. The 3 LTTE members KNEW what they were getting INTO. They KILLED a prime minister of a LAND once BHARAT (Knowledge Chariot)though in the process a Rajiv got his well deserved END. Since the threes actions were against the LAND of Knowledge (Knowledge that differentiates man from other beings)they are NOT true Human. So such Eunuchs between man and some other creature, be better executed followed up with the creatures called Afsal Gu, Kasab etc. ACT better later than NEVER
Posted - 03 Sep, 2011
7: Why should I & you and the publication for that matter decide on such things. It is very wrong on the part of the publication to discuss it out. We have a strong judiciary who will take decisions on such things. Mr. Vikram, Our law has already given capital punishment and the files are in the president's office for clemency which has been rejected. So the law and the country has decided about it. I wish the publication takes away this article out of debate.
Posted by:lokesh babu - 02 Sep, 2011
8: Let them free..........
Posted by:shiv - 01 Sep, 2011
9: Why not? For that matter murderers, criminals (who have been proven guilty of killing, beyond reasonable doubt) should face the death row, and fast.
Posted by:Tushar Ray - 01 Sep, 2011
10: the judiciary in India does not operate as it is wanted to, where it is wanted to, and when it is wanted to! You call it as the Nation's first citizen, yet all of us are so reluctant to respect the President's orders, just because someone wants to gain sympathy by visiting & converting the death sentence to life imprisonment. What Sonia did was to gain the sympathy of the masses, same with Priyanka too.. I fail to understand why we have to wait to implement such decisions on humanitarian grounds. Sad for a great country.
Posted by:rajagopalan - 31 Aug, 2011
11: No the Assassins should not be hanged. Death by Hanging and Death Penalty itself is a barbaric institution and should be taken off as punitive punishment . The time has come for us to be humane and mete out punishment befitting the crime committed and give them a life term in prison, as long as they are with the mortal coils so to speak. This would be the most humane treatment considering the enormity of the crime committed. Thank you.
Posted by:Nayanika - 31 Aug, 2011
You want a humane treatment to the terrorist who killed your prime minister? Are you serious? Which country would allow this to happen?
Not all who commit murder get capital punishment. Only one in a tens of thousands is awarded a capital punishment by Supreme Court of India and the case of rejection of a mercy plea is even lower.
Please try to understand the intensity of the crime and its impact, not only on the family of the killed person, but to the society and the country. Rajiv Gandhi was a Prime Minister and not an ordinary person.
Yesterday you may say that if someone kills a Chief Minister should not get a life term because the people who killed your Prime Minister just got life term.
Amit Kumar Replied to: Nayanika - 31 Aug, 2011
agreed...they should be hanged.their crime is proven.
Murugan Replied to: Amit Kumar - 31 Aug, 2011
14: Actually we cannot compare a Terrorist with LTTE's. LTTE's were fighting for thier cause at Srilanka and they were not disturbing any of the neighbouring countries. Since, when India involved and sent its soldiers which had triggered a huge blow to LTTE it became an enemy to India. How many Terrorist attack does an LTTE had made in India rather than the Rajiv's assassination?
With respect to the current situation the 3 who have involved in the Rajiv's assasination should be released, since already they have spent 2 and 1/2 times the life imprisonment. Due to the long time decision now the sympathy have created and it has spoiled the normal life at Tamilnadu a 20 yr young woman has torched herself and sucided for the cause. Such thing could have been avoided if the mercy petition has been accepted.
Regarding the KASAB, he should be hanged he has been firing at the peoples killing them with pleasure if we forgive such person then we are really weak. Even now it has been more than 3-4 yrs but our judicial system is very slow which gives a loveley chance for criminals.
We may have to call Anna to fix the Judicial system.
Posted by:S. A P Venkatesh - 31 Aug, 2011
Why LTTE decided to kill Rajiv Gandhi? India sent a peace keeping force and not an attack force to kill LTTE members. And, above all, it was a decision of the parliament and not Rajiv alone. India has never done any wrong to Tamils in Srilanka and did not support Srilankan govt in killing Tamilians. But even after that if you kill plot to kill the Prime Minister of India, then you are carrying out a war against India which must be punished, with the equal enormity. As grave the crime, so be the punishment.
Amit Kumar Replied to: S. A P Venkatesh - 31 Aug, 2011
Posted by:ANIL L PATIL - 31 Aug, 2011
Good citizen, you said. Would you be happy if I kill your parents and then set free by the court?
Amit Kumar Replied to: ANIL L PATIL - 31 Aug, 2011
18: Only God can give death order to anyone. Not human. If they have done a murder, God will punish them. But what we are doing? We are also doing their murder. Then whats the difference?Death Sentence should be stopped.
Posted by:Sreemoyee - 31 Aug, 2011
19: well love to the people who hated and killed some people may be the right philosophy, however how can be the argument "no law permits capital punishment", but please tell me which law "permits killing of innocent people", "which law permits to kill a group of people who were instrumental in certain decision making on Tamils of Srilanka or another issue".......the punishment given and executed is like a deterrent wherein in future the same is not repeated- we have some double standards in our culture and we are not sure which to side and in the process we make mistakes.........why should any people- say indians settled in US for 50+ years form a group and ask for a separate country----if all foreigners in India ask for a separate state/country will we accept...where r we going and whats our thinking......well thats the reason people/politicians exploit the lower/class/middle class and they use us.......sooner we learn the better and prosperous for the country....let us not fight for small issues...let us rise like anna and Fight for larger causes like---poverty/basic amenities to all citizens/employment/pension to poor/electricity/roads/agriculture-improving yield and increasing the cultivatable land...and so on.........."mera bharath mahan"
Posted by:satish - 30 Aug, 2011
sathish , for the ruling politicians, their law permits killing of innocent people if they raise their voice against their atrocities, scandals, land grab, and what not
It is a miracle that Anna has survived It is not the British govt who rule bylaw These people will close the fellow who is in their way You
venkat Replied to: satish - 31 Aug, 2011
21: All political decisions are subject to approval of mass majority of India - I have been observing very closely that most of our politicians talk in FUTURE PERFECT TENSE that is the root cause for their being so indecisive. They are always surrounded by some unknown fear or pretend to be to create confusion why cant they call spade a spade !
till today they were getting away with it but thanks to Annaji now no one getting away without making the commitments -
it is irrelevant now what the public opinion is or was -
as some children still think Indira Gandhi belongs to Mahatma Gandhi's family -
authorities should have confidence in themselves to face the world for whatever decision they have made - this is no excuse for lingering it on any further.
Posted by:ashok sehgal - 30 Aug, 2011
22: I think it is a waste of tax payers money to keep these people alive for so long. Ram Jethmalani's argument is ludicrous. He should be happy that his friends got to live 10 more years because of the processing delay, rather than making that a basis for commuting the sentence.

