Senior Satyam staff in search of other jobs

Senior Satyam staff in search of other jobs

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 31 December 2008, 04:58 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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Senior Satyam staff in search of other jobs
Bangalore: After the drop out of some Independent Directors, Satyam's shaky movements force many of its employees to think about new jobs and they have started approaching recruitment firms to find out similar jobs in other organizations. Though Satyam's Founder and Chairman B. Ramalinga Raju has requested the employees to stay with the firm till everything is back on track, the employees seem to be not at all willing to wait anymore and they are in search of new jobs, reported Financial Chronicle.

"We have got a number of calls in the past few days from people in the Vice-President, Senior Vice-President level and above, looking for other options," said Kris Lakshmikanth, Chief Executive Officer of Bangalore-based Head Hunters India. Not only senior level employees but also employees at lower levels have started new job searching.

Earlier, in an email sent out to 52,865 employees Raju said, "Please be assured that the board and the leadership team are doing everything possible to get Satyam back on track. We cannot do this without your help, however, I ask for your continued faith in Satyam and for your steadfast focus on your customers, especially in the face of wild speculation and unchecked rumour. There is simply no more effective way to strengthen the company and to secure its future - and yours - than by delighting your customers."

A recruiter opined that it is too soon for anything specific to happen because it generally takes between three-nine months for a senior-level movement. Another recruiter who did not wish to be named said that these senior people would have no problems getting positions in other top IT companies.

According to recruiters, senior Satyam officials, who have been in touch with them, have voiced their concerns about competition bringing up the controversial takeover matter during client RFPs (request for proposals) and credibility issues after the World Bank's ban. "These people are worried because they are facing questions from customers even as some of their existing clients, especially in banking sector, face integration," said a Mumbai-based human resources consultant.

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Reader's comments(10)
1: This is very interesting to note various opinions. However some of the blogs are hard hitting to the HR senior guys. My sincere advice to Mr. B.Ramalinga Raju to immediately address this if he is really keen to stop further damage to the reputation of his company. HR in any organisation plays a very vital role to keep the employees together at such crisis period. This also means that if HR is incapable to do so Mr. Ramalinga should immediately think of some changes in HR topmost postions. I am sure he must have taken some steps to do so.
Posted by:Malay - 05 Jan, 2009
2: Satayam People Specially HR Seniors, Dont even Bother to talk to there Employees in a Proper way, they think, For any concerns they only Listen once and never ever reply for that...Just like a Typically Bull Shit People, who says alot abt Equality and never think what they do. Of cource if they will do any thing Rubish like what they have done, there is no way that they can be Recognised for a long time and infact Playing with the careers of there employees, They Should think in an innovative way Like "FORD" or "Infosys".
Posted by:Aashish Kumar - 02 Jan, 2009
3: i hope it is not proper to leave satyam computers if an employee is working for a long standing service in the company . it will not if leaves and enter into new one in which he has to face difficulty for the adjustment and settle in it, there will not any support from the new firm . i advise that it is not proper to leave satyam.
Posted by:p.r.malleswara rao - 01 Jan, 2009
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Posted by:Nitin H Watave - 01 Jan, 2009
5: Great.

They sack people in the hundreds when it suits them ...for "non-performance" or, if that fails, "lack of integrity" or "discrepancies in resume", and now that the boot is on the other foot, they are "requesting" people to stay on in the shit.
It'll be interesting to see what spin the Satyam managers and HR jerks put on this.

What a scene.
Posted by:Gaurav - 31 Dec, 2008
6: This is the most unfortunate situation that a company can get into. The employees would obviously feel the uncertainty and seek security in safer companies. The mail from Raju was very correct in saying that the only effective way to strengthen and secure the company was to delight the customers. The action/effort and result are however so indirect that employees would not feel motivated to do what is said in the mail. If the management seriously believes in what they are saying then they should probably look at the option of designing a system of metrics which would get the employees more involved in putting efforts rather than looking for new jobs.
Posted by:Aviral Bansal - 30 Dec, 2008
7: Very Soon it will follow for the Spin-Off company SIFY, the same culture is being followed there. Customers issues are being given Royal Ignore by the Maharajas at SIFY. False Promises and commitments are being made. It is nothing but Payback time for SATYAM and SIFY.
Posted by:anurag - 30 Dec, 2008
8: Very Soon it will follow for the Spin-Off company SIFY, the same culture is being followed there. Customers issues are being given Royal Ignore by the Maharajas at SIFY. False Promises and commitments are being made. It is nothing but Payback time for STAYAM and SIFY.
Posted by:Anurag - 30 Dec, 2008
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Posted by:Vidyardhi nanduri - 30 Dec, 2008
10: my only one simple question is to people, Are they (senior Satyam officials) reliable ?
It may be possibility that the Satyam Staff have been forced for bribe. Because I have experienced, that some customers demand for bribe to award the projects.
Posted by:Jonny - 30 Dec, 2008