I dont agree with one poster that said :
"If people were in the same situation they also should have committed the same mistake."

That is not true. Many more people are/were in the same situation or rather worst situations. not every one goes around killing people.

Posted by:Sam - 30 Aug, 2011
23: All we know that Our Beloved Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in day light in Chennai which will linger in the memory of common man for ever .Common Man forgets What they said, What they did but remember how they did it. In the wonderland of Indian Legal Systems with Courts, CVC, CBI ,PIL the common man forgets who is who, who does what, The moment we know something happened, we know for sure nothing will happen to anyone doing it since CBI has according to common man opinion is just a body of officers officials working for Govt ,go with directions of State, or Central Government directions. When a common man looks into net finds CBI Section 14 details long list of dos and don’ts like To get consent of UT or State before hand. Then spot visits, Collection of Facts, Discovery and arrest of offender, Later collect evidences, Cross examine others finally Form opinion whether to place collected evidence before trial. Charge sheets, prosecution and formalities Again It talks about Measures to avoid Delays in Investigation, Prescribed Time-Limits 3 and 12 months etc. But we have seen earlier where CBI charge sheet quashed by Court. Also stating CVC as supervising CBI role etc. Finally the local politics of Tamil Nadu comes into picture. What do you expect us to think and state about this. Any thing is possible and that will happen only in India. Mera Bharath aur uske Neta aur bi
Posted by:PCMAN - 30 Aug, 2011
24: Its unnecessary discussion now .....

why do we wait for 20 years to decide what to do with criminals.

killing Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi is not Gandhi family problem Its the country's problem and any decision about the criminals should be given priority to all the citizens of India.
Posted by:Vinod - 30 Aug, 2011
25: After suffering imprisonment for 20 years the accused should be spared their life.

As humans we should have value for life. Of course the accused have done this act without thinking of the consequences.

If people were in the same situation they also should have committed the same mistake.

The 20 years of life imprisonment is sufficient for them

Spare their lives for the children at least.

Posted by:A. S. Bhasker Raj - 30 Aug, 2011
"If people were in the same situation they also should have committed the same mistake"....i simply disagree with these lines of yours.
Murugan Replied to: A. S. Bhasker Raj - 01 Sep, 2011
we have more good humans to live with.just get rid of these three by hanging.
Murugan Replied to: A. S. Bhasker Raj - 01 Sep, 2011
Be an Indian first. When Kashmiris say the same for Afzal Guru, you call them traitors. One nation - one Law.
Bharat Replied to: A. S. Bhasker Raj - 31 Aug, 2011
It is not the prime minister is killed, but also many common people and police. Did they see mercy when they kept the bombs. why should they be given mercy now? just because they have spent 20 years in jail means they have changed . why unnecessarily spend your tax money for taking care such criminals in the prison. we will not show mercy for a snake or not even a mosquito... just because we feel they are harmful. The same should be done in their case.
jyo Replied to: A. S. Bhasker Raj - 30 Aug, 2011
Now this issue is 20 years old. If Sonia Gandhi has forgiven Nalini we must also forgive the other three convicts but keep them confined to the Jail for the rest of their lives.letting them out will be dangerous for the society as well as give others a precedence for committing crime and letting of without much punishment.They must be made to work in Jail without monetery pay but given only food.
indrajit Dass Replied to: jyo - 30 Aug, 2011
Dear brother Kenny, why shoot a Post man for Informing a BAD news as during the times of Primitive KING SOLOMON. Ram Jethmalani has JUST POINTED out the DIRTY System that the so called CONgress has CONNED on to country since or even before 1947. Hang till death these LTTE convicts, Afsal, Kasab, Bullar etc., and by 2014 throw the CONgress oUT without giving them one seat NAY ONE VOTE. It is knowledge that differenciates man from other beings, so HUMAN body without knowledge is an EUNUCH between man and some creature. Better execute these Bhasmasur creatures LTTE, Khalistani, Jihadi Afsal Kasabs etc. too. Replied to: Kenny - 03 Sep, 2011
you First read the history of srilanka its indira gandhi who s reason for a country srilanka.2) All human beigns are same the country just 10 min from T.N (Rameswaram)who is your forefather brother who gone from here. when srilanka got independence Tamil and singalam ppl are equal in numbers now tamil ppl growth 20% remaining are not died killed by government with support of Indian Army. My point is not to argue LTTE is right .
Rajiv Gandi is a Good Prime minister to india but in Srilankan tamilians case it was different
The tamil girls in srilanka are raped and tortured in front of public i mean most of tamil girls.In a same country if thats happening for some community people they shd be silent.Will you be like that guys and girls please think there is lot of things happening in srilanka.The people dosent know anything better dont right.if you know 10% of whats happening then your blood will be boiled.
Conclusion : LTTE is wrong in many ways .These 3 People are Influenced by some other people.Rajiv gandi is a good Prime minister to india he supported srilankan army is bad thing.
Human Replied to: Amit Kumar - 01 Sep, 2011
hah haa haa....
Murugan Replied to: venkat - 01 Sep, 2011
Mr. Amit! I wonder how selfish you are? Guys like you never bother about anybody but don't impose it on us. Tamils in India or srilanka doesn't matters. Just think about the racism showed on tamils by srilankans there. We want to save our brothers and even if any terror activities occurred in north also, we used to cry for you guys and oppose terror activities. Don't forget the history. Think and comment.
Karthik Replied to: Amit Kumar - 01 Sep, 2011
My dear Arul, why not the same thirukkural be applied in case of those three? And never ever compare Afzal Guru or Kazab with LTTE guys. please know the difference between terrorists and revolutionists. If you say Prabhakaran or his team was a terrorist one, then call Nethaji also a terrorist.
The only concept behind this is, it should not be like a revenge activity and that's why we are insisting the authorities to cancel the death sentence. Rajiv's troops sent to Srilanka had killed more than 10,000 tamil people and raped our sisters. Instead of that they had taken revenge of one person. The revenge activities should not continue anymore. Already we had failed to save Tamils in Srilanka. Atleast we can save those three.
Karthik Replied to: Arul - 01 Sep, 2011
don't try to live in a cocoon by saying that you are proud to be have to know that every other can be proud of themselves as well.
Murugan Replied to: Proud to be Tamil - 01 Sep, 2011
you are totally wrong.if you ask for a vote among Tamilians whether they have to be hanged or not almost all will vote that they should be hanged.
i know how people cried village after village throughout TamilNadu when Rajiv was killed.and his assassination uprooted the sympathy for LTTE and srilankan tamils from Tamil Nadu completely and they never got it back at all again.
Murugan Replied to: Prasad - 01 Sep, 2011
kanagaraj, no...please.
Murugan Replied to: kanagaraj - 01 Sep, 2011
Murugan Replied to: Kailash gaunder - 01 Sep, 2011
kindly don't indulge in rough talking.just say it.that will do.
Murugan Replied to: Amit Kumar - 01 Sep, 2011
it's not racism.many Tamils are relatives to people living in mainland India(at least at the coast).India is close to if war breaks out,all come India as refugees. When Mahendra Chaudhry came to India(Haryana) after the coup in Fiji he was received by his relatives in a rapturous welcome as if he were a king.we cannot call it as racism and ask them to leave India.
Murugan Replied to: Amit Kumar - 01 Sep, 2011
don't say anything bad about the people of the northeast.they are very good people.i personally know them when i studied in Delhi.they are very friendly and at times irksomely suspicious of rest of Indians including me.
Murugan Replied to: Anonimous - 01 Sep, 2011
out of the 6 or 6.5 crores of Tamilians only people numbering 5 or 6 are asking for separate nation out of prejudice and misconception about others.not in this regard, these 5 or 6 people will never live happily on any other matters as well.
Murugan Replied to: Arul - 01 Sep, 2011
ground realities are different when any Army enters any area.What Rajiv gandhi can do for it.he cannot be held accountable for the acts done by the IPKF.
I straightaway ignore the foolish talk of separation of any state from India.It takes a lot to be an Indian.I am an Indian first.
Murugan Replied to: Amit Kumar - 31 Aug, 2011
LTTE and their cause are different.If you don't know,just leave it.Killing of Rajiv gandhi for the mess created by the IPKF is incorrect.Rajiv alone is not responsible everything happened to srilankan Tamils.
Murugan Replied to: Anonimous - 31 Aug, 2011
i have my friends from all over India including the Northeast(most are kind hearted and plain speaking people than any other Indians.but they quickly mistake any non-northeastern people at the slightest doubt.that's really bad of them). I am a much fairer looking person in complexion such that i am much fairer than anyone in North or South.that anonymous irritated me...i am sorry ..ok?.(i have one friend from muzzafar nagar in UP.his name is Amit gupta).
Murugan Replied to: Amit Kumar - 31 Aug, 2011
ya..not only that there has to a way through which at least foreign muslims culprits should be tried under shariah law so that death penalty will be quickly awarded to them.
Murugan Replied to: pratham - 31 Aug, 2011
but in the eyes of the law they are proven assassins.they should be is supreme.
Murugan Replied to: Veera Shakthi - 31 Aug, 2011
most Tamils are fair and good looking. a few of them may have dark skin.but nobody is as dirty as the people living in northern part of India.when the winter comes they just stop bathing and they put pan all through the year spitting around their houses and spitting all over the street they walk creating stench all through the year . we bath daily and we don't know about pan.
Murugan Replied to: Anonimous - 31 Aug, 2011
50: know all this. What is the source of this knowledge? And what is your age? Were you at least 20 years old at that time?
My friend, don't go with all the bullshit in the streets because almost all of them are just gossips and people get swayed away with them. India's concern was the inflow of refugees and the trouble in the neighborhood. Tamil Nadu at that time became the safe haven for LTTE separatists. They used our soil to smuggle ammunitions and to train LTTE guerrillas. This was a serious threat to peace and security in India so the Govt of India made its intervention. Why only India, Every country does it if similar situations arise in the neighborhood. Do not make it a region or race specific issue.
Amit Kumar Replied to: Afzal Guru - 31 Aug, 2011
No, death sentence could not be pronounced in such a hurry. Law permits everyone to seek a revision in the Supreme Court and then to apply for a mercy plea from the President. all these mechanisms have been put in place to help innocent people from being killed and to give death penalty only for the rarest cases.
Amit Kumar Replied to: captainjohann - 31 Aug, 2011
Law in our country take time my friend. Don't worry, they will be hanged, if not very soon.
Amit Kumar Replied to: pratham - 31 Aug, 2011
Prasad, You see max corruption, rape, murder, land grab and list whatever is illegal--Tamil Nadu had set an example tobe the benchmark You go through the history of the leaders of parties in TN and you will see they are camilions and every minister for the past 10 years deserve the hanging That is why TN is opposing and theygive a colour of caste for ANNA s movement You can make out whose brain wave is that Parithranaya Sadhunam Vinasayacha Dushkritham --has started as promised by Lord Krishna
mani Replied to: Prasad - 31 Aug, 2011
Bravo Surya This is precisely what I wanted toshare and it is quite apt and the only solution to eradicate ill deeds , corruption, murder, rape and what not It should be broadcast in all TV channels so that the culprits will know what will happen if they commit such a thing Otherwise they amass wealth, build a kingdom of police for their own use, and continue with greater skill Life imprisonment is only a mockery since they are released by their priest politicians on Annas Birthday, Periar Birthday, Nehrus birthday and there was such a debate on this in leading magazines that the effor taken in identifying the culprits and proving their terrorist activities have gone futile
I wish ANNA gets the support of all just and noble citizens with the grace of God to implement the Olden golden rule in our country
veda Replied to: Surya Akella - 31 Aug, 2011
if the old Govt in Tamil Nadu is continuing, they will ask the decision for punishment or court decision should be by the Legistive assembly and their ministers You see the scandals and hooliganism of erstwhile govt coming up like a beehive These fellows talk about Manuneethi chozan and which king in the history has pardoned off a murderer and released him Hypocratic r als
venkat Replied to: captainjohann - 31 Aug, 2011
The politicians who support relesing them and asking death sentence tobe abolished know pretty well that they deserve this death sentence long back but have cheated and escaped
If their son or daughter was murdered how many politicians who stage crocodile tears now will just plead for cancellation of death sentence
venkat Replied to: pvd - 31 Aug, 2011
It is not considered as waste since he may become a chief Minister of a state someday
venkat Replied to: Rajiv - 31 Aug, 2011
r u LTTE s next presidente?
suresh Replied to: rakesh - 30 Aug, 2011
Truely said Prasad. everyone is saying to spare these three criminals. Creating fervor everywhere. But do these people realize that Priyanka and Rahul lost their father is one of the most horrid assassinations ever.We have also lost a very able leader.Does that mean you can go on assassinating leaders and get away with it? people are saying that no one is allowed to take a life. Then what have these three done? Let the law do its job and ask these students who are supposed to be rulers of law to behave. You leave them and next we will see people asking Afzal to be released. So much for democracy eh!
Manu Replied to: Prasad - 30 Aug, 2